Thursday, October 15, 2015

Small Success Thursday... Thank you Guardian Angels


Did you ever have a day where your child's doctor switches offices, and you need your GPS to find it, and on the way you are concentrating so hard on where you are going, AND you have the visor down because you are short and the sun is in your eyes.... only the visor causes  you to not see a stop light that just happens to be read as you are going around a corner.... and you see the truck coming at you and he barely misses you... and and then, you weed through downtown construction and pull into a parking lot scraping your husband's truck's rearview mirror AND some young kid says you are not allowed to park in the garage because it's for a certain medical building.... and then you have to leave the garage and find the right garage and your heart is still racing from almost getting in a wreck (on your child's side of the vehicle) and you have to park all the way at the top of the parking garage..... and then you finally get into the office like three minutes late and they say you haven't filled out paperwork since 2012, which is weird, because you know you've done it every year?

Edited to add... I failed to mention the play by play my child gave me of the almost wreck. That was fun. lol

Um... Yes. Yes that was my morning.... well about an hour of it anyway. Sigh.


Welcome to Small Success Thursday - I'm thankful for my guardian angel(s). Seriously some of us need way more than one.

On the way home, I thought, I have to blog about this. Please check out Small Success Thursday at It's just a great reminder to find joy in the little things... to realize that we may not check everything off our lists as moms, but that we do have so much to be thankful for.

Yesterday was an AWFUL day. Ok, it wasn't third-world awful, but it was TRYING. Sigh. I hate even complaining about it. But honestly, my name could be Alexander (book reference). It was THAT.... sigh! Anyway...

Let's talk Small Success:

1) My child and I are alive (my mind just went #5 Alive (movie reference)). Ok, it's dramatic, but seriously, Thank you Clarence & Helen (my guardian angels).

2) Doctors My Child Clicks With. Ok, every child thinks they are smarter than their parents at some point. You know what I am talking about. I am so glad that we have been blessed with a few Catholic Doctors that understand my child's Aspergers AND placate me during a visit, when I need them to reiterate for the bazillionth time what my child's responsibility is. Today's visit was with our Dermatologist. My son was born with eczema and at times, he is a walking blotch. The patch on his thumb is growing and we have to use stronger steroids AND his arms are not improving because he has a special shower kit. And guess what, he's turning 12 in a week and he is responsible for making sure the lotions and potions get put on various spots. THE END.  I gave a signal to the nurse and the doc came prepared. I love it and I'm so thankful. Because - if the doc says it, it's true... never mind what we say as parents. Sigh.

3) Beach Vacation. Yep, we are going to the beach. We are going to visit a Sea Turtle sanctuary, a dolphin and wildlife area, and we are going on a sunset cruise on a pirate ship. And people.... we are doing this without other families, without our extended family... yep - JUST US! We even bought sand chairs. I'm not sure about murky Gulf Waters (um, we will be near Mexico on South Padre Island)... but I will put my feet and maybe my ankles in it. I've found a Catholic Church to go to. I know where the nearest grocery and hospitals are. We are all set people.

These are my successes today.
I hope you've enjoyed them.

Hugs & love,


  1. Your angels were watching over you!!!! I'm glad for that.


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