Thursday, August 27, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Find the Positives!

Happy Thursday all!

What a great day. My husband's flight was delayed and he didn't get home till about midnight. But he is home, and that is always a good thing.

Please go read the beginning post at Small Success Thursday. Really, I could not have said it better. Having a good attitude is NOT always easy. In fact, I don't always have one. But I was so lucky to be influenced by my Grandma Helen and so many of her generation, who's motto was "do everything with Joy".  I have been called naive or a Pollyanna. To me, it's a compliment.  Why not be optimistic? Why not be happy? Positive?

I don't know anyone, at 51, who hasn't been through something tragic... some more than others. Myself, I could sit in a corner rocking back and forth/crying for all I've been through, but I am blessed to know GOD and to know how He wants me to behave.  Like I tell my son, "Jesus hung on the cross for hours, and you're complaining, WHY?"  OK OK - we all complain, but you know what I mean!

Anyway - go read, find something positive to hold onto. It could be something as small as:

  • Not burning a meal.
  • Praying the rosary one time more this week.
  • Watching your child open the door for someone.
  • Your children not arguing for an hour.
  • Reading and snuggling with said children.
  • An hour alone with your spouse.

Those are successes! Write them down. Find something positive. Share it with all of us busy mamas who are holding on to all of our positives.

And now, my small successes.

Success #1 - I'm Famous. This is so childish, I'm sure, but my little blog was mentioned on Elizabeth Reardon's Podcast yesterday on RealLifeRadio! I feel like a SuperStar!

Remember that movie? HAHA  You do know I'm far from famous... but I thought it was pretty cool. Now if I could just figure out how to get people to comment on my blog.

Success#2 - I'm Mother of the Year. Yep! Last week, my child was stuffy. In my defense the weather went from 106 - mid-70's and I thought it was that weather dip and allergies. It turns out, he had a raging sinus infection and fluid on his ears. Sigh. No real fever though. And, in typical fashion he was able to do things like play the x-box and hang with friends. Sigh again. However, since we leave Saturday for the NorthWest and are flying, I should take him to the doctor. I'm thankful for that logic. He is currently sleeping and I am hopeful he won't be dizzy/nauseated still when he wakes up.  Pray for him!

Success#3 - I'm Organized and Packing Light. Yep. It's a Christmas Miracle. When I was younger, I was the "you never know if you'll need this" packer. And now, I'm into more of a capsule wardrobe packing style.  My dad/family/friends and even my husband would tell you it was awful to have to carry everything I wanted to bring.  Including travel, we will be gone nine days. The good thing is, the first two overnights, we are with Marque in the hotel. Then Christopher and I will drive to my friend Becky's and stay near her in a hotel for two nights. We go back to Marque for a night, then go and stay with my friend Domenica for three nights. Sunday we come home. So I am only taking clothing for five days. I will wash certain things at the hotel and re-wear outfits. Everything is in the same color group and either matches or coordinates. How's that for logic?  I will come back and insert exactly what I packed. I'm still deciding. Hey - it's a hard choice. LOL

I hope and pray you have a great rest of your week.

Hugs & Blessings,


  1. Sounds like a great week! Thanks for the shout out, and see you next week at SST.

  2. Great attitude Emily. If we all looked for event the smallest thing that goes right in a day, hour or moment we would be much better off. Hope you have a wonderful trip and for Christopher I hope he gets better, I cannot live without a Neti-pot when I get sinus congestion! Travel on and enjoy all your visiting!

  3. Fluid in his ears -- poor fellow. I hope his ears and health become travel-ready soonest. Thank you for sharing your packing tips and your optimism. I will be listening to the podcast that made you famous :-) Blessings!


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