Thursday, May 12, 2016

Small Success Thursday - Give It UP.... Find Joy

Happy Thursday.
Happy "focus on the things that you can see that are good" Day!
Happy "finding success in the trenches" Day!

Read the Meme above... Be thankful for the BAD THINGS! They open up your eye the the good you missed. Boy this is really what Small Successes are about. You have to look, super hard sometimes, for the good. But if you look, you will find it. You really will.

Ok - you get the point.

Today I join the ladies at for Small Success Thursday. And really ya'll, I'm digging deep for success here - DEEP!

Jenna Ate last night. Why is this a success? Well, if you read this post, Sometimes Joy Is Hard To Find, you know that it was one heck of a Poopy Mother's Day (Christopher's attempt at a joke). Our beloved family dog, Jenna had not kept anything down since last Friday, and on Sunday began refusing food and water. We took her to the vet on Monday and she was there through yesterday afternoon. The plan was to bring her home and see if we couldn't convince her to eat. The thing was, the X-ray did not show blockage, there were a few bacterias going on, and her blood work showed she is dehydrated, but not a lot else. She does have quite big seizures (some last 15-20 minutes), so I thought maybe she had just forgotten how to eat (you know, like a stroke victim). But last night, about 9:30pm, she took meat baby food and a little chicken/rice dog food. Ya'll, it was like a Christmas miracle. I can not tell you how thankful we are. She's still not herself, but she even drank water, and so - we are hopeful!! #saintfrancisrocks #thankyoublessedmother

Fraud Prevention is Awesome. Why do I say that? Well - I mean - last night, after I ran to WalMart to pick up a play yard for the puppy, and buy a few grocery items, my bank emailed me. Well, I didn't check it till about 10:30pm. It seems that some LOVELY person had charged over $1000 to my bank card at various places. Macy', F&O (Frank & Orchard), H&M... sigh. So now, I have no bank card and we don't do credit cards and my husband won't be home till Saturday. I mean - it's a freak show right?! haha But in all of it, I'm thankful that I have a 3/4 full tank of gas and everything I need here. And though it is a small inconvenience, in the end, it's all ok. Fixable. And USAA repays everything. Thank you God!

Two More Days. People, my husband comes home in two days. I can not think of a bigger success than that. We are all alive. Our house is reasonably clean. We have gotten school done. And I'm proud of it. Six weeks by myself with the boy and a new puppy and a sick dog, and fraudulent accounts, and this, that and the other... and I have to say - I still have a sense of humor and a reasonable amount  of joy!

Sigh.  I will laugh about this one day, right? You know when I saw this picture, I giggled... and then I thought....

... luckily, mud is good for the skin! Roots out the impurities. HA!  We must praise HIM and look for the small successes, it's all we have when life gets tough... and it often is. 

I told someone yesterday, I am so thankful for that thread of sanity I have left, that I am holding on for dear life. LOL 

More than anything, I am so thankful for the Morning Offering Prayer.  We give up our Joys and our Sufferings.... We acknowledge there will be suffering. God is our Silver Lining. He is what we cling to, thank you Lord.

See you next week ladies. Go check out the other posts at Catholicmom.com

Hugs & Blessings,


  1. OK this is weird both of our #SmallSuccess posts have a similar theme -- the lessons learned from the bad things in life!! Amen!! amen!! and so glad hubby will be home soon!!

    1. I am off to read yours now Allison. I see Sherry's theme is similar!
      I love the honesty in her post.

  2. Congratulations on making it 6 weeks without Hubby. Mine was gone for 2 weeks, I have no dog and a 16 YO who is relatively independent. I was very glad when he arrived home.


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