Thursday, November 12, 2015

Larry the Leaf Bug and The Great Rescue Mission

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Happy Thursday evening folks.

As a boy mom, I often here, "mom, you gotta come look at this!" It could be anything from a huge ant bed (that he has disturbed, of course) to dark clouds to a shark eating ____ or what have you. He loves science.

Today, when he said it, I really just wanted to say, "dude, I don't want to see ___".  But I got up and he was talking about a leaf bug and how he'd seen them on a science show (he told me the name, not going to lie - I can not recall it) but had NEVER seen one in real life. The excitement was palpable.

Meet Larry, he's a leaf bug (um, he needed a name!). HAHA He's missing a leg because our half-blind dog was trying to "play" with him. Sigh.

We shooed her inside and went to pick up a friend of Christopher's for a rare weekday playdate. Well, he was right where we left him. Now the three of us were looking at him. And then, it came to me - I had to take him to the front yard.  I grabbed a mason jar (uh, yes they are laying around - I'm a canner) and grabbed a handful of grass and put the jar right by him. He jumped right in. YAY

Well, I didn't want to put on a lid because he would suffocate, so I ran through my house with Larry in the jar (screaming don't jump, please don't jump). Poor Larry. I promptly deposited him on the front lawn.

I wanted to get a better picture of him, so I went and got my phone to take this picture...

He looks much happier there, right?  Anywhooooooo

When I first went to take the picture, he jumped on my iPhone. He was walking toward me... and I screamed (just a little) for the boys. My son's friend came downstairs, outside and pushed him off my phone. He said, "all you had to do was shoo him off".  Someone should tell the 12 year olds, I don't touch bugs.

My grandma Helen would be so proud. We went on so many hikes to collect leaves and watch birds, bugs, etc. when we were young. I miss her so. As a teacher, she was always into these things. I'm kinda wimpy with it. But I'm working on it.  There was, after all, a happy ending...Well, until the birds eat him. But for now - he's happy. I just know it.  And now, you've heard a double rescue story... first Larry, and then me.

Oh - and before I get to be "SCIENCEY" (yes, I know it's not a word). Larry is really a Katydid (Pterophylla camellifolia). Click on the word Katydid above. They are so amazing. Truly. Here is a you-tube video: The Katydid (LeafBug). And here is another about their sounds Katydid Sound

I have to go now. I ordered pizza for them and I'm going to go FaceTime my husband.

Blessings All!

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  1. Awwww! I was going to say "that's a KATYDID!" but I read the end. Now, like you, I am NOT a bug person myself (the boys, esp. Grayson, are, of course), but katydids are one of the FEW insects that I will touch, hold, and allow into my house. They don't creep or gross me out like most other insects do. We have millions of them here in our trees, and on summer nights their calls are deafening. I mean it is so loud that we hear it with windows shut and a/c on at night while trying to sleep. When we first moved here, it was actually shocking to us because we'd never heard so many, so loud. We got used to it though, and now it's my favorite sound in the summer nights. :) They live high up in trees so we rarely ever see them, but we've seen a couple (one was one with a missing leg like Larry) up close.


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