Thursday, November 19, 2015

Small Success Thursday...

The one where I have been in bed or on the couch all week. Sigh.  Some days it is hard not to complain. Isn't it?

But we must resist the temptation. This has been a week of letting go....AND today's Small Success Thursday is brought to you by the virtue HUMILITY! You're welcome.

I am type A, times ten. I can not stand to get off track. Not with housework. Not with schoolwork. Not with anything. And yet, for the past few years, I constantly am off track. What's that all about? We always think we are humble until we realize we really just are not. Sigh....

Well, my husband says it's time to admit I'm not SUPERWOMAN. I have friends that are Mrs. Incredible AND Wonder Woman, so naturally I am in good company if I'm striving for that... Ahem... but you can't prove it.

Anyway - I have a more "I do for you" personality. And it is hard for me to be down. But as I sit here feeling like Quasimodo because my back hurts where my lungs are and my breathing is labored, I know that rest is the only thing that will heal... that - and the dreaded doctor's visit this afternoon where they will want to give me a shot in the tush, and I hate that. Sigh, but I am going to - I promise.

You know Thursday is SST over at! Check out the great post from Sherry Antonetti - HERE! She reminds us to slow down and live life in the moment. Cherish each moment.

So my success this week is laying around the house, letting my husband cook, doing minimal things like folding laundry instead of the heavy lifting parts. My floors are not vacuumed. My bed is not made.  I have the office garbage sitting beside the couch to hold the 175000+1 kleenex I've tossed in it. Sigh...I'm typing this in my nightgown for heaven's sake.

I started to feel bad. The other evening, I woke up filled with anxiety of all I hadn't accomplished. I had to cancel Christmas Card Making with friends. I had to miss a Royal Icing class. No working out. No doing anything... you know, the dreaded "list dream".... where the list of things you need to do panics you mid-night. Sigh.

And then, I got great advice from God and through friends.... They said REST, take care of you... so that you can get well to take care of others. Sigh.

It's hard for me, but I am. My guys always step up. Life will go on and I will be well. This has been a week about trusting that others will do when I can't. And, so far - so good. I am so thankful for my faith, for Mother Mary, for all my praying friends. I'm blessed beyond measure. I am thankful for natural remedies too. And today, I am thankful for antibiotics. Sigh...

Guess what? My son, he is super happy that he got to doctor me and care for me. Isn't that sweet? I should really let him do these things more. God bless him!

And, anyway - I still have pen/paper for my lists. <3 HAHA

Ya'll have a great week... and check out the other posts at Small Success Thursday!

Love and Blessings,

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  1. I'm on my way to Adoration in a few moments, and will be sure to keep you in prayers as you continue to heal! It's so hard to miss out, to have to stop doing what you want to be doing, to let others do for you. Hang in there and get well soon!


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