Thursday, November 17, 2016

Small Success Thursday...

Happy Thursday Ya'll!

Happy Feast Day of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary! Daughter of a Hungarian King, served the ultimate KING! She absolutely rocks. Look her up!

Today is one week from Thanksgiving. You're welcome. HAHA

More than most weeks, I need Small Success Thursday, if for nothing else, then to distract me from wading in the list of "TO DO's".  You all know the link up is one of my favorites, so check out all the posts HERE!

I keep apologizing for neglecting my blog. I'm done doing that. I pray to be here more often, writing meaningful and fun posts.  Like today. Small Success Thursday is such a great posts for all moms (or anyone really) because it reminds us to concentrate on the good.

As moms we do for so many people, don't we?  I have one child at home, but three grandsons, and three older children. Sure, I inherited the older three, but I love them just the same.  I hate the term STEP. It's so negative to me. They're my children. But I digress... It's a lot of work to DO for all of them AND the Church AND the.... you know? I have a personality that makes sure everyone else is ok. I make excuses for others bad behaviors and forget to protect myself. I'm busy... we all make mistakes, but I miss clues and have a habit of expending energy and time where I should not be.

After my father passed, I started down that path. And then with the negativity of the Presidential election, I felt like there was a perpetual black cloud. But I was quickly reminded that I needed to get back on track and concentrate on me. Not in an egotistical way, but in a practical, "need to survive this" way. You know? And so, I am...

And by Concentrating on me, I mean praying more... deeper in the word, purposely counting my blessings... and getting out of the house. It sounds random, but the last one - for this introvert - is oh, so important.

Doing for Me.  Today I am going to card group for the first time in months. I am so excited. These ladies welcome me and chat/create... it's a great two hours. My teen will go with me today and do some schoolwork there.   Additionally I am volunteering more at our parish? First, I love helping out, but I tell you - volunteering is about me too. It's so nice to hear "thank you", and "we appreciate you", from folks that are outside your family. We have truly found our Parish home and fell so blessed.

Alone Time. Well, not for me... Volunteering when Marque is gone means leaving my newly teenage child alone.  Thank God for modern technology. My husband and I were able to keep in touch with the boy and it worked out pretty well. Of course, he did not do as much school as I'd have liked, but he did pretty well. So I can't complain. I feel confident now that my child can stay alone for several hours and be fine. It's freeing in so many ways.

Diet Changes. Since I gave birth, I've been very heavy. And since I started talking about losing weight, I've gained 75. Sigh. But with all the doctors visits of late, I have a list of things I have to cut out.  Caffeine. Sugar. White Flour.  I'm not gluten free but I do understand it's easier on digestion all around and doesn't give the "I'm too full" effect. Just FYI! I'm also considering WL Surgery. I know I know - no one like to talk about it. But I am. I have been praying about it for so long. My cardiologist (who also has a degree in Internal Med (serious over achiever) and the bariatric surgeon know one-another. Things are happening really quickly psych evals, nutrition appointments, sleep apnea testing (it's because I'm heavy). It's all falling into place. I mean it, I prayed about it and then BAM. I'm being cautious. I promise.  And I know that people think "why can't she just lose weight?" I was the same way. But WL Surgery is a tool, I still have to work hard and adjust my lifestyle - a ton. And it won't be easy. I will do a big blog post about it... I am considering a WL Blog.

The most important successes are the spiritual ones.  I need to get to adoration. I need to read a zillion books. But I'm taking one day at a time and trying not to overwhelm myself with my "long to do lists", and "list of lists"- personality.


Folks,  I love reading your Small Successes. Would love to see some more of you link up. The bloggers who do are so inspiring.  Don't forget to check the posts out at's Small Success Thursday!

Because Laughter is the best medicine AND family can be chaotic:

Ya'll have a great rest of your day.
I'm off to shower and get ready for card group.
Love, Hugs & Blessings,


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