Friday, January 22, 2016

Small Success Thursday -

Happy Friday.

I hope your week was great.  I could complain about the things that have gone wrong... but why bother. I mean - that we paid $7K for heating/air and our heating doesn't work. I mean - it's not 30 degrees in here (like it is outside), but it's 60... and I'm thankful for sweaters. But why complain? I mean - doesn't someone always have it worse?

I would love to give you a glamorous recount of huge and wonderful successes, but between stomach flu, hubs being gone, pantry challenge, school, etc... you will have to settle for the below. Oh and don't forget to check out the other lady's posts here - Small Success Thursday @

Success #1. I love making cards. I've been on design teams. But over the past several years, I've really been down on myself.... wrong friends, wrong attitude, wrong.... the list is long. Anyway... I have signed up to be a Stampin Up Demo (a few months ago actually) and I am going to participate in a swap at our February meeting. Now - you may not know what I am talking about, but let's just say, these ladies have youtube channels for their projects and I am intimidated. But my friend Christi (who is like top 100 in SU) is going to help me cultivate ideas for the swap. She's the best. THANK YOU!

Success #2. I insisted my husband stay in Northern VA. He was heading back today, and his plane was cancelled earlier in the week, and the airline rebooked for 9pm tonight, but we knew that was never going to happen. AND he was flying home, just to fly out Monday for Albany, so I said, "STAY!" I logically laid out why he should not frustrate himself with how hectic all the airports will be.  Everything in me wanted to say, "Come home to us, I'm sick of you being gone all the time." (in my most bratty voice), but he is in a warm hotel... and he's safe. They have generators. You know?  I remember my trade show days, flying here and there on the East Coast. NO THANKS!

Success #3. I hesitate to say this too loudly - but I have really been working on not yelling at my child. I'm not a screamer, yeller. I'm a raise-my-voicer... but I have to remain calm. That is one of my Year Of Joy goals - peace and calm. It's not easy for me. LOL One of our biggest "hot buttons" is Math. He's great at it, you know - WHEN he pays attention. And so, today, I very calmly made him redo his test and did not even raise my voice. I simply pointed out that he needed to re-read the problem/check his work. You'd have been proud. Thank you Mother Mary.

And now, I'm off to watch a Disney movie with my child, whilst my husband enjoyed room service and a hotel bed to himself.  It's funny, we hate being apart. But I have to laugh when he says he hates to be away,  because,  because.... doesn't it sound great to have a bed to yourself, room service, a heated pool/hot tub.. and the magical ability to go to the bathroom, talk on the phone or complete a thought - uninterrupted? HA!

And I thought I'd leave you with this. HAHA
Have a great weekend ya'll.
Love and hugs,


  1. I love traveling - but shhhh don't tell my family!!! And I actually LOL'd at the alligator/croc meme!! I JUST love the #smallsuccess link up!!

    1. I do too - all of the above. Thanks Allison.


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