Friday, December 11, 2015

Small Success Thursday - So Much Good

Hi All,

Sometimes I feel like I am talking to NO ONE. But I know people at least view my blog, so all I can do is hope and pray that my words in cyberspace make a difference.

With that said, I wanted to welcome you to Small Success Thursday. Yes, I do know it is actually Friday... moving on....

Hop on over to and check out Small Success Thursday. The link-up is open for a while and it's fun to read. The thing is, even in the worst weeks, we can find successes - IF WE LOOK FOR THEM! And we really should look for them!

My Small Successes this week were...

Cookies for Dad. My dad had several massive strokes a few years back and we think he has small ones here and there. At any rate, he could not travel to the Army-Navy game this year. And so - I had an idea Monday to order some cookies for him to take with him. Oh my goodness. If you are in Fort Worth, look up the Tiny Kitchen Cakery. First of all her husband is a wounded vet and I think we should support Military Families. Secondly, her cookies are to DIE for.

No Stress Craft Day. Having a craft day and not being OCD while it was going on. I mean - my child was panicked that I was allowing the mess. But it was a craft day. Crafts get messy. A few families were going to come, but only one showed. She brought four children - and truly it was just right.  Sure it took a couple hours to clean up, but we really had fun. Here is a sample. The rest will be on my craft blog at some point.

Making Luminaries.

Not Doing It All. We are enjoying Advent instead of stressing about it.  We really are. Sigh. In years past, we have simply done too many things... a little scaling back and voila! FUN!

And now I am going to bed. It's not late, I'm just exhausted. Tomorrow we have Arm Health Clinic, Christmas Pageant Practice, School (yes, we homeschool and we haven't finished this week), and cookie baking.

Have a blessed weekend.

Love and hugs,


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  1. Hello! Dropping by to greet you and your family a most blessed Christmas and a better 2016! Nice to know that you are about your routines and not being stressed unnecessarily. Wishing you all good health and good spirits, especially your Dad.


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