Monday, February 27, 2017

Dear Catholic Moms... Let Love Be Your Guide This Lent...

Hi Ladies,

Whether you have one child or many... you are a hard-working servant of God all year long... Every day, all day! Whether you work outside the house and come home to your babies/husband or you are a work inside the house mama.... you are everything God wants you to be - right now, in this season.

I have been thinking about all the posts of late with ALL the wonderful things we are all doing for Lent, and I thought - there is a mom out there struggling with trying to brush her teeth, because she has babies and is constantly interrupted.... the last thing she wants to do is feel bad about herself for not meeting a pretend standard. That's what it is, you know?  I love reading all the posts, but I would not even try to do everything I like. There has to be a balance, or nothing will get done.

And I want to say to those mamas especially - always do what you can. God knows! We love to blog about our traditions but none of us expects you to do them all. And it's ok!  It just needed to be said.

I hope you know we mamas have all been there and recognize there are different seasons. So please make sure you are taking care of you while you take care of your littles.  I have so many moms who's current season is raising 4 or more littles ... and I'm speaking especially to those moms who just need to know how valuable they are. You know?

I wanted to share with you something I wrote two years ago... just to remind you that Lent doesn't have to be complicated.

"I have been struggling with all the Lent Posts... Do this activity. Give this up. This one and that one till my head spins. And all along, I'm thinking - Dear God, I just need rest. I need to be WITH YOU! Then I read this post from Father Aidan Keiran ~ The Little Way of Fasting. God bless him. It's just what I needed. To be clear, whatever your heart tells you to do, whatever YOU want to do with your children to help them understand the message and season of Lent, please do it. But in our house, we just need simplicity and the peace it brings. Here is a quote from his post:
St Therese of Lisieux teaches us that the “Little things done out of love are those that charm the Heart of Christ… On the contrary, the most brilliant deeds, when done without love, are but nothingness.” These words made me realise that the way I had been approaching the Lenten fast in the past was wrong. Lent is not a test of endurance. It is not even a test of discipline (even though we gain discipline as a by-product). Lent is a little test of LOVE. It is quality the Lord is interested in – not quantity.
I don't have to do bazillions of things. I just have to do whatever I do - with Love. If that is one thing daily - then so be it. For the Love of God and all He has given up for me."

I hope you find a devotion to read that validates you and brings you closer to God. I hope you find some fun activities about the Lenten season for your children.  Whatever you do, do it in love, and that will be more than enough for Our Lord.

Blessed Lent to all you Mamas out there!

Hugs & Love,


  1. Beautiful reminder about not taking on too much at once. Now a mom of 9, but once a mom of 4 littles, I remember how tough things were back then. Goodness - I still have tough days when I'm not even showered until after lunchtime! Oy!

    Thanks also for the link over to Fr Aidan's blog! That little cup of tea fast offered as a prayer goes a long way. We can't forget that prayer part for sure!

    1. Yes. I pray you have a great Lent and take time for you!


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