Monday, February 1, 2016

Moments - And Just Like That, It's February

Em's DayBook
2016 - Vol. 2

Happy Monday.
Happy Feast Day Saint Brigid of Ireland. Pray for us!

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HAPPY FEBRUARY! Is it just me, or did January just ZIP by?

Almost two weeks has gone by since I posted a DayBook, and in that two weeks we have really enjoyed ourselves.  Marque has been traveling a lot and I have been really trying to enjoy this season in our lives.  Here's a few sentences about what's been going on:

Marque got caught in the snow-pocalpse in the North East. He was in FairFax, VA. He was going to try to head for the airport, but I called him Wednesday and suggested he call his boss, and put "Plan B" in action. And by Plan B, I mean - don't go to the airport thinking you are getting out and lose your hotel AND get stuck at the airport. Later Wednesday, American Airlines was already cancelling flights. He was able to fly home the following Tuesday.

About 3.5 Feet of Snow Outside Hotel.
I went to a Card Club meeting (a group of ladies who has been making cards together for ten years). My friend Kristin's mom invited me. I'm so excited to have been invited and to join them regularly, going forward.

Card I designed for others to make.

Card Gina designed for others to make.
I found out I was am likely allergic to Spaghetti Squash. Apparently when your mouth burns, your tongue and lips swell and are red... this is an indicator. Check out the symptoms @ We shall see, going forward. LOL Good times.

Thankful For...

  • Friends who "Get" Me
  • My fantastic Husband
  • My Son.
  • Our Faith and Church Body
  • My Talents (Thank you God)
  • Beautiful Weather

Thinking About...

  • Spring Cleaning
  • What we need to do before we list our home
  • Why I am so unmotivated to work out even though I need to. * Can I just tell you, that no sooner did I type this, than I had this desire to get on the treadmill. I said the Rosary and Walked 1.145 miles. I feel great. God is good.
  • Whether we have enough Airline points for me to go to Hawaii with Marque in May.
  • Meal Plan, Bills, etc... You know - a zillion things!

Faith Talk...

Lent Starts next Wednesday - Yes. It starts the 10th. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT?  Early this year, but I am ready. And if you would like to join me, I will be praying the Novena to the Holy Spirit so that I can have a successful Lent. I am looking for HIS Guidance, in this world of Many choices... so that He can lead me to the Devotions and Activities my family needs most.  Here is the link at Holy Heroes about the Novena and why we are praying it.
“The Bible is not meant to be placed on a shelf, but to be in your hands, to read often – every day, both on your own and together with others.” Pope Francis
This year, I am reading my Bible more. Daily, in fact. It's not something that I always got to, and I'm really enjoying it. There is a Blogger - Sweet Blessings. She puts out a Monthly Scripture Writing Plan. And I have been writing, and doodling. Once there is a Catholic Bible that allows for Journaling, I shall get it and enjoy it. I'm still going back and forth about coloring in my Bible.  I'm working on it. I went to a class, and there will be an upcoming blog post. Meanwhile, if you want to learn more, please join our FaceBook Group. I hope you will join us.

At Home...

I have tried several new recipes in the past few weeks and I will be sharing them tomorrow on my blog. I think here is still a Try a New Recipe Tuesday, link up. We shall see.

And, I keep forgetting to say this, but we are participating in Pantry Challenge with Jessica at Good Cheap Eats. I saved nearly $400 in January, just eating what we have and not shopping out of habit. AND I tried some fantastic recipes with our veggies from Co-Op... I even tried a radish. <3 I know - LAME! haha

At School...

Christopher continues to amaze me. He really loves History and Science... and is wiz at Math. We are working through the Gospel of Mark. It's very interesting to hear his take on different stories/verses.


A Single Bead - I finished it, and the review will be up on Wednesday.
Sacred Reading - The 2016 Guide to Daily Prayer
In line to read - Pictures of Me.

NRSV XL Print Catholic Bible   Can I make you laugh? It's 12 pt. font. HA that is XL?! Oh me.

Praying For...

My friend Vicky's daughter, Katelyn. She's 7 and just had a tumor removed from her spine. Please keep her in your prayers.
My husband. That his Catscan of his lungs is clear and we can figure out what is making it so hard for him to breath.
Our country.
My family's health and finances. But mostly our hearts and souls.
The conversion of souls.


Clockwise - Fred the cat, tapping on me so I will pet him. Margaritas on a rare date/day without Christopher. Christopher, in a Dr. Who shirt, and the mocha with fresh whip we made for him. Our Jenna sulking because I didn't say she could get on the couch quickly enough.

Life is good.
I hope and pray you have a great week.
Check back tomorrow for new recipes.
Check back Wednesday for a Book Review.
Check back Thursday for Small Success Thursday.
Maybe you should never leave.
xx oo


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