Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Em's DayBook... Gratitude

Pretend it's Monday.
Yes Yes, I know it is Wednesday. I started writing this late Sunday and kept getting interrupted. I picked it back up yesterday, but we got a call about Dad and the fact he has 24-48 hours. It's like waiting for all the oxygen to be sucked out of the air.
And so - My brain was a little fried. I know it is coming, but he's my Daddy!  I am so happy he won't be hurting anymore. But I will miss him.
So anyway... I didn't want to let too many days go by without a post.


Happy Feast Day Saint Teresa of Calcutta.
Happy Monday - Labor Day in the U.S.A.

I hope wherever you are, you are having a great day!

My word of the day is GRATITUDE! Gratitude is the state of being grateful/thankful.  So when I talk about my life, I will purpose to bring gratefulness into the mix.

Health Issues. Periodically I have chest pains. I have had PTSD since my childhood and I take Xanax here and there on days when I just can't calm myself with prayer/deep breathing, etc. So when my dad was diagnosed with cancer and I had to be around my siblings, it was stressful for me and I started having chest pains more often. Long story short, my husband insisted I see his cardiologist. My stress test results - WAY above average. Everything else was fine. EXCEPT that when they did the Coronary Calcium Scan, it showed a very small calcium deposit in my main heart artery.  Somewhere along the line, my heart was stressed and tried to heal itself and deposited this calcium. Stroke and heart disease are hereditary. And my family, on both sides, has both.  The fact that I am losing weight (slow that it may be) and have changed my diet is helpful, but I will likely have to take preventative meds. I can get super skinny and super healthy and that won't stop my genes from doing their thing. But catching it early - and it is very slight.  He said we should get Christopher checked as well. How grateful am I that I found out now. I will see him every six months.  God lead me there so I could find out... #soblessed.

Sleepovers. My son had a sleepover last night. Two boys around the age of 13. Sarcasm and puberty abound, HA! In all seriousness, we are so grateful that our son has good friends in his life. Marque and I watched a movie together and they did their thing. I'll share with you what I served for breakfast:

Our Beautiful Cathedral. If you ever want to, you can tour St. Patrick Cathedral. Just check out the website and arrange it. So beautiful.  Christopher is an altar server, so we sit away from him so I won't be tempted to make corrections. Yes - I admit it. Anyway... this is what I view in Mass. Sigh... talk about Gratitude. Mary above Jesus, and Joseph to the side. There are other Saints too. I just love our Parish.

Can you imagine how grateful I am when I look up? When I am praying? Sigh. So gorgeous and faith filled. It's a holy place.

If I am counting my blessings and gratitude, I must say I am grateful that:

  • My dad will not be suffering much longer - AMEN!
  • My husband is strong and always has my back!
  • I have an opportunity to volunteer and make a difference when my child is at co-op.
  • I have so many great people around me.

Thank you so much for your prayers. If you want to share your prayer intentions with me, I'm happy to do it.

Love, Hugs & Blessings,

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