Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Moments - A Quick Post

Em's Daybook
Vol. 19

Happy Tuesday
Such a busy week already...

Before I do anything else, please check out my friend Virginia Lieto's Blog and enter to win her book that is being launched. THEN, come back here tomorrow to read the interview I did, and check out all the other bloggers on the blog tour.

One more thing... hee hee, try not to freak out, but it's exactly four months to Christmas.  You're welcome for that.

Davis Academy Update

Will you celebrate with me?  It's been a hard year for us.  We had a lack of concentration/organization thing going. Too much listening to others and too much busy work.  But I'm happy to report that we are done with 5th Grade. Straight A's so far. 4th Quarter on the way there. And we are taking 4-6 weeks off. OFF I TELL YOU (sorry Cam, I had to capitalize that)!


Thankful For...

New Air Conditioner
Isn't it pretty? Ok, maybe pretty is a stretch, but it's wonderful to have an air conditioner that actually cools the house. Would you be shocked if I told you that for the first time in 8 years our master bedroom/bathroom/closet are sufficiently cooled. We could not understand why it never was. Ahem...

In addition, I'm thankful for
  • Summer Break
  • Upcoming Trip to Washington State
  • Friends who watch our animals and our home while we are gone
  • That my child's cold is getting better
  • The cooler Summer we've had (sure it's been hot, but this is nothing compared to normal).
  • My Faith most of all.

Thinking About...

All the things I have to plan for. School. Activities. Various trips....

In September, we are going out of town for a week. Plus, school starts back up.
In October, we are going Camping one weekend. We are going to the beach for the week.
In November, we are going to OK one weekend and then there is Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Working in My Home... 

     Kitchen - oh dear, my kitchen is super quiet this week. Nothing exciting to report. Marque comes home tomorrow and leaves Saturday. Without him, Christopher and I are "basic" eaters.  Things like chicken or fish with rice/pasta and veggies. No brainer meals.

    Decluttering - You will be happy to note (ok, maybe it's just me who is happy) that I have cleaned out yet another closet for Goodwill (I am not sure goodwill will get the things, but that is the word that all-encompasses giving them away).  Catholic Charities came in to get our old mattress and our couch that we had in the other living room. It was so wonderful when the young man picking up said, we are taking this straight to the apartment of a refugee family.

   Cleaning - I have a cleaning schedule I loosely follow.  Ok OK - I actually mostly follow it. But I hesitate to say so because I have several mommy friends who hate housework and post pictures or sayings about how clean houses are lame and mean you hate your children or something. You know? lol I feel kind of guilty.  But in reality, I know that if I don't teach my son to clean up after himself, his wife will not be happy with me; if I do not teach him that doing chores is part of responsibility and it's what we all do in a family, he won't be able to pass that down to his children.  So, while I recognize that cleaning is not the most fun thing I do, here are some recommendations:

  1. Turn on music and dance/sing while you clean.
  2. Pray while you clean. Thank God that you get to stay home and keep a clean home.
  3. Think about how appreciative your husband will be when he comes home to a clean home.
  4. And realize that those who don't  understand you whether your house is spotless or a mess - well, they just need prayer and perhaps distance.

And take a gander at these. I hope they make you laugh:


Praying For...

  • All Clergy
  • The Catholic Church
  • ProLife Cause
  • My prayer life. 
  • For Rain
  • the homeless and downtrodden.
  • YOU!
I know my post was short and sweet. 

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