Thursday, October 20, 2016

Small Success Thursday - All About Perception!

Happy Thursday All!

I love Small Success Thursday. Check out the post at

As I sat down to write about small successes the past few weeks, I just did not have the right perspective. I didn't FEEL successful.  You know? I've just been in a funk (said like Ross from Friends, when he told Rachel they were "on a break". LOL).

I'm way less funky today than I was yesterday... each day gets better.  Can I count that as a success? I think I will.

Today while I was on the treadmill, I was watching Catholic TV on the Roku Box. It's FREE! WOOHOO.  Anyway, I have never watched Catholic TV before because I typically listen to music while I walk on the treadmill or the Rosary Audio. Well, the Context with Lorna Dueck show was on, and the young black interviewer was talking with a girl who literally could have been me (although I never lived in Foster Care).   They were talking about being abused, turning away from God and coming back. More than that, they were talking about survival and she said her goal was to not be like her mom. To be a good and loving wife and mother. And that is all I've ever wanted.

I can not tell you how freeing it is to hear someone else say it - and on Catholic TV.  You see, I keep it low-key because I feel like Catholics, who honor the Ultimate Mother and every mother so much, would never understand statements like that - and there they were, understanding her.

And then Ms. Lorna, was talking to a gentleman from Focus on the Family, and he was saying, ultimately we believe in reparation. We want to heal past relationships, etc. (I'm not using his exact words).  Then he said, you always try to heal family, unless it's abusive.. unless it's not safe... unless it's unhealthy for you.  He said find people to be your Aunts and Uncles or siblings and parents... make your own family... the Church is your family... And I started crying.

Picture this... my poor child and his friend playing xbox in the other room, me on the treadmill walking and crying. HA Geez!  The good news, they didn't know it. And I wasn't boo-hoo-ing. I was just teary, because it felt so good to hear this all on Catholic TV.

God was speaking to me today and I was listening. He was saying to me - YOU ARE ENOUGH.
So my big success this week is that I heard God. Oddly I feel much better about myself. Like I gave myself permission to except that I am worthy. Not just say it, but believe it.

But also - I made it through my first birthday without my daddy! And to make ya'll laugh, I will share a picture my friend Stacey shared. We've known each other since I was 4. If you do the math, its 49 years. That's a heckuva friendship. <3

Top Left, her birthday, I was five, she was four. Bigger pic, circa 1978 or '79,
 me visiting California from Texas. Bottom, She and
I with her three children. The baby girl was a preemie.
They are all doing well still. Oh, that was 1991.
Pretty funny huh?
So I'm going to say my fourth success was making ya'll laugh. You see, success is about perception... and I perceive that things are looking up. Turn your days positive by counting your blessings and successes (they are one in the same).

Ya'll have a great rest of your week! AND - go check out the posts at Small Success Thursday.

Hugs & Blessings,


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  1. Awww! Happy birthday to you, and isn't God amazing for putting that TV show right in front of you when you needed to see it? I had that happen last week with a book. I know it's no accident. It's a gift.


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