Friday, January 20, 2017

Repurposed Em - Finding the Right Doctor & Prep Work.

RepurposedEm #3

Happy Friday All!

In 10 short days (ok, some might be long), I will be having bariatric surgery.

Yesterday, I went to the surgical center for Pre-Op. I really can not say enough about how fantastic they are. They poked and prodded me... you know - needles, EKG, Chest X-Ray... and PAPERWORK! haha That's the worst part. But they are so nice and so good at their jobs.

Today, I am five days into all liquids diet part of the prep leading to my surgery.  It has not been an easy week. Not bad, but not easy. I am giving it all up to God for the souls in purgatory and those who suffer with food issues, eating disorders and even cancer.

But before I yackity yack about the prepping of it all, I wanted to talk to you about choosing a doctor.

True story. Probably six or so years ago, our Primary Care doc referred me to a Bariatric Surgeon. I called the office and made the appointment. The whole time, it didn't feel right.  I asked if I could consult with him and ask questions. The answer was, not yet. So before this doctor will see me and even speak to me, I have to go to a presentation.  Ya'll, it was the most bizarre thing. He had on a green suit and looked like a bad preacher. They mostly talked about money. Frankly, my husband and I did not know what to think.  In fact, I thought if they were all that way, I'd just PASS!

So this year, when the podiatrist suggested a surgeon, I didn't like her. When I called the referral coordinator, it just so happens that she had something great to offer. She referred me to her surgeon. He has been nothing but nice to me. Truly. His whole team is awesome.   I met him November 3rd and I am having surgery January 30th. Want to know why? I told him I was a chicken. He knows my cardiologist and frankly they have fast-tracked everything. As I told you in my last post, God has had His hand in this. For sure.

How do you find a good doctor? 

-  Ask around. Join groups. Oddly enough the first Bariatric Support Group I joined on FaceBook, someone was raving about Dr. Smith.

- Interview Them. Be brave enough to talk to more than one doctor. You have the right to choose the one best for you. And in case you didn't know, you can have your referral coordinator send you to someone of your choice. You don't have to accept the doctor's choice. Trust me on this.

When you meet him/her, ask questions until YOU have your questions answered. If he/she doesn't answer them or acts in appropriately about your asking, you'll know.  In fact, take someone you know and trust with you. My husband really liked him. That did it for me. He answered both our questions.

- Ask the Staff Questions. When you have Bariatric Surgery, you meet with PA's and Nutritionists. If they are not kind and patient, and they don't help you, then this office and even the surgeon may not be right for you.

- Make Sure You Will Have Nutrition Appointments. If your Bariatric Doctor/Clinic does not house a Nutritionist that will share tons of info with you - WALK AWAY! In group, this is the biggest complaint. I am so blessed to have a great doctor's office.

Honestly if you read reviews, tempered with what you know, and you ask around, you will find a great doctor that fits your needs.

What is the Prep for Surgery Like?

Nutritionist Appointments! Well, since November 3rd, I have had three meetings with the Staff Nutritionist. She gave me a packet that went over how to eat, what to cut out, liquid phases of pre and post surgery, as well as what a great Bariatric Diet looks like.  Because of the meetings with her, I feel so prepared.

Two weeks before surgery is all liquid, with the last two being clear liquids. It won't be easy - but I am prepared. Monday the 16th - All liquids baby. I'm gonna nail it because my pantry is stocked. And my pantry is stocked because I have a good Nutritionist on my side. AND I belong to My Bariatric Kitchen on FaceBook!

Other appointments you will have = Cardiology Assessment, Psych Eval., EGD  (they have to look at your esophagus and tummy, Sleep Study and I guess there could be more if they determine it is necessary.

Additionally you have to start working out if you don't. I'm not great at this. But I am going to be more prayerfully purposeful about it. Pray for me. 

These posts before surgery are not that exciting. But I hope they are informative. 
If you are on this journey, I pray you will learn from me. There are many horror stories. Don't be a part of one. 

I believe God is restoring me to the Best Emily I can be.

Until next week.... 
Hugs, Love & Blessing,

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