Saturday, November 19, 2016

Keep Calm... Advent is Coming

Happy Saturday.
Happy Feast Day of Saint Agnes of Assisi! Pray for us, sister in Christ!

This weekend is the weekend we will start prepping our home for Advent. In the Catholic Church, we spend Advent preparing our hearts and our Domestic Churches (Homes) for the coming of Christ.  Though most of us are kind to one-another throughout the year, there is a strong and purposeful introspective renewing of virtues that engages our souls and literally pulls the body of Christ together in anticipation of the Infant Christ.

Pope Benedict XVI said,
"Advent watchfulness means living in God's presence and according to his criteria in order to prepare a worthy dwelling-place for the promised Saviour."
You can find the rest of his words here - Advent, Awaiting God's Justice.

We are all busy mamas. We must resist the temptation to be an over-achiever during Advent.

In years past, I have basically killed myself (ok, I'm alive and that was dramatic, but you get my meaning) to flit back and forth from blog to blog doing all the super cool crafts and baked goods and this, that and the other. It was fun mostly. But sometimes it got daunting.  I would feel like a huge failure when I didn't get things done. My perception was, "All the other cool blogger moms with way more children than me were getting it all done." or "All my homeschool mama friends are getting it all done, what is wrong with me?" And I don't like that feeling.

Because this is the first Thanksgiving and Advent/Christmas without my father, we have decided to keep calm and keep it simple. Most years, I am completely psyched for it, and this year, I am working on it (sigh).  Let me make clear - I am by no means telling you that you can not do whatever you put your mind to, I'm saying you don't have to overdo in order to please God. Do what you can... just don't beat yourselves up for not doing EVERYTHING.

Now that we only have one child at home, who is far too grown for some of the things we did when he was little (insert eyes rolling), for the first time, I was kind of stumped - in terms of a meaningful Advent for our little family.

What we will continue to do:
  • The Jesse Tree readings/hanging of ornaments.
  • Advent Candle Readings on Sundays.
  • Something kind or fun daily using the Advent Cards I created or just random ideas.  
  • Read an Advent Book Daily. We love this.
    Some of our Books (2014)
Last but not least, we will still have a birthday cake for Jesus. We have since my then 3-year old boy said, "mom where's the cake?" And I said, "what cake?" And he said, "Jesus' birthday cake." HUMBLING MOMENT!

This Advent Season, we will bake cookies, decorate our home, go to Christmas Parties, buy presents, eat great food and a plethora of other things. And crazy me is directing both the Christmas Pageant and the Live Nativity at the Cathedral here in Fort Worth. And EVERY DAY we will be purposing to concentrate on the Coming of Our Lord Jesus, in everyday events.

What we will do differently:
  • Weekly Adoration & Confession - this is our add. Pray for us.
  • We will keep calm and concentrate on the true reason for the season.
Check out +Allison Gingras  and the ladies at the CWBN Blog Hop ~ Keeping Advent....well, Advent. If you want to flit back and forth between fantastical Advent Posts, this is the place to go.

I don't have any great advice for your perfect Advent, except - please do yourself and your family a favor and keep it calm and simple. You can't do everything. Pick and choose wisely. Above all, make it meaningful.

If you live local, and you want to borrow a book. If I can help you with coloring sheets or anything ... please let me know. I will do my best to help you out.

Happy Adventing Ya'll! It's one week from Tomorrow. Yes, Advent starts November 27th and lasts until December 25th, when we celebrate the Birth of Our Lord. Join me in keeping Advent WHOLY Advent!

Hugs, Blessings and MUCH LOVE!


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