Saturday, January 28, 2017

Repurposed Em - God's Perfect Timing!

RepurposedEm #4

Happy Saturday.

I meant to get this up yesterday, but I really have a lot to do before surgery.
Tomorrow, I am subbing in a CCD Class (2nd Grade). The lesson is on forgiveness.  Fun, right? And then I get to come home and finish lesson plans, or else my student, whom I dearly love - will not do his work.

My week has been pretty good. God has really helped me be able to be around food and not cheat. He's also calmed me and reminded me HE was leading my life, and I could let go....

I baked bread, cooked for my family, and even went out to eat with friends, and had decaf tea and brothy soup.  I'll admit that this has been a rough day. It's not easy to only have liquids. And today, started clear liquids.

Let me make you laugh. I tried Pacific Brand Bone Broth. Ya'll... Marque thought I was being a baby, but then I said, "You taste it". He nearly vomited. So that's out. Keep in mind, clear liquids are decaf tea/coffee, diet juices, broths of any kind, sugar free jello and popsicles, protein drinks (clear) and Powerade zero, water, you can put Crystal Light-type things in it... but you get the point. Sigh.

Then, I decided to just have chicken broth for breakfast... While I was doing that, Marque mixed unflavored protein powder with jello. Um - it was very foamy looking but I vowed to try it when it congealed.  It tasted ok this evening - BUT it was sandy tasting. Bleck. Tossed all that. NEXT!  

Then, I tried to make Unjury Chicken Soup. It's a powdered mix that you have to mix with WARM water. Let me tell you.... it helps to follow instructions. NO clearly I did not. The water I used was too hot, and ya'll that powder puffed up to look like watery eggs with foam. Sigh. I tossed it and read the directions. The next packet was good. BUT we will just stick with chicken broth. I will get my protein from Protein waters/drinks this week. This other stuff is no bueno.

Now, onto my post about God's Timing. Do you ever feel silly when you talk to the blogosphere about miracles and just how God really works? I sometimes feel that others may not believe. But I've come to the conclusion, many do... 

With that in mind, there have been many times in my life that I could literally feel the hand of God. This is one of them. 

I may have mentioned before that the first time I saw my doc was November 3rd. Usually, the wait time is six months for testing and prep, etc.  They wanted to do my surgery December 16th, I had met all the requirements by then. But I told them they were moving too quick and pushed it out because I had just lost my dad and wanted to get through Christmas, and some travel my husband did. I chose the date. Still less than three months after we met. It's crazy.

Here are some examples of God's hand in it all.
  • I am usually the biggest chicken in the world. And I've been calm.
  • My docs know each other and are working together.
  • I was afraid to not stay the night (it's considered out patient), and was told that my insurance company is requiring an overnight stay.
  • We were worried about Christopher and not impacting his life too much. My bestie (an RN) is flying in from Washington State, to care for me so that my husband can care for him. 
  • The nutritionist told me that usually insurance doesn't cover certain meds and that it could be $200 for the anti-nausea pill. Um, for that pill PLUS five other meds, it was less than $26. Seriously. 
  • Additionally, I was concerned about long-term nutrition. I found a group and am learning so much. It's such a blessing. Plus, these people - they know the ropes and have given such great advice. We pray for each other. It's like family!
  • The hospital called about money and payment plans. And I was concerned we would have to postpone. NOPE. The co-pay is $11. Yep. ELEVEN! 
My point is, everything that I thought would be a problem, GOD has fixed.

Patience is a hard-earned virtue. God knows how impatient I am, by nature. If I hadn't learned patience, I believe, I would have had this surgery with the wrong doctor five years ago... but my insurance didn't cover it. Now, the research shows this is the favored surgery.  My husband was not at a place where he wanted to get back into shape and lose weight, and now he is.  I feel like we are a team, and I haven't felt that for a while. It's so nice.

God knew I needed this help and HE wanted it to be when I was ready, my family was ready, and the right doctors and things were onboard.  We could not be more thrilled.

You know, if God's hand was so prevalent in my weight loss surgery, imagine how much he touches every little part of our lives!! He's there for you... call out to Him! Trust HIM!

I am two days out from Surgery. I'm starting to get a little anxious and weak feeling (um my calorie intake is PRETTY low which may have a little something to do with it. So I decided that next Friday, I will tell you all about what I am looking forward to after surgery.

There are a few of us from my bariatric group that are having surgery Monday. Pray for us.

Until next week...
Love, Hugs & Blessings,


  1. I love you. You've got this.

  2. Glad to hear your best friend with be with you, Becky right? You are strong, brave and going to be alright. God Bless and Peace of Christ be with you.

    1. Thanks Janice. It was so awesome having her here. Her being a nurse is such a blessing.

  3. You are so brave my friend. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart." Praying for you.


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