Friday, November 18, 2016

Davis Academy Weekly Wrap Up ~ Finally a Wrap Up!

Happy Friday All!

What a WhirlWind this year has been.

Every week, I think, "I need to do a weekly wrap up". Well - guess what, I haven't. And so... I will catch you up...

Today I am linking up with Kris & the ladies at the Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers Weekly Wrap Up. I don't link up much, because I never seem to wrap up... but - I'm working on it. HA

We joined a co-op this year, and Christopher is taking Science. He was taking English and Art too. Well, really he has Art for a couple more weeks, but won't the 2nd semester.

The English teacher did what I wanted her to do, which was prove to myself and Christopher that he could write and it was an awesome class. The problem is, we are registered with Seton Homeschool and the work was overwhelming. In fact, DUPLICATE on reading/writing, etc.  We got a little behind in Seton, but are catching up.  But he did read some great short stories and weird poems (some poets are ODD people). And he read Tom Sawyer. In fact, I need to re-read it.  He even read Rikki Tikki Tavi. Remember that?  The class is called Lightening Literature and Composition. It's a decent program for sure. Check it out, if you are a homeschooler. The link is to the 7th grade program.

Art has been interesting. On one hand, he's learned some things and different mediums. But, the person teaching art is not an art teacher, and I feel I could do just as good here.  If I ask a question because I don't understand a concept, because my child was out of class for two weeks, you don't tell me to google it. That doesn't work for me. LOL That left a bad taste in my mouth. In the end, it was a lack of instruction and my student tuned out. So - we will hang in for this Semester and will be dropping. We are super happy about the decision.  Here are a couple samples of assignments:

Science is FANTASTIC! Truly. She is having them to Labs and keep a pretty detailed lab book. It's a lot of work. But the reasons we left him in this class are 1) She dissects and does cool labs and I don't. 2) It is the same class he is taking with Seton, so I have to add things she doesn't do, like she skipped a chapter and Seton didn't, so we will read and study it.  But mostly - it fits right in.

Here is an example of a lab and the lab book. If you want the rules for setting up a lab book, I am happy to send to you. It's easy peasy.

This particular experiment/lab is called Floating Egg

I love the social aspect for him. They go to Mass & Lunch too. So that is awesome. We continue to work in all the other subjects. I will share those soon on another wrap up. I'm just proud to be "Wrapping UP" and don't want to overwhelm ya.


We missed two weeks of co-op because #1, we went to Washington State to visit Becky and her family for a wedding. We love it there.  We took work for co-op, but nothing got done (what was I thinking even taking books).

Christopher did get to sit on this tractor for a picture or two. This was at the farm where the wedding took place. So pretty there. WOW!

Here is a picture of some of the grounds. The little house is where the bridal party changed, and the green space is where the tent was that they got married under. How beautiful is that?

All in all, the school year is going well. I am yelling less, and we are getting along better. <3  Additionally my student has done the following:

Broken his toe and had to sit out the rest of the baseball season, as well as Karate. BOO.
At the Hospital.

6 Week Out Comparison. Original pic is on the right,
just a small chip left to heal in the left pic.
Made Straight A's (as usual, frankly).
Turned 13.

And that basically catches you up. More soon.
Love & Hugs,


  1. Wow his science lab notebook is beautiful! Sounds like a wonderful school year.

  2. What a wrap up, Sounds like lots of great learning and fun going on.


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