Thursday, February 18, 2016

Small Success Thursday - Reaching Children

Happy Thursday!
Happy Feast Day of Blessed John of Fiesole.
Here's a quote to get your morning off on the right foot,
"The virtues remind us of the higher moral standard we are called to follow. This reminder should inspire us to give more of ourselves in the pursuit of virtue and live more like Christ, rather than living life enslaved by our passions." -from Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love  
Franciscan Media sends me gems like that in my email each morning. Live like Christ. Simple, but oh, so hard some days (or at least some moments). Love the reminders.

Today is Thursday... Not just ANY Thursday, but Small Success Thursday! HA You should head over to and check out the other bloggers posts. And honestly if you have a blog - you should participate. We are all busy moms. Many times, no one comments. But miss one Thursday and people will ask you if you are ok. That's how it works in the Mommy world. Go on... check it out - Small Success Thursday (SST).

I don't have a big readership. But if you are new, SST is a great series (IMHO), and encourages us moms to count each success, no matter how small - and sometimes they are as small as getting dressed daily and managing to keep everyone alive (ok, that sounds big, right!) to blog about our successes.  Count your blessings as successes too. Never give up. Whatever is going on, things will be OK. We serve an awesome God. I am confident that you have many successes, even if you don't feel great about your week.

And with that, I will tell you mine.

1) I survived another week as a single parent. OK, he was only gone a few days. But it's been - he comes home Friday, gone by Sunday/Monday, and back home Friday for months. And this week, he came home yesterday. But it's still a lot of single-parenting... and all is well. Truly!

2) I had my physical. Um - I've apparently been putting it off for a few years. HA. I'm no fan of doctors or needles. I've been avoiding it. But things are pretty good... I think. I need foot surgery. This I've known for 20+ years. It's unbearable now, so I will get it fixed. If you knew how many times I'd cancelled and rescheduled, you would know how big this was. Emily (me) does not like Doctors. PERIOD!

3) Doing Well with Lent. What does that mean? I am not stressed. I am reading devotions, managing to fast/abstain. Pretty much staying off FB except an hour/day. Getting a lot more done not being on FB so much. Life is good. Lent is good.

4) Going to a Make-n-Take @ Scrapbook Expo. You say WHAT is that? Well, I've been scrapbooking and making cards since the late 1990's. And for the past ten years I have been making cards. Anyway - one of the good things about all the travel is hotel and airline points that we save up. So, tonight (3pm - Midnight), I will go make cards and projects with friends... and my husband and son will hang out at the hotel pool and go eat dinner.... and spend some much-needed time together.  It's a win-win situation. After all, he leaves again... and p.s. I have a craft blog: EmsCraftCloset


5) Reaching the Children. Ya'll, I am so excited to tell you all how God is really working through me with the Religious Ed class I am teaching. It's not me I am bragging about, but our Lord. It's frustrating to teach RE at any Church, I'm sure. You have families that follow rules and some who don't. You have children who know about our Faith, but many don't. I spent the first part of this year frustrated (behind the scenes) with situations... but, I dug in my heels and took a different route with them. Most of my class of 3rd graders has not made their 1st Holy Communion yet. They don't go to Mass on a regular basis, have Sacramentals at home, know the normal Bible Stories. It's a class full of "we don't pray daily", "we only go to Mass on Christmas & New Year", kind of statements. Sigh.
Enter the Rosary...

Two weeks ago, I brought Rosaries (little plastic ones at first) and printed a packet for them to learn about the Rosary. And you guys - it's WORKING!  I challenged them to pray the Rosary at least once/week. Ya'll, one little boy did it. To be fair, I only have eight children, and only three were there on Sunday.   This past week, I brought out nice rosaries for them all, and this child was ecstatic. I'm so excited. I know, I want to reach the other seven too. But it's a start. It was such a great class this past Sunday. They listened and were engaged. We had a great discussion about the Eucharist. Pray for these eight children please. They want to learn our Faith and know Our Lord. May God continue to use me for His Glory!  I can tell our Lord and Blessed Mother are getting through to them. It's so exciting.

What are your successes today? Rejoice in them all!

Hugs & blessings ALL!



  1. Congratulations! Surviving single-parenting all week long for weeks on end is wearing on anyone. I did it for a few weeks this past spring and I'm only dealing with one teenager at home. God bless you.
    LOVE the rosary success story. Little ones really do catch on fire for that. I've seen it when I substitute-teach in the Catholic school. They look forward to their in-school rosary time (and they were interested in seeing my rosary, that I had in my handbag, because it was a knotted rosary instead of the bead ones that they had hanging on pushpins on the bulletin board--great storage idea, I thought!)

    1. I need to get a knotted Rosary. I don't have one in my collection. I bet that is a good one.
      Sigh. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I have so much respect for single parents. I thank God every day for recognizing I am not strong enough to be one - and mine are 20, 17 and 10! lol

    THE Rosary Story was my favorite!! I am a big fan of the rosary - they look so inviting. I want one lol. KEEP UP the good LENTEN work!!!

    1. Thank you Allison. I really thought when my husband retired from the Army, he wouldn't be gone as much. But man... was I wrong! lol
      The Rosary is my go to, and these are actually cheapie Rosaries I bought from Amazon, but I have extra. Send me your address. I am happy to send one.


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