Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Moments - Catching Up, Trip to NorthWest

Happy Tuesday All,

I hope and pray your day is full of blessings.

It's been a few weeks since I posted... but we've been busy, enjoying our break from school and on vacation!

This post is about our trip to Washington State.

Washington State/Oregon! Our part of Texas is dry and flat, so the Northwest is a HUGE contrast to that. My child had not been, and I knew he would love it... and he did.

We visited my friend Becky and my friend Domenica, and their families. Below are some of the pictures.  The scenery was so beautiful... The pictures below do not come close to doing God's work justice. I felt so close to God, I was tearful several times.

Good friends, great scenery, my family... what more could I ask for?! Thank you God!  Here is some of what we saw:

Beautiful Mountains from the plane!

The Pacific Ocean -

He was so excited.
Love the rocks. 
Becky, Me, Christopher & Cissy

Visited With Katie's Family -

Some of you do not know that my friend Katie passed away several years ago. This is a picture of her twins with Becky's daughter Catie (yes, she and Cissy are twins), and my child is in the pic too. We were hosted for an afternoon of cookies and fun at Elizabeth's House. And OMG you should see her house. So beautiful.  Elizabeth is Katie's Mother-In-Law. Katie and I met online via crafting. I was so happy to finally meet Elizabeth, Kevin (Katie's husband) and her twins. They have another son, but he was busy. Becky and I met for the first time too, but we've been framily for years (friends + family).

Mount Saint Helens - 

My Guys with Mount Saint Helens in the background.
Small lake off to the left of Mount Saint Helens!
Mount Hood - 
The Peak is covered by clouds.
This is what Hot Chocolate looks like at the Timberline Lodge.
The Columbia Gorge (and waterfalls) -

Driving Up to the Water Falls.
A train on the scenic route.
People walking on trails near waterfall.
Deception Pass -
Me and Christopher
From the Bridge
Becky and Christopher
View from the walk down to the water!
We Painted Together - 

My friend Domenica took our family painting. I've always wanted to do this and we had so much fun.  Afterwards we went out to a great little Vietnamese Restaurant.

Domenica and I.
Fun At The Hotel -

My child said we had to stay where there was a pool. And so we did. Bonus... there was a game room too.
In the Game Room.
At the Pool.
Misc. Pictures of Scenery - 
Path outside Domenica's.
View from our seafood meal with Domenica! 
We Saw the most ENORMOUS FOOD!

Food story. These portions were enough for ten people. So we boxed it all up and took it to a homeless person. Marque said to the gentleman, "have you eaten today?" and he said, "not much". Marque said, "well, we have pancakes (I ate a portion of one), sausage patty, grilled cheese sandwich and the onion rings", and the homeless person said, "I don't like pancakes. No Thanks." Can you imagine? Sigh, we ended up throwing away so much food.

Sausage patties.
Grilled Cheese.
The trip was so gorgeous. We hated to leave. It was so hard to come back to 100+ degrees temperature. Sigh...


Thankful For...
  • Our break.
  • Our trip to Washington State.
  • Teaching Children Religious Ed (started this past Sunday)
  • Stamping Up! (became a demo).
  • My Faith. 
Praying For...
  • The Pope.
  • The Catholic Church.
  • All Clergy.
  • My prayer life. 
  • For Rain and Cooler Weather.
  • the homeless and downtrodden.
  • YOU!

At School...

I am working on lesson plans. We are supposed to start on Monday.

In My Kitchen...
  • Canned Jam this week - Strawberry and Peach 
  • Dehydrated Mushrooms
  • I made a One-Bowl Apple Cake (added peaches)
  • Meal Planning - healthier meals
This week At Home...
  • Lesson plans for school.
  • Lesson plans for Religious Ed.
  • Laundry/Cleaning.
  • Making Cards and getting Stamping Up Organized (ok, this may take a while).
  • Hanging with Christopher. Marque is out of town (as usual).
  • Baseball Practice.
I hope and pray all is well with you all. If you need prayer, please ask me... I am happy to pray for you all.

Oh and I am linking up with Mom2Mom Monday Link-Up. Their last link-up will be next weekend. Sigh.

Be blessed,

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  1. Happy to know that you accomplished do much with that trip -- rest, family time, reconnecting with friends, and so on! 'Bet you're tired BUT refreshed :-). Have a good school year!


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