Friday, August 26, 2016

Small Success Thursday - Yes I Know It's Friday...

Happy Thursday Friday!

The past couple days have been tough.  It's honestly like the worst roller-coaster ride ever.... to wait and watch as someone you love dies of cancer.  You pray for God to take them because you can't stand their pain.. but you know God has a plan and it is perfect. Dad took a turn for the worse last week.

I'm gonna be honest with you, I have had more than a few "why me" moments and more than a few "when my dad goes, who will be my family?" moments over the past several months.  My success with it has been embracing them. I was raised to hide my feelings, mask it "conceal, don't feel" because frankly it was easier with all the turmoil in our lives, I guess.  But I am embracing the pain and letting it all out - the loss, the hurt, the scared feelings.  And I am purposing to work through them and know my worth. My worth is given to me by My Lord. I am finding strength and purple through all this pain.

I am linking up with Small Success Thursday @ and you all simply have to read Sherry's post - especially if you need a smile.

God has planted so many great things in my life this week and He is truly walking me through all this. And I am so thankful.

Monday was the first day of school for our public school district and about 3-ish, I happened to be in our front room, turning off a scentsy and I looked out and saw a young girl crouching under our tree. It was raining hard... and she was soaked, crying and on the phone. I grabbed a towel and opened the door, and said, "honey, come here, I'm safe, I have a towel, is that your mom, let me talk to her... it's ok"... all at the same time.. She was so upset. She's a new 7th grader and she just moved here Saturday (two days before).  The bus dropped her off and the rain started coming down, and she got confused and didn't remember where she lived. Anyway - I talked to her mom as she was drying off and I asked for permission to take her home (we brought my son so she would feel more comfy).  Later than evening, her mom came around and thanked me. She is a teacher in another district and couldn't get to her daughter. Sigh. I was so happy to help ya'll.  I feel like God lets us know that life goes on... others need us and it's ok. Does that sound odd?

This Tuesday, I started volunteering for our Religious Ed office at our Parish (Saint Patrick in Fort Worth), and my son started a University Model Catholic Co-Op (OLGC. Also @St. Patrick). This is big and it was scary, but my son and I prayed this prayer to kick off our school year.

We are both Introverts in a Extrovert world... and though we are witty (read sarcastic) and funny and people genuinely like us, it's easy for us to get it wrong.  But he had a great day and so did I. They needed me and I needed them - I got to work outside the house, interact with adults and be helpful to my Parish! WOOHOO!!! Ahhhh... Success.

Wednesday, I took my child to the dentist for his appt. Got up early, and off we went. The lady says, "ma'am I show your appt. as pending!" In my life, I have never heard of such a thing. I said, I don't know what that means, but I'm going to stay calm. When can you fit him in... not till next Wednesday... ok! sigh. I never raised my voice ya'll. It's a Miracle. FOR REAL! I'm really trying to change that part of me and be more understanding. Sigh. YAY

My child is putting forth effort in his school work. He's checking the site and keeping up with assignments. I am loving it. I hope and pray he keeps it up. And you know what - all these years, he said he did not like the journals in science... they were too babyish for him. But they are learning lab books (same as a journal) and he loves it. He even drew a picture from a picture...  I will elaborate more on this in my weekly homeschool wrap-up tomorrow. But I call that a success.

I had an emotional day yesterday that didn't facilitate blogging. But I'm back today and I'm doing better. That's how life goes.

Ok - I am wrapping it up now. My child is making us coffee and I have to fun to the grocery store for dinner. It's Friday and we need fish (and I forgot to take it out). HA

Thanks for reading my rambly post.

Hugs & Blessings all,

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