Thursday, August 18, 2016

Small Success Thursday - Small Things Give Hope

Happy Thursday Everyone.
If I am being honest, I am one heckuva sour puss today. But like every Thursday, I look for the Successes, the small things that give me hope. Thankfully there are always plenty. Oh sure, I broke a shot glass that someone else left on the counter and shattered it everywhere... and sure I was up past 1am painting pegs to get them done before a deadline... I was determined all day to have a great day... and you know what - I DID!

Peg Dolls are Done & Gone. So in June, I signed up for a Marian Peg Swap. Ever since I bought one for my child for his First Holy Communion, I've loved the little Peg People. LOVE.  So, Emily-the-overachiever decides 2.5 months is MORE than enough to paint two pegs (two swap groups, 20 each) - oh and toss in a baby Jesus for one. You know - 60 dolls. Oh it doesn't stop there. I had to paint crowns and the hubs had to cut the rings off the crowns (that were really beads), and... you know where I am going. So - four times since then I was served a heaping helping of bronchitis. And people - this last one I was in bed for four days. FOUR!  One day I was like - I have five days to paint them all... and paint I did. Oh man. Phew.

What is the success??? the pegs are done. Wait till I go to confession this week and say I swore whilst painting our Blessed Mother and the Baby Jesus.  I'll be blogging the details of what to do and not to do, on my crafting blog... but here are the pictures.

Our Lady Rosa Mystica Front & Side
#nosleep, #handshurt, #Ididittomyself, #Ihopetheylovethem

Co-Op Success. Well, to be honest, I have never felt like more of an outcast than I do in a mom's group of any kind. Part of it is me, my age, my hang-ups... part of it is the spirit of the other women. I will leave it at that. It was, once again, a humbling experience, as I am re-reminded that co-op is about my child learning how to take instruction from other people AND about him interacting more with his peers, so that when I put him in high school - public or Catholic, he won't have NEVER done it before... you know? He really seems to like it.

As for me, I thought I had a week to get ready. The dates say school starts August 23rd... um, they gave assignments at orientation. I was like NOOOOOO. HA! We will not start till August 29th. We usually start after Labor Day, but we are going on Vacation in September...

I'm a Religious Ed Volunteer. YAY. Sure, I've been teaching RE for years, and in that capacity have been a volunteer. But, while Christopher is in Co-Op, I will be volunteering at the Parish and helping them with anything and everything they need. I'm so excited. It's just 3-4 hours/week. I proposed the idea to them and they are excited to have me onboard. This year I will not be teaching, because frankly taking off every few years keeps me sane. Pray for me... that I listen to God's will for this volunteer position. My hope here is to be a light.. these ladies work so hard.

My Child Gets It.  Get's what, you say?  Well, We are on a budget. But he does homeschool Karate, He just started baseball, and he wants to take guitar or piano too. So, the football coach from the Christian School around the corner said he would like Christopher to play for him. I said, "how much does it cost?" He said, "$56 for the shorts/tee for practice and a jersey". I said, "I'll sign him up!"  But when the lady finally called back, she said it would be $550 to become an adjunct student, $50 to register and I forget the other fees she said (and that doesn't include mouthpiece, cleats, etc). Well, there are only six Middle School games, and I just could not justify an additional $700+ for football on top of the $1500 for co-op, etc. I felt AWFUL because we'd been hyping it up. Well, I sat him down and told him we just couldn't afford it. And he said, "Well mom, I guess it's just God's way of telling me I should keep on playing football!" I just knew he was going to be upset, but he wasn't... and that is awesome. I hope and pray he knows how blessed we are to have him.

I heard this yesterday: 
"we often don't find our purpose in life because we don't want to be inconvenienced". 
Think about that. God's plan is not always convenient, but it sure is awesome! Inconvenience me Lord!

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Love and hugs all,



  1. Wow - Love that comment from your child - doesn't it make your day when they say something like that??? And enjoy the volunteer time! It's amazing how much I learn while teaching our religious ed kids!

    1. Thank you. It really does make my day. He's almost 13 and often gets in trouble for his mouth, so these kinds of things are like "thank you Lord!"


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