Thursday, March 17, 2016

Small Success Thursday - Was It Really? Sigh....

Happy Thursday.
Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Shamrock Brownies with St. Patrick's Decor, for Youth Group Party.
Can I give you a little tip? These are wipeable cake boards. Um... let's just say they slid a lot in transit. Isn't that awesome? lol

This has been another interesting week. I say interesting, because I don't want to say anything negative. I'm so thankful that God is so good to me in so many ways. And with that...

Today started at about 4:15am for me. Big storms blew through and they were rockin' loud booms! Christopher can't sleep through them (we went through a tornado when he was three - not a direct hit, but it left a big impression). I was already sitting up and grabbed my water/pillow and went to his room with him. We went back to sleep. My husband says he kissed us goodbye, but I don't remember. I woke up sleeping on the foot end of his bed, our car alarm was going off, the dog was barking and the booms were booming. By then it was about 6:30am.  When I got my bearings, I ran downstairs with Christopher in tow and Marque met us, saying, "the car battery is flat". Just then the weather warning sirens went off... and there we were, in our safe closet. Me in my nightgown, thinking - this will be when it hits us, because I have no bra on (it's my policy to wear a bra and pants pjs during a storm... because they always interview people with no bras (I know I know - it's how my brain works, I can't help it!)) and no shoes with me.

This is Spring Break here. And ours was marred by the fact we'd dawdled too much and needed to do school. We had plans with friends, but with the weather, etc. they were cancelled. Then the boy got all angry and stuff (pre-puberty) and we had to talk. He has no siblings at home. And it's lonely. He has no friends in our hood... and all his friends live 30+ minutes away.  As homeschoolers, it can be lonely... I get that. But I also know that we all have a cross to bear. But, he's old enough now to understand that he has to accept his situation and some disappointment without getting angry. It's a hard lesson. He had a headache afterwards...  so we called off school today and are going to bake green shamrock cookies in a moment.

As you know, today is Thursday. And so, I am linking up with Sherry and the girls at --
what are my successes this week?

I got the Easter Decor out and am working on more. I didn't have the UMPH to get it out this year. Sigh. Here is the more:

I am painting the letters and eggs and will cover some with scrapbook papers.
I am thinking about making the cross gold, but am unsure if that will look OK!?

I epically failed this week at being a supportive wife. My husband leaves Sunday and is gone all Holy Week. He will miss our son's first Altar Serving experience. He will miss the Chrism Mass on Tuesday. He will miss Holy Thursday. Good Friday, etc. And I'm not ok with it. He will be gone for a month at some point soon. Don't you think they scheduled a Homeland Security show that he just HAS to be at the week before. My head literally exploded. I could barely speak to him. I thought about divorce. It was that awful. I lamented being a single parent and being lonely... and I knew I was wrong. I said some things, out loud... and it was not good. I got into my own head... "you need him home. You can not fix things and sell the home without him. You did not sign up to be a single parent. etc... etc..." Sigh. I guess the success to it is that the pity party came to an end and of course, we are not divorcing.  The devil will never win that. My God is stronger - even when I am weak, He is strong. And honestly you can not beat that success.  

So there you have it.
My laundry is done, we are all well-fed, and I've gotten this post done. I'm still married. And our home is still standing. Oh - and our car has a new battery AND oil change. SO that is good.

And now, I've got to go cheer up my sweet boy.
Shamrock cookies anyone?

And here's a little giggle for you all:

A little Catholic Humor... Hee hee
Sherry wrote a great post about being thankful. How true it is when life is daunting. Sigh. Go check out the other posts too. 

Love and hugs to you all!
Blessings too.

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