Friday, December 30, 2016

Repurposed Em- My Weight Loss Surgery Journey

RepurposedEm #1

I was going to take my WL Journey to a separate blog. I kind of was hiding it, I guess. But I've decided that I will fit it in here on my blog. I hope you will follow along and share your WL stories if you have them.

Here is my first and last post on the other blog. It was my intro and blog purpose.

Please look up Saint Margaret of Cortona. She is the Patron Saint of Weight Loss (her image is on my blog, and there is a link too).

I will do a weekly post about this and share the ups/downs/findings, etc.
Love and Hugs....


Hi there,

Welcome to RepurposedEm. I thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself and share with you the purpose of this blog.


My name is Em. I'm a fifty-three year old Catholic wife, mother and grandmother, and I have lived many places in the US and I also lived in England for a while. I have two degrees, and had a great career (one I hope to go back to in Fall 2017).

My life has been complicated and interesting, and through all the madness and chaos, I've found a great support system that I call family. We're a motley crew,  but we are awesome.

I currently homeschool our youngest son and have for five years now. He's in 7th grade. Our other children are grown and we have three beautiful grandsons. In my spare time, I volunteer at our Parish and make Cards (paper craft). I am also into Bible Journaling, and wish I had time to play.

I grew up a Navy brat and married an Army man.  My mother was a vicious alcoholic and my childhood and early adulthood bore many mental and physical scars. But, as always my GOD is bigger and He has blessed me so much.

When I was young, I thought I was fat. It's because I was told how fat I was... by my mother, sister, brothers, and several other relatives. People made comments about my broad shoulders or how short and "stocky" I was. What they didn't get was it equated to a poor self image. At my highest weight in high school, I wore a size 12. We now know that I was heavy - sure... but I wasn't fat.

When I look at the pictures below, I can see that I am thicker than some of the children in the pics. But FAT? To say I was always fat... what a number it did on my perception of self.  You can see that I was a pretty average size child/young adult. Sure, I gained and lost the same 20lbs here and there. LOL But I was completely average.

Wedding Day 1999
This is me two weeks ago.

Currently, I weigh approximately 115 more than I did in high school. Sigh. I feel like I've morphed into what I always thought I was. However, I don't want anyone to think that gaining weight was the fault of anything that happened to me. So, I am moving on... I mean, I could think of a zillion people and things to blame... but I prefer to take responsibility.

Alas, after I finally got and stayed pregnant... I gained 120lbs and weighed 270 when I delivered my child. I was so swollen and miserable. I got back down to about 175... and then we moved to Texas... and for the most part, I spent about 8 years completely depressed about being here. My husband was equally bummed... and we loved food - so we ate. I'm a great cook, so is he... and it was like I woke up one day and weighed 250 lbs and had health problems... sigh. NO BUENO.

What I don't think we talk about enough is our own choices. I made the choice to become sedentary and over-eat. Sure, I have spinal injury and arthritis, etc... but I should have stayed active and I should NOT have used food to fill the holes in my life. That was all my mistake. I take full responsibility. And I think until you do, you can not fix yourself!

After thinking about it for the past five years... about six months ago, we decided to move forward with Weight Loss Surgery for me. He is in it with me and will be drinking a shake for one meal a day and drastically cutting portions and eating much healthier - my child too. It's all in around here and I am so blessed with that.

My surgery will be the Gastric Sleeve (the link I shared is to my surgeon's site, where you can also find out about other surgical options if you so choose). And my date is January 30th. One month from today. I'm so excited.

I joined a fantastic group on FaceBook. if you are doing this, join Patricia @ My Bariatric Kitchen. I am learning all kinds of exciting things.  Oh, and she offers a Nutrition Class starting January 17th. Can't wait!

So let me share with you my blog's purpose.

Blog Purpose:

Over the next year or so, my plan is to share:

  • Why I chose the Gastric Sleeve Surgery.
  • Before & After Pics.
  • Process Info & Timeline.
  • My Goals
  • Nutrition Tips.
  • Support Group Info.
  • Physical Fitness Tips

This blog is going to be my WLS Journey Journal.

I hope you will be encouraged!

Hugs & Blessings,


  1. I am with you 100%. My story is almost parallel to yours right down to how much I weigh. The only thing is I think you're taller than I am which kind of makes it worse for me I feel like. RCU can blame it on nothing but myself and no one but myself. I have dreamed about having gastric sleeve or gastric banding (see I've been checking on this too) but unfortunately I am on Medicare as my husband and I are disabled and we have no other insurance. And of course as we know weight loss surgery or weight-loss programs of any kind it's cosmetic right? Ha! It's not easy but I'll be rooting for you and breaking a commandment because I'll be coveting your gastric sleeve!�� blessings to you as you embark on your new Journey.

    1. Medicare may cover it now. TriCare did not for a long time, and now they do. Look into it.
      Thank you for your sweet response. AND I am 5'1.5". Am I taller?
      Hugs & Blessings,

  2. Finished this first blog. Took me a bit to figure out how to find it lol. You sound a lot like me Em. I'm 53. Going in for my gastric sleeve on the 24 of April. I don't have a lot of support other than my hubby, daughter and sissy Cathie. It will be great reading more of your journey. God Bless


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