Monday, March 7, 2016

Moments - Wrapping Up The Week with Surgery...

Happy Monday All!
Yes, Monday's can be happy. Ok, some of you may feel like this:

When you want to feel like this:

Good news, we all have our days. Life gets hectic. Know that you are not alone. Being a wife and mother is a vocation, and we all do the best we can. Aren't we blessed to serve a Lord who loves us no matter what and sends us Martyrs and Saints to remind us that our difficulties, though real, are not THAT big (mostly).

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Happy Feast Day of Saints Perpetua and Felicity.  HERE is another link about their history. It's sadly fitting that today is their feast day, as our beloved Sisters were amongst the dead, gunned down by anti-Christian fanatics a couple days ago.  The sisters were from Arabia, India and Africa. Mother Teresa founded their mission and they are truly Martyrs. Please join me in praying for them. They have been identified by the Apostolic Vicariate of Southern Arabia as Sr. Anselm from India, Sr. Margherite from Rwanda, Sr. Reginette from Rwanda, and Sr. Judith from Kenya.
For more information on what happened, please read the Catholic News Agency Article - HERE. Saints Perpetua and Felicity - Pray for us!

This past week/weekend, we were so busy.

  • Tuesday we voted.
  • Wednesday night we went to an exhibition basketball game between our local Seminarians and the Catholic High School team. It was so fun. HA! 
  • I volunteered Thursday evening to put together 200+ Easter Baskets. It was so fun. Met some ladies in the Altar Society at Church. I was so excited to finally go to an event. Marque travels so much, I just never get to go.  
  • Friday Morning, Marque had his lungs washed and biopsied. Good times. We will have results soon on the scan/biopsies. Pray for us.
  • Saturday, we had our produce co-op and dropped Christopher at a friend's house. Then we grocery shopped and took a nap. That evening, our friends made dinner and we gladly ate when we picked our son up. It was perfect. 
  • Sunday, I teach 3rd grade CCD, then Mass, then I volunteered at a spectacular event.  The event was the Silver and Gold Reception, celebrating couples who have been married 25+ years. It was spectacular to talk to couples married for 66 years or 52 years, you know? Their knowledge. Their love. Their spirit. It was awesome.  A few of us volunteered to cut cake and we were at the greeting end of the table. It was fun to serve them and hear their stories. One couple, married 66 years, he was so sassy... so when I said, Happy Anniversary, how long have you all been married? He made a comment about how lucky she was (you know the sass I speak of lovingly), and said to her, "oh I need to hug you!" And he said, "I didn't get a hug"... and it went from there. So cute.  Another couple, the gentleman was turning 90 this week, he said the key to a good marriage is, "Yes Dear!" His eldest son said, "I thought you would say it was Scotch!" And I said, "maybe that's why he says "yes dear!" It kind of sounds lame-ish, but I promise you it was so fun serving them and listening. People from all over the world, sharing faith and marriage. The Bishop gave them a Mass and came to the reception. That's a big deal for them! You know? Sigh. 

The above and school and this and that... you know the drill. See the hot mess meme above. HAHA

So today, I am....

Thankful For...

  • Faith and community @ Church
  • Nuns and Clergy who are so selfless.
  • Rain! It is going to rain all week.

Praying For...

  • Our World - That we learn respect for one-another and stop the madness that Evil brings.
  • Our Clergy and Missionaries - that they know we pray for them and that they stay strong! May God keep them safe.
  • Our Country - that we may be smarter about who we elect and that we may take back logic and Conservative American Values.
  • My husband's lungs (that the scan and cultures come back good)
  • That I lose the weight that I need to.
  • That we grow deeper in our Faith.

Organizing This Week...

  • Butterfly Class & Nature Walk at the Botanical Research Institute
  • Card Group
  • Altar Boy Training for Christopher
  • School.... a few tests, etc.
  • Tonight - Spaghetti & Meatballs and Salad
  • Tuesday - Chicken & roasted veggies
  • Wednesday - Leftovers
  • Thursday - Beans & Rice and Salad
  • Friday - Fish and Veggies
  • Saturday - Grilled Chicken
  • Sunday - Unsure
Sharing What I Captured...

Waiting to vote.
A few Easter Baskets.
Smiling Hubs...

I've babbled long enough. If you are still reading - THANK YOU! 
I hope to blog more this week in not such a babbly way. 

Love and hugs,


  1. Well, I love your "babbly" ways, girlfriend!! Keep on babbling!! LOL

    Great post, so much news. Love the pics. Hospital, voting, altar boy prep...good for him. what a kid!

    Take care Em...thanks for the insight, prayer request list....the anecdotes on the anniversary celebrations at church were fantastic!!

    1. Thank you sweet Chris. You're such a dear.
      xx oo

  2. A butterfly class sounds like so much fun! More importantly, I'm praying for your husband. <3


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