Thursday, August 4, 2016

Small Success Thursday - They are HUGE!

Happy Thursday all you good people in the blogosphere!
Happy Feast Day of Saint John Vianney, Patron Saint of Parish Priests! Pray for us, dear Saint John Vianney.

Today is Small Success Thursday. And It's my first one since I came off my blog break. I have to say, it's very hard to concentrate and pick just three things. LOL But I will try.  By the way, you really should check out Sherry's post on, where today in SST, she shares her family's Small Successes. That is so cool.

I found Small Success Thursday a few years ago. It's important that we all count our blessings, even on our hardest, longest, darkest weeks. It helps keep hope alive and keeps me sane... if you want to know the truth,,, so make sure you read the other bloggers SST Posts. There is a link-up on the main post.

This week's Small Successes for me.

1 Bought A Planner - AND am Using it. YAY!  Seriously - I have used a spiral notebook for the longest time, and a small planner/calendar to carry with me. Information was in several places and I needed one complete "brain", if you will!  I did a little research on planners, and I found the Erin Condren Life Planner, and ladies/gents - it is AWESOME! I have given away or sold the other planners I got.   The only thing lacking is that this calendar does not have the Saints Feast Days and that is a bummer. Otherwise, it's the BOMB-DIGITY (can I say that?!).  Here is My Referral Link, if you buy, I believe we both get $10 Credit. Just in case, I thought I'd share.

Here are two covers I have. Yes, they say Lady Em, but that's my nickname. I pretend to be royalty on occasion.

Here are some other pics of it:

The First Week of July looked like this.
A dry erase menu planner.
I have these pockets inserted quarterly. Love them.
My planner is messy. But it includes our calendar AND my to-do list. And I understand it. LOL So it's all good.

Budget Control Success. Hi, my name is Emily and I am not good at saving money, sticking to budget, etc. It's awful. Marque isn't either. Normally when we get low on groceries, I'd just put it on a card or over-extend our account. I know - bad habit. But - this past weekend, I spent a day baking bread, and replanting our menu to accommodate what we had, and we all have enjoyed it - so far. My guys love that I bake bread and we have a slicer. It's just not something I "always" do, like I used to. We have gone to a few meatless meals on our meal plan. But we know how blessed we are. And - if anyone complains, I shall remind them it's a first world problem. Ya know?  Next up, getting to know area Thrift Stores. WOOHOO.

Christopher's Success. I'm not saying his success is my success, but I feel like Marque and I definitely contributed.  I mean he listened to my advise, so I can claim it on our behalf, right?  So he plays x-box Live, which I am not a fan of, but my husband says he can only chat with friends in his group. Sooooo one of the boys is coming on and wants to play with one of them at a time, typically my child. But my child feels strange because he wants to play with all his friends. Plus, the child is saying, "I don't want to play with ___ because he is ____. Which, in the end, he was also doing about my child to the others. You know the drill. And so, it was a real learning experience for him to say to the boy, "this makes me uncomfortable, etc..." Right? Considering my child has Aspergers, I think it is a fantastic growth experience. He was calm, he acknowledged the other boy's feelings, but said, he didn't mind doing it once-in-a-while, but not every time. Plus, this child is a bit of a gossip, so they spoke about that too. I was beaming from downstairs, where I was monitoring the conversation. You have to understand that for  years he let kids bully him (not happening in the above situation) and boss him around. THIS IS BIG!

There are a lot more things we can chat about later. Success is all around us, we just have to purpose to find it.

May your day be filled with hope and light.

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