Thursday, February 4, 2016

Small Success Thursday - Praying The Rosary

Happy Thursday AND Happy Feast Day of Saint Joseph of Leonissa.
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Dear Friends,

Today I am linking up with the Small Success Thursday ladies @ I don't need to tell you how much I love this link-up. I love that moms get together and share their successes.... it could be brushing your teeth, some days... when  you have littles - THAT is a success, for sure. You know? Go check it out.

I will admit that I have experienced such a rollercoaster and dry spell for this past year or so. My goodness. I really got to the point that I felt, 'what on earth am I doing all this praying and good-personing for anyway?'

Well, in January, I started participating in Scripture Writing and doodling (Bible Journaling). And I started being diligent about being in the word, DAILY.

So I read the book, A Single Bead, it's a teen book, but it spoke to me in ways you can not imagine. And it hit me - my Rosaries are lonely.... I have been neglecting this powerful prayer tool. And, I am happy to say I have prayed it almost daily for the past week.

The above picture is in our classroom/office/craft room. Naturally, the Saints are amongst us too... but that beautiful Rosary hanger can be found on Etsy @ SaongJai. She has several and they would be easy to make for personal use. I am thinking of making one to hang my veils on, but I digress. I love the peace and comfort praying The Rosary brings.

This week, I've been checking things off my list.... make cookies for a nephew as we celebrate him starting his last semester of his Bachelor's Degree (don't you all send chocolate chip cookies for that?). Box to my friend's daughter who is in the hospital - Check! Tonight and tomorrow night, I will be working on a keepsake box for some friends who are having their daughter Baptized on Saturday. Such a blessings.

And my last success this week is that this post is done.
Now you go and check out the other mom's Small Successes. It goes without saying they are not small at all.

Hugs & Blessings,

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