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Davis Academy - 7th Grade Curriculum Overview

Happy Friday All!

Today (and yes, there are still about 90-minutes in the day) I am linking up with Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers for the Weekly Wrap Up.

The Weekly Wrap Up is a fantastic place to learn what other homeschoolers do for the week. They talk about important issues, what's new in homeschooling all learning styles, including special needs. It's great!

Another school year is upon us. Where did the Summer go? Well - we barely had one. Between finishing school late , extreme heat and sickness, it was kinda a bust around here. My poor child. The good news for us, we know how blessed we are.

So if you have been following my roller-coaster ride of a homeschool experience, you know the following:
  • I both love and hate it. Yes, it's true. I am a reluctant homeschooler.  I miss my income, not having to struggle financially and I miss working with other adults. I miss having a second car... I am selfish.  But I also see how much confidence it's given my child, how much he's excelling... and I know it is right for him.
  • That we are enrolled in school, because it's my husband's requirement. And I'm thankful for it. It keeps me honest.
  • I switch back and forth between Mother of Divine Grace & Seton Homeschool.  Though I pray we will use Seton for the duration.  I switched last year because my student's friends told him how much better MODG was, and he begged me to switch. I thought - ok, I have to pick my battles. Let's just say by the end of the year, he said - Please sign me up with Seton. MODG just was not for us. I tried to get onboard. It just does not click with our style. 
  • My student has Aspergers (heavy on the .... never mind. - haha).
  • I am far from perfect. No really, it's true. YOU? 
  • I believe in actual schooling. What do I mean? You have to stay home and purpose to get the work done. Homeschool is not just one big party. These children will go to College, God willing and they must be ready. (My opinion, of course).
  • We almost always finish late because we go on vacation and such. This is the only part I would truly miss IF we gave up homeschool. The ability to travel on occasion, on the off-season, when it is less crowded, less expensive, etc. Plus, business trips with Marque, etc.
  • And I have fallen away from blogging about it. And I'm fixing that - starting today! 
So, here we go! I have placed pictures of all the books we are using (minus the Saint Stories for book reports).

What I love about Seton is that they send all the Lesson Plans to you... aka you don't have to reinvent the wheel. AND they introduce the courses and give you tips.... which for the non-teacher-by-trade mamas is an excellent and less overwhelming option (my opinion).

Let me state, for the record, that I so admire the homeschool mamas/parents that love to pick from here and there. It's just not me. And aren't we all blessed to be able to choose what works best for us (hopefully without offending others).

Here are the pictures of the books we are using:

This year, Christopher is enrolled in a University Model Co-Op.  He will be taking Literature/Writing, General Science, and Art. The Orientation was the 16th and classes start the 23rd.


I am sure you are thinking - a full load at Seton AND a Co-Op? That's crazy talk. Ya'll, normally I would agree - HOWEVER, I have a plan.

ART - the Art will count towards Seton Art. We will read the Art History part of the Seton books and look up some paintings, etc. But I am excited for him to take an ACTUAL Art class. They are learning how to draw, shade, etc. I can't wait to see what he does.

GENERAL SCIENCE -  the General Science will count toward Seton Science.  He will just have to take the tests online for Seton, so the school ones will be like a review.  Other than that - there should not be much duplicate.

LITERATURE - this is the place I see that we may have an issue. I am not all the way through reading the lesson plans, but what's a little more reading amongst friends? lol Sigh - my poor child.  Language Arts at Seton is really about Spelling, Vocabulary, Reading and Language. If it gets to be overwhelming I will pull him out of it at Co-Op. I don't know what else to say. I am hopeful we can make it work.  Pray for us.

I mostly took the Lit Course at Co-Op because I want him to learn how to write from someone besides me.

The use a really cool tool called It's an app (thankfully it can be used on the phone or computer). Students get assignments and ask questions. Teachers and parents communicate. It's pretty cool. I'm not a techy but it's not particularly hard to use - so that's a bonus.

Our Schedule is this:

  • Co-Op started the 16th. They said it was orientation, but we have had daily assignments, so in my book, it's started.  
    • Art - Christopher had to choose a picture that he wants to use to learn how to draw a grayscale drawing.
    • In Science - Christopher had to sign a couple contracts and take a quiz about his learning style (almost even in Auditory and Tactile). He has reading to do this weekend.
    • English - he had to read Riki Tiki Tavi and answer some comprehension questions and use vocabulary words in complete sentences.
  • Seton Starts August 29th. I need a week to get organized. 
  • We have baseball practice Monday - Wednesday evenings 6p - 8p.
  • We have Karate on Fridays.
  • Occasionally we have Youth Group on Sundays.

Anyway - We are looking forward to our year.

I can't wait to show you actual lab books and the fun things he does.
If you got this far, bless you  as it's kind of dry.

Hugs & Blessings,


  1. I hope you have a great year.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Thank you so much.
    I just added you on Google Plus.
    Your blog looks awesome. FUN year so far for you.


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