Thursday, September 17, 2015

Small Success Thursday

Happy Happy Thursday Afternoon.

This morning I was with a group at Catholic Charities of Fort Worth as part of my son and I wanting to touch the community more.  Only a couple people showed up (three adults and two children)... we put together 34 bags for the homeless in our community and packed a few boxes of food, baby diapers and other things, to be send to other facilities.

It's a very humbling experience to buy things to put into these bags, because they are VERY specific. And it was hard to explain to my child WHY he couldn't add mouthwash or whatever else it was HE wanted to add to the mix.

Here is a picture of the two boys that showed up. My son and another little boy, R!

Now on to SST!

Today is Small Success Thursday. Please do yourself a favor and go read today's post by Sherry Antonetti.  That post = HOPE! You know, because we think we are alone sometimes and the truth is, we aren't alone. We ARE going through what other moms go through, and THAT is sometimes all you need to get you through the day.

My successes are:

I Went Anyway...  It is really hard for me to get into planning events for groups because typically the people who complain about nothing being planned are the ones that don't come. So I get a little middle-school attitude going and just BAG IT!  I know I know... people have good intentions and plans change. But some people also take your ideas and do them with other groups. And it is hard not to take it all personally (well for me it is).  But I decided this school year along with NOT being in Co-Ops, that I was going to plan what my child and I wanted and go anyway EVEN if no one else came.  This way, when just a few people came today I was totally NOT disappointed.  And to me, that is a HUGE success.

Taking A Few Weeks Off... This is the third week of NO school. Yep - our mini Summer break.  In this time I have gotten other things organized and I am so happy! We went on a vacation, we hung out and did nothing, we played with friends... Monday starts the 6th grade. Pray for us. I'm shockingly totally unorganized.

I Am Teaching Religious Ed Again...  Yep. This is going to be the year of doing. (Now if I could really lose the weight I need to, that would be great.... anywhooo). I loved teaching Religious Ed at Holy Family. When we left and went to SEAS, I tried to get involved but they were unorganized AND aloof (meaning not just unorganized, but rude about it). So I said, "no thanks" and walked away. In the end, we Church hopped till we landed on the Cathedral (seriously the last place we thought we'd be). BUT - here's the thing - WE FEEL WELCOME THERE. Flawed and all, they are happy to see us. People talk to us and say hello. It Is AMAZING!  I'd volunteered a couple times at VBS there and things, so went I sent the DRE a note asking if she remembered me and if they needed help, not only did she remember me from a couple Summers ago, but she was ecstatic that we were attending St. Patrick, and that I was volunteering. It's nice to be wanted and needed. And I have a class full of third graders, most of which have not made their First Holy Communion.... and I'm excited that they are in my class and pray I make a difference in showing them the Love of God!  I am so excited.

Sure, I canned peach and strawberry jam and held down the fort while hubs was on an unscheduled trip. But mostly - I revel in the new things I don't normally do.

Please go read the other posts at SST. Join in if you blog. It's so great to always remember the little things we do.

Blessings to you all.
In Christ!

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