Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Moments - Thinking Out Loud

Em's Daybook
Vol. 17

Happy Tuesday All!

What a crazy few weeks.  The hubs is traveling weekly.... home a couple of days, gone the rest. In and out. Sigh.  I'm super jealous currently because he's in a part of our country that it is far cooler.

I know my life is random and boring, but I thought I'd attempt a daybook. I miss linking up with friends, like Marcia does. Sigh. Maybe one of us should figure out how to do a link-up.  Anywhooo....


Thankful For...

  • Our Faith
  • Creative Outlet - Em's Craft Closet
  • A Few Good Friends
  • Air Conditioning
  • The thoughts of Fall
  • Improved Health

It goes without saying but I'm thankful for my husband and son too.

Thinking About...

  • My mind is a jumble of thoughts.
  • Tired of the news and the push for gender neutrality in all things. I'm waiting for someone to state they are a rock so I can throw them somewhere. LOL Over it!
  • Mixed emotions about having a middle schooler this year.
  • Whether the things we are doing (having the house painted, fixing small things, etc.) will help us sell our home when we list. We have finally determined the part of FW we want to live in (thank you God) and will be making over our home to list in early Spring. Pray for us.
  • My family and the whacky ways they do things. Trying not to take their constantly leaving me out, personally. If you aren't right there with them, they just don't move past thinking about you. They don't mean harm. It's just odd.
  • Making to-do lists.
  • Organizing my blogs better.
    • I mean, they say if you organize in advance you do more - GO FIGURE! haha

It has been a difficult few weeks. One thing after the next. We all have those seasons. But I find, if I post about them while going through them, I come off as whining. I mean - the things we've had to fix here in our home (normal things for our age house, but all at once is quite an expense)... the seizures our dog has... the cat who eats random things and vomits during the night (typically on my path to the bathroom), or the fact that I was so tired because I had strep that I didn't realize I'd stepped in it till I got back into bed and then had to wash all the linens. Sigh... I mean - do you want to know about those things? I want to give hope to other moms who homeschool Aspergers children, who maybe only have one child and don't fit into a homeschooling mold.... I want to get people excited about faith and share my journey. So I'm going to step back and plan it out. I hope the results are good.

Doing In My Home...

Things around here are fairly mundane. Summer is hot in Texas.

  • We try to go to Hawaiian Falls a couple times/week. We wish we had a wave pool in the backyard.
  • We are making our way through rooms and tossing.We have taken a few loads to Good Will. Which reminds me, I need to call Catholic Charities and see how donating to them works.
  • I finally made a list of calls, emails, etc. I needed to make and accomplished most of it yesterday.
  • We love our new bed. Yep, after the Sleep Number debacle, we are thrilled with the firm/plush mattress we got. Christopher's comes Thursday (um, don't tell anyone, but his mattress is ten years old. I know - but it's always had a mattress cover and a waterproof one for the first four years or so.)
  • Picked new paint colors. Yep Yep Yep. Sherwin-Williams 6246 North Star and 6249 Storm Cloud. Storm Cloud is the darker color and will go around our fireplace surround (where we currently have a brick red).
  • Making a Mary Garden. We have our statue. We just need to take time to make the garden. Now that we have our new fence, are going to do some landscaping in the backyard. Give it a little personality. I will take before/after.
  • Getting FOR REAL organized. Seriously - I paid the mortgage twice this month. Thankfully we can cover it. But still. I have to make time for concentration. Sigh.
Doing In Our School...

  • Today we will work on the last book report. I am going to send the packet without it tomorrow and email it in. 5th grade is effectively done - can I get a HALLELUJAH!
  • Creating a planner for Christopher. I am going to create a calendar-type planner that has everything on it. Chores, classes/sports, and a place for him to write. AND weekly lesson plans. He's in middle school and I've decided more accountability is in order. Wish me luck.
Praying For...

  • Our World
  • People's hearts & souls
  • Children who suffer
  • Pro-life Movement and the Unborn
  • Traditional Marriage
  • Anyone who suffers natural disaster
  • That we can take back logic in America
  • Health, Finances and Peace in my family
  • Daughter of a new friend who had open heart surgery yesterday. She's 13 and woke up hooked to machines/lines and is scared. May our Mother wrap her in Peace.
I am always happy to pray for you if you want to share your intentions. Please do.


Random photos from my iPhone.

Selfie with Christopher. My favorite salad at Bossess Pizza (let them eat the carbs). Two days ago, as I got into my car - YES it was that hot. A visitor who played hide and seek with me. Monday morning laundry. Gum. (I took that because it occurred to me that we've become so lazy as a society we can't unwrap our own gum. Then I thought - maybe folks who's hands don't work well...)  Christopher at the water park. Ideas for Christmas for youngest grandson. Christopher and I after reading our latest Saint Book.

Not linking up with anyone today. It's just ME!

I hope and pray your day/week is blessed.

Hugs & prayers.



  1. Hello there! Yes, I miss our Monday linkies, and I see that you have linked to some. I hope to link up with them soon. Thank you for the info!

    Congratulations, Christopher! Yup, I agree with the accountability goal. If you instill it early enough, high school will not be so scary because by then, you will be partners.

    I will pray for your home decisions. I love that photo collage :-)

  2. I always love reading your posts whether you think they are random and unorganized. that's what makes them fun to read! Blessings.


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