Thursday, March 10, 2016

Small Success Thursday...

There are those weeks.... when your brain won't settle and you think, I really want to write a Small Success post, but my head just may explode, and then you go to and read Sherry's Small Success Post and you SMILE... Big smile... and you think, "Hello God", thanks for snapping me out of it for the bazzilionth time.

And so, I will tell you that I felt like our week was a homeschool bust.
But you know what...Sometimes, successes are really SMALL. And you know what - on behalf of all the scatterbrained mamas out there that had a super busy week and are questioning their successes... I say - LOOK BEYOND... find the success-of-it-all!

Monday, my child got to spend quality time hanging out with his dad whilst I did some things I needed to do (like clean out a closet, laundry, etc.). Tuesday - we spent time in the closet avoiding tornadoes and straight-line winds, and just hung out. Bad weather days around here are a lot of back and forth, so I usually give the day off of school.  Wednesday we went to a class about Butterflies at the Botanical Research Institute here in Fort Worth. And though it was really geared to K-4th (a point that they neglected to share), our older children really were good sports and enjoyed it. Today, I went to card group, and I took a cute card for them to make. I'll share just a pic of it here (and I will put it on my craft blog, in a more explanative way).  Tomorrow, Marque is home, and there is Karate for Christopher, groceries for a few things... and then.... relaxing.

My child is reading his book for History, he did Latin, Math and a few other things this week. It was kinda Spring-Break like. Yeah, that's the ticket.

I was reminded this week that the days I get up and have quiet time with the Lord, reading, praying, etc.... those days just went better.

I got to counsel a friend who is having marital strife. God reminded me that all I've been through is starting to manifest into helping others, and that is a huge success - Thank you God.

Was my week full of huge successes? Nope.
But I did feed my family, keep my house reasonably clean, do the laundry and checked several things off my list (like taxes). And people - some weeks, that is just GOOD ENOUGH!


Here is the card I created to take to group:

Oh, and if you want to read about great successes, go check out the other bloggers posts.

Love and blessings,


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