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Davis Academy - Weekly Wrap Up Planning and Organizing

Happy Saturday.

Happy Day before Mother Teresa's, forever to be known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta, Canonization. Ya'll know I love her and how much she has influenced me over the years. I'm so excited. I wish I was going to be there.  Blessed Saint Teresa of Calcutta - Pray for us!

Today is a quiet day here in North Texas. The weather is not too harsh. We are all under one roof... and besides a haircut and a few errands, we have no big plans this entire weekend.  YIP to the EEE!

Before I start my post, I want to say, don't forget to check out Small Success Thursday @ I love those posts. I missed it this week (dangit), but I love reading them all.

This week and next week are all about organizing. So my weekly wrap up is dedicated to that.

Our activities this year are Co-Op, Baseball (Practice is M, T, W from 6p - 8p). Dinner is at 4:30 - 4:45. And when it gets dark earlier, I guess we will be eating after practice because we will start earlier. Sigh. Three days in a row is HARD on any family.  In a couple of weeks we will add Seton Homeschool (yes, I know we were going to start, but we are going on Vacation, so we will start when we get home.

I am going to jump right into Planning and Organizing (P&O). Because we have co-op this year, it makes an extra layer of P&O.  So Tuesday is crockpot cooking day.

YOU NEED A GOOD PLANNER. Whether you plan everything using Apps or you are a paper planner like me who also puts major events on the electronic calendar so the hubs will know, you need to pick something and stick to it.

Best Mom Planners. Note, some of these companies have homeschool planner options as well. My personal favorite is Erin Condren. I tried to go with a Catholic Planner, but in the end, I really needed the organization of EC and I will add Catholic Feast Days to it. That works best for me. Here are a few pics of my planner. Yes, I know - I need to get those Catholic Feast Days entered. <3

My Planner this week. 
Everything I need for my Planner in one place.
Washi Tape in a Pencil Case
 A few great Catholic Planners:

All over Pinterest and everywhere else, there are companies that offer free Meal Planner, Teacher Planners, etc. You just have to print them out. There are entire planner binders for home. Google Best Homeschool Planners. Dear Lord, there are so many, I daren't say which one you should use. I don't use a separate planner, because I don't need a teacher planner (the school sends the lesson plans), and our homeschool is our daily life, so it's just in my planner. However, all of our brains work differently - so go for it, if you need ten planners. You know?! Bottom line - find whatever works for you. You got this.

YOU NEED A FAMILY HUB.  My planner and the side of the fridge are the family hub in our home. Here is a link for great ideas on creating a family hub - 38 Inspiring Ideas for Family Command Centers.  The premise for a Hub or Command Center is one place to go for all the info. We are blessed with a classroom in our home, so everything we need for homeschool and co-op is there. In our classroom is my computer - which is where the electronic version of our calendar sits. The side of the fridge has grocery list, chore and daily schedule and meal plan information. Very near is my planner - which is the MASTER calendar. Do what works for you. I can not imagine not having a place where everyone knows to go for info. You can also do it electronically. This dog is not learning that new trick. I leave that for you young whipper-snappers. HA!

PLANNING FOR CO-OP. For us, the co-op makes it easy because the teachers all give the assignments a week or so in advance. There are daily assignments. Some are uploaded, some are brought to class. There is a website where students can ask questions, check on updates, etc. It's awesome.  The day before, Christopher packs his backpack, picks out clothing, and we talk about what he wants for lunch.  Since I volunteer, I also organize myself for the next day.

MEAL PLANNING. I have been meal planning for years. I do my meal plan for a month in advance. Noting when Marque is out of town. We have a system that works for us. During the week it's simple meals or leftovers, often using meat I've previously cooked that is frozen. Anything that can make it quick and simple, but tasty - I'm in. Now with some health issues and eating healthier, it's more chicken and fish, and veggie stir fry-type meals. But it's still easy to keep it simple IF you have a plan.  Oh - and I adapt my plan..... and change at will. You know - things happen. Adjust and move on.
  • Breakfast
    • Cereal
    • Healthy muffin & yogurt
    • Eggs & veggies (sometimes a piece of toast)
    • Smoothie (yogurt/fruit/veggies/protein powder)
    • Protein Bar (Oatmega or Quest)
  • Lunch
    • Sandwich
    • Leftovers
    • Cheese, fruit & grainy crackers
    • Who knows... Seriously - whatever healthy combo he wants on Tuesdays. It's the only day we pack a proper lunch.
    • Lean Cuisine or WW Meal
  • Dinner (whatever is on the menu). Examples below...
    • Beans & rice
    • Chicken or fish with veggie side
    • Spaghetti & meatballs
    • Crock-pot whatever
    • Grilled Chicken over Salad (or fish over salad)
    • Lean Cuisine (or WW Meal) with Salad.
    • Leftovers

CLEANING SCHEDULE.  A few years ago, I created a cleaning schedule that we mostly follow. I say MOSTLY because, lets face it, things don't always get done. This is on my fridge. There is also a breakout of Christopher's daily schedule of chores.

SETON PLANNING.  The big debate here was whether we will add Seton in starting next week or wait till we get back from vacation. I mean - it kinda makes no sense to start in full... but then again, we will be gone... so - what's the point. Anywhoooo... So I think we will start a few classes - like Math (our favorite, or didn't you know - BLAH).  Since we finished late, we really needed a break. Yep - that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

MISC. Recently, I found this blogger. I like her organization logic. She did a great post for back to school. I thought I'd share it... Best Tips for Back to School - this has great tips for lunches, snacks, and a free printable template HERE that I love for littles thru elementary ages. I would print one per kiddo and laminate it, so they can each have their own. Once they get into 6th - this should not have to be done (I think... maybe 5th for some).  You can find TONS of great things on Pinterest and throughout the blogosphere.

I promise I will have pics of his co-op work and other things next week in my weekly wrap up.

I hope and pray your school year is going well - however you school. And I'd love to see your organizing tips.

I am linking up with Kris and the gang at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers for the Weekly Wrap Up. This time, for me is all about organization. <3

Hugs & Blessings,


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  1. I found this looking for a schedule! I'm an app user, so I'm putting this in my Homey app, so the kids can help, but it's a nice printable too!


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