Friday, February 26, 2016

Small Success Thursday....

Yes Yes... I know it's Friday.
AND?! haha

Seriously - I told someone today, when I sent them a package of cards (my friend has cancer and I make cards, so I sent her about 30 Thank You and Just Because kind of cards).... anyway, I said, "please forgive the fact there is no note. I have 30 minutes to shower and leave for Karate!" TRUTH!
Can I count that as a success? I sent the cards. That counts, right?

Small Successes, you say?

  • We got a lot of school done.
  • We went to everything we had planned - ON TIME!
  • I did leave a egg white, spinach & feta cheese wrap in my purse all morning one of the days.
  • I did let my big old 12 year old sleep in our bed because it was storming.
  • I wrote a Gospel Reflection for and yesterday was my day for it to post - HERE!
  • I even remembered not to eat meat today.
  • AND My house is reasonably presentable to my husband who is coming home today. Though, if I am being honest, I just remembered that our entire bed is covered in laundry that needs to be put away, but where do I sit - here, pretending I have everything done, because I haven't blogged all week, and I need to do something for me.

I mean, I did fill up the gas tank and do this, today...

The laundry would be bonus. But I do have coffee brewing. And dinner, well I am going to put the salmon in the oven in a moment. Sigh.

My week was not perfect, ladies...

But I meant what I said. AND, I was way better about not getting angry/full on yelling. And I even calmly sent the boy to his room when he wouldn't stop smart-mouthing, and left him there till I came upstairs, and put him to bed. I was kind of proud of that. Because I told him what I was going to do and DID IT! My child is awesome. But like many 12 year olds, there is this attitude and mouthiness. Except that he has always had it - ALWAYS! It's an Aspy thing. He loves to tell everyone else what to do, but hates to listen. Sigh.  Anywhooo.... lest I paint a bad picture of him... I should stop!

My husband will be home for a few weeks. My child goes to his first Middle School Rally tomorrow. Sunday we are having friends over for dinner.

So maybe, just maybe, I will have something interesting to say on Monday.

Be bless you all, and as you can see - Small Successes really do come in EVERY shape and size. Pat yourselves on the back, mamas. You deserve it!

Head over to Small Success Thursday at and check the other bloggers out. It's always a great read.



  1. Oh my goodness, Em, I'm loving this. Your style, your fun, your honesty!
    So great.

    HOW have I missed resubscribing to your blog since you moved to Blogger?? I'm seeing you on soc media but miss getting posts in my inbox since you left the "other" blog at WP. I'm so sorry I "lost" you for a while.

    "See" you soon, Em

    1. Thank you Chris. I was feeling kinda lonely here. LOL
      But glad you found me. xx oo


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