Thursday, August 11, 2016

Small Success Thursday - Do Small Things with Great Love!

Happy Thursday! Happy Feast day of Saint Clare of Assisi. What a great example for us all. Pray for us dear Saint Clare.

Over on it's Small Success Thursday. For me, this has always been a blog post to enjoy. Even in bad times, we can find small glimmers of hope/something positive to hold on to. We can - if our eyes are open and we have the Love of God in our hearts. This link-up is about encouraging other moms to look beyond their every day, monotonous tasks, or various problems and come up with a few things that made them laugh, or they thought were successful. Over the years, some of my favorite posts have been about the fact that  "everyone is alive and fed, and reasonably clean!" Hey, it's something to celebrate.

Anyway - it got me thinking that I've always been a support person, the behind the scenes person, if you will. I'm comfy there for the most part. I do tons of small things that people don't always see or thank me for, but they make huge differences.  When I am sick, when nothing goes right, I go to the place in my head (or planner) that shows what I have done. There is no time to wallow in this life anyway... someone always NEEDS something.  And as my grandma Helen used to say, "honey, someone always has it worse!" True words.

Moms, live your life doing small things with great love. The big picture is created from the small things. And it's a beautiful picture. You can quote me on that!

My small successes this past week...

Not Reacting. You know, there are always one or two people who make big deals out of nothing, who skim things and react in inappropriate ways, etc. I used to be one of those people, from time to time, and I just have really gotten great at not reacting. I did talk to someone about how they were over-reacting and managed to help them see how to approach things differently. Ahhhh Maturity. That is the beauty of making mistakes, once you are in a different place, you can help someone out of where you were. Ya know?

Painting Peg Dolls.  You know how you take on too much and regret it, and then you get bronchitis four times while you are supposed to be working on them, and you are a procrastinator by nature anyway.... sigh - Oh, it's just me? Sigh. Anywhooooo.... I am making headway and sick or not, I'm painting peg dolls for a Marian Swap. Our Lady of Loreto and Our Lady Rosa Mystica. Pray for me. I will share pictures when they are finished.  This week, they thought I had Pneumonia. But the chest X-ray did not show it. It's just been a bad summer here in North Texas for Asthmatics. I even took a shot in the rear...

Organization Saves Me.  So I knew I was feeling bad and we grilled some chicken breasts on the Foreman Grill before Marque went out of town (he's back now but was gone till yesterday). Well our organization made it easy for me to make dinners. One night I cut up a chicken breast and we had chicken and veggie quesadillas, another night a chicken, cobb-ish salad.

I am hopeful next week I can really clean out our classroom and get a little more organized before school starts. Can't wait.

Check out the post at and link up for Small Success Thursday. I love to read the posts.

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