Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Book Review Wednesday - Pictures of Me!

Happy Wednesday!
Happy Feast Day to the Seven Founders of the Servite Order! Like these seven saints, let us love our Blessed Mother, and ask her to help us in EVERY need.

I feel like this should be a Newspaper Lead...

Marilee Haynes has done it again!

What has she done again?  I'll tell you. She took a young character, a girl named Annie and her friends, and she made them REAL! I'm 52, and as I was reading the book, I remembered how awkward I was in upper elementary. There was a time in 4th Grade that I held on to this boys arm walking up the bleachers... only he didn't say I could, and he said, "what are you doing!" Oh dear. I am sure I thought he put his arm in just that position because he was helping me up the steps (sigh).

Anyway... Ms. Haynes has a way of bringing these characters to life and making them relatable.  It is such a gift to read these books. As a parent and older mom, I can live vicariously AND it's a great reminder of what children go through. Additionally, I know that children can relate to at least one of the characters in the book.

Pictures of Me, by Marilee Haynes is such a great book.  It's a book about how to deal with mean girls. It's a book about how to handle being self-conscious. It's a book about rising to the challenge. It's a book about family. It's a book about friendship and fitting in. Mostly, it's a book about being yourself and believing in the YOU God created you to be.

Perhaps the most genius thing about the book is the Discussion Questions Section. RIGHT ON, Ms. Haynes. Encouraging young girls (who I believe is the intended audience of this book) to talk about bullies (and how to handle them), and friendship, family, keeping secrets, hard assignments and thoughts about ourselves and others. GENIUS indeed!

From the very first time I read one of her books, I simply could not wait for another. I'm hooked. You should be too.  My son and I will read this together. Not because it was written for boys, but because I'm interested to hear how he will react to the discussion questions.

I will add this:  I have friends of many Christian Faiths. Because I do, it's important to say that the setting of this book is in a Catholic school, but this could be "Every-school, U.S.A." TRULY! The life-situations covered in this book are not inherent to Catholics, but humans. 

If you have not already done so, check out the book reviews for her a.k.a. Genius series. Gabe and his friends are in Middle School, and people - these are funny and meaningful and great family books. (And that was a run-on of sorts).

I highly recommend this book. Thank you Pauline Books & Media for sending me such great books to review. I love building my library this way.

Hugs & Blessings ALL!

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