Thursday, February 11, 2016

Small Success Thursday... Lenten Peace

Happy First Thursday in Lent.
HAPPY feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes.

This has been a great week. At times, I had to will it to be great. But that really is "how life goes"! This year's Lenten theme in the Blogosphere is all about not giving up things that don't matter. To me, this is common sense. If it is not something that leads you spiritually or requires some effort/suffering - it does not count, IMHO.  Further, don't try to "keep up with the Jones'", so to speak. Do what means something to you. Like I said the other day, I can not do every devotion out there, and I'm not going to try. I have chosen what works for me and for my family.

I hope you are spending your days finding JOY! I am.  And with that...

Happy Small Success Thursday. Check out the posts at As always Sherry Antonelli leads the way in helping us see that every little thing we do counts. It really does. Thank you God!

Monday, Marque left again, this time to Georgia. Tuesday, I woke up with a super dry mouth and sinus issues. You know - the glamour-of-it-all! By Ash Wednesday I had a cold sore on my lip - which happens once in a blue moon, and I thought to myself - way to start Lent off suffering a allergies and cold sore. Good times. My point - it made me chuckle.

Yesterday, we drove to Mass and there was no parking downtown. We love the Cathedral, but parking is an issue. So we drove around for half an hour and had to come home. The whole time, my child is lamenting people who only come on Easter and Christmas.... blah blah blah But at least they come, right?!

Late yesterday afternoon, I texted a friend about parking at the Cathedral and she said they would save us a spot for evening Mass. We got there at 5:45pm for a 7pm Mass. We sat in the car playing "Catholic Words" matching game on my phone. And at 6pm, got out of the car. We joined our friends in Mass, and the dad took the boys across the street to ride in a glass elevator. I got to hold a baby and chat for a moment. Then we prayed and Mass started. We got PERFECT crosses, from Father Ambrose, and we had a great evening.

And, can I be honest with you, the greatest success of yesterday was that my husband took time out of his crazy schedule to find a Catholic Church and go to Mass. God is smiling  ya'll. You just do not know. Sigh.

Oh - and maybe the BEST Success and Praise is not mine, but God's.  Our dear friend Vicky's 7-year old daughter, Katelyn, got Great news yesterday. The tumor islow grade cancerous juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma. You can learn more about it HERE. It is extremely rare that it would be upgraded to malignant. We could not be more thankful. So many people prayed and sent her cards from all over the world. It was awesome!

Ok, today we have school and then the Flight Deck (trampoline place). I am jumping today. So that will be funny. Not sure bout successful, but funny indeed. 

Oh, I want to leave you with this:

It's good right?!!! And a reminder to me... I was doing great with not swearing and a few words have creeped back up. As for unjust criticism, that's not me. Oh I've been guilty in the past... Don't worry - I know. LOL

One thing I know for sure is, drawing closer to the Lord and fixing yourself, brings PEACE. I pray you find it!

Hugs & Blessings to you all,


  1. Those ash crosses are PERFECT - nice!! So excited hubby was blessed in his effort to find a church - as was able to go!! LOVED that graphic - yep, the things that condemn me DON'T come from outside but definitely from WITHIN!! :))

    1. Thank you Allison.
      Lent is off to a great start.

  2. That advice from Saint John Chrysostom is just great; thank you for posting! I admire your patience in arriving very early in church just to secure a parking space and be able to go to Mass. Parking is not a problem where we attend Holy Mass, and I have to admit that I take that for granted. Those ash crosses are perfect and definitely worth documenting. Have a meaningful Lent!


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