Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Advent Activity Pack - A Review

Happy Wednesday!
Happy Feast Day of Saint Margaret of Scotland and Saint Gertrude! Pray for us!

A couple months ago, Aleesa McCarthy asked a few bloggers/moms to review her fantastic Advent Activity Pack.

I love her art, ya'll, she is so talented. I have a few of her pieces,

a Rosary Hanger

A beautiful Crucifix

a backpack pull
So of course, I jumped at the chance to review this.

Well, I'm finally getting to it. Here is the front of the Advent Activity Pack.

The Link to the Pack is HERE!

Now, I've chosen to show you a few ways I would use it. I say "would" because I feel like this is geared to 5th grade and under. Definitely something middle-schoolers could help their children with, but my 13-year old thinks it is too "little kid" for him.   As for me, I love Catholic Coloring Books, and there are lots of things to color for this pack.

This is the Advent Calendar. I slipped it into a stand I have. The outside is plastic and you can add to it with dry-erase marker.

There is one page that has a BEAUTIFUL Advent Candle Set on it. And I thought it would be so fun for children to make their own. I cut out flames and the foliage, as well as the Chi-Rho Monogram. You can also see that I numbered the candles by week and the colors are purple and pink (and of course, white for the center).

Here is what the foliage looked like:

And here is what the first candle looked like:

By the end of Advent, you would have them all colored, all the flames on and decorated and it would be lots of fun for the littles.

If you don't know Aleesa's shop - Check out SaonJai on Etsy.
And please, tell her I sent you so she will know I finally did the review. LOL

Hugs & Blessings,


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