Friday, April 29, 2016

Small Success Thursday - A Plethora of Successes

Happy Friday Evening ladies...

So yesterday, I told Sherry @ that my post would be up after my cookie class last night, but instead, I drove through Panda Express to bring dinner home... and then I got to hold a baby that is a few weeks old, and ya'll, it was worth not doing what I said I'd do. I got to share my cookies with them, and I got to hold their baby... and watch my son be so sweet with the other neighbor's daughter. She's two and she took him by the hand and made him walk here and there. I loved it. HA He's got a great heart.

Head on over to Small Success Thursday and check out all the other posts.... and PARTICIPATE! It's fun. We all need to count our blessings and successes. Truly, some weeks it is just keeping everyone alive (ok, that's a big thing)... when you have a new baby, it may be that you brushed your teeth regularly, you know? But we mamas need to stick together and talk up our little successes. You just never know who is reading about them.

Sunday - Last Day of Religious Ed for the year. It is no small success that we made it through a year. I survived and taught them well. It was hard, as most are 3rd Grade but had not made their sacraments yet. Some not Baptized and only two had made their First Holy Communion. I really tried to balance the curriculum (that is a daily curriculum) and fit it all in on a Sunday morning, ya know? I just hope and pray they had good experiences. We had an ice cream party. It was a great send off. And you know what, I feel good about how I ran the class and about reaching these children. God was really working through me. Such a blessings.

Let God work it out... As we walk out of class, my son catches up and says, "Teacher told us all our Priests are leaving St. Patrick!" Of course, I say, that can't be true. But during Mass, the Monsignor announced it was, in fact, TRUE!  I was miffed, because Aspergers children's minds work differently than ours. Plus, it's not appropriate for a teacher to tell children that. The Monsignor did such a better job of explaining it all and telling us he was at peace. After Mass, Christopher explained that he actually asked Monsignor about it while they were in the Sacristy before Mass. lol The HUGE success here is that God did work it out and my child was ok with it. I didn't have to field a kajillion more questions.

I don't know if I have told you this, but we want to sell our home. Yes yes, I know I've told you, I'm about to exude sarcasm... SO anyway - Christopher and I were mowing the lawn, when we cam across this huge crack (check the pic)!  Sigh.  My first thought was, "how could my husband have missed this?" But, he's been having the 12 year old mow the back yard.... and since said young boy really doesn't notice much that isn't computer generated (as in, if this was a Minecraft Home, he'd have noticed right away).

The Small Success was that I didn't panic or fly into random rantings about my husband always being gone when this kind of thing happens. I'm kidding, the small success was that after I calmed down, I prayed about it, knowing we can't afford some major breakage of our home. Someone recommended a guy and I checked his BBB Status, A+, and I left him a message and sent a pic. At the same time, I contacted our HOA Rep. I would have contacted the builder, but we were built by Fox & Jacobs, who was bought by Centex, who was bought by Pulte (FUN!). By the next morning, I'd gotten calls from both the Foundation guy and our Builder's Warranty Dept. And guess what - This is normal for our are, and is cosmetic. We have to find a Mason and it will be less than $500 to fix. HALLELUJAH!   Note: Must learn to turn to God first. If He can't fix it (um, yes, He can and will), then I can panic. LOL

I went to my third cookie decorating class last evening. That was fun. Want to see them? Ok, I am a slow learner, but this is so fun. Don't you want to come over and make some with me? These are a Mother's Day Theme. You know I thought it would upset me, because I didn't know my biological mother well and she passed away last Fall. But I was fine. God was with me. Can you tell it's supposed to be a flower arrangement? How fun is that?

I have arthritic hands and they are not steady, so you will see tons of imperfections if you look close enough. Like everything else in life, we must accept ourselves - strengths and weaknesses. You know? God loves us regardless if the cookies aren't perfect. It's just that simple.

And by the way, they SURE taste good. Ask me how long they lasted when I got home? lol

Christopher made pork chops for dinner the other night. Don't they look good? He was very excited I let him help. Wow, that made me feel awful. Of course he can help. Sigh. Doesn't he know I wear a tiara and eat bon bons and wait for folks to WAIT on me? lol  But I thought I'd share a picture of the pork chops.

Seriously, he was choosing spices, and put the spices in some flour, whipped the egg and dipped them. The whole nine!  I snapped the green beans and made the squash. YUM!!!

And then afterwards I took him for a Sonic Blast. If you don't have Sonic by you, it's like a Dairy Queen Blizzard, and if you don't have a Dairy Queen. Think super thick shake. LOL

If you made it through all that, thanks for hanging in!
You're precious to me, dear readers.

Hugs & blessings,

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