Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Moments - A Blog Switch...

Happy Tuesday All.

Because I only have 755,000 things to do and I needed one more.
Because I love the game of hide & seek.

I could go on and on.  Anyhooo... I hope you found me. I've moved my blog HERE to blogger.   TADA!

I am just going to toss random thoughts. Ready...

  • Life is total chaos right now. I think I should stop saying that... it has become the norm. 
  • I've gotten a lot done. In between Marque going back and forth to wherever he is off too, I am trying to keep my sanity (um, if you find it, send it home).
  • I'm trying to make this as fun of a summer as I can for my child. Bless him.  No siblings his age. Bored is bad.  Thank God for a few good friends.  
  • We have still not done the last book report. Hoping for tomorrow.  Did I tell you I've gotten so much done? I really have. Calls, errands, etc... Sigh. He has straight A's. For real!
  • Amidst all the chaos, I've decided to become a StampinUp Demonstrator. Mostly hobby, I'm assuming. We'll see. 
  • Remember when we said we were going to pay off debt? I am happy to announce we are really getting closer to our goal. We paid off all but one credit card. We are keeping one, and it has a  zero balance. We have built our savings up (thank you Dave Ramsay). Christopher has savings. Now, if we can keep up the good work and get my student loan paid down and find me a PT work-from-home job.... and a car... and.... LOL Truly, we are very excited about all this.
  • I hope to be saying positives about weight loss some day soon. Sigh. One thing at a time!


For our country.
For our Pope and all Clergy.
For me to be more centered in Prayer (I hope that is not selfish).
For the lost souls walking on earth.
For all who have endured natural disaster.
For those who don't have food and shelter.
For those who don't know how blessed they are.
That it really will rain tomorrow.


On the way home from baseball practice, Christopher took this with my iPhone. Pardon our dirty windows.

This Week...

  • Marque is in DC again. He's so handsome in his new suit. He sent me pictures this morning. How cute is that?
  • We are going to Hawaiian Falls.
  • We met friends for Pizza and to say goodbye (for now) to friends who are moving towards the panhandle of Texas.
  • We started baseball practice. And can I tell you something? My child said he has not liked a coach/practice this much since Coach Rich a few years ago. Sigh. That was great to hear. 
  • We have Arm-Health Clinic twice/week.
  • Our Air conditioner is being replaced on Friday. Can we get an AMEN for that?
  • I'll keep you posted on the book report.
  • There is nothing of note to report in the kitchen because it's all Lean Cuisine and easy stuff. Though... I do need to make sure I use all the veggies we bought.
  • I'm planning for our trips.

Honestly, other than laundry, decluttering, making appointments for this and that... and a zillion other things, there is NOTHING going on here.

OH - and after Labor Day- I'm starting a DayBook Link-Up. I miss my Catholic Link-Up buddies and I'm going to start it back up. By then, I hope to have figured out how to do it.

You all have a great rest of your week.
Love & Hugs,



  1. Hi Emily!

    Love the new blog look and the photo is beautiful! So glad you are getting your AC fixed soon! Uggh! No fun! Have a great week!

    1. Thank you. We are too. It's expensive, but air is so important.


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