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Finding Patience - An Author Interview!

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Welcome to my blog. It's a hot Wednesday here in Texas. Most kiddos are back to school this week. We just finished 5th Grade, so we won't be back to school till after Labor Day (homeschool rocks).

It's a great day to read a book and talk about one of my new favorites, and I am 
thrilled to be a part of the Blog Tour that started on Virginia’s blog yesterday. After reading the below review, if you have questions for Ginny, please ask in the comments. She will respond.

And if that is not fun enough, who doesn’t love a giveaway.

Giveaway: Virginia is giving away five autographed books to five winners at the end of the giveaway, randomly drawn by Rafflecopter. Each entrant has up to 12 opportunities to create entries to win one book. Here is the HTML code:

And now, on with my first ever Author Interview.

Meet Virginia Lieto.

I’ve been following Virginia “Ginny” Lieto’s blog for a while because it really lends to the virtuous life I try to live.  AND she interacts with her readers, which I find endearing. I was overjoyed to learn she was writing a book for children, on virtues.  When she asked me if I wanted to interview her for the blog tour for her book, I was like, “is she talking to me?” I was always the child with my hand up, and yet shocked to be called on. You know that feeling, right?

At the bottom of this post will be all kinds of ways to find her and connect with her online. I highly recommend it. 

After we said our hellos and chatted for a moment, I asked Ginny to tell us something about herself and her background, and am amazed that she left her career to evangelize for God. That’s what it boils down to.

Here is an excerpt from her Bio:

         In 2011, Virginia decided to leave a 36-year career to give the remainder of her life to God. Her faith, as a Christian, is a central part and driving force in her life. To further equip herself with the knowledge necessary to effectively evangelize on the Catholic faith, Virginia obtained a Master of Arts Degree in Pastoral Theology from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine in 2014. Upon graduation, Virginia became an adjunct professor at her alma mater. In addition to teaching, Virginia is engaged in public speaking, as well as blogging about the Catholic faith. Virginia is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, as well as the Catholic Writer’s Guild.

Here is the book cover. Don't you just love the artwork? Wait till you see the entire book. Great job Carole Hahn Panzner.

What made you decide to write a children’s book?

         After studying Theology, I wanted to find a way to help people connect the dots about what we believe, why we believe it and how we can incorporate it all into our lives. Writing for the scholarly wasn't for me. While still in school, I was asked to take pictures of Flat Stanley for my nieces/nephews’ school projects. I added stories to the pictures so the children would know a little about the adventures Flat Stanley was on and the places he visited.  It was through the compliments I received from family and the children’s teachers that I realized I might have a gift for writing to children. I believe the Holy Spirit used Flat Stanley to show me my path.

What is your book about? What do you hope children will learn?

         The theme is learning the virtue of patience. We must be patient while waiting for answers to prayers. It is hard for kids of all ages and parents as well, to wait as God works behind the scenes. Yet, through prayer, we can grow in the grace of patience.

What makes this book different than other children’s books on virtues?

         There are other great books on virtues out there, but they mostly use inanimate objects – vegetables and other things. And while they are great and the stories are cute, we need to use human beings as examples. With my book a child is given a human example for developing good character through God.

What did you learn about yourself when writing this book?

         I learned that I did not have enough patience. There are so many pieces to writing a book, publishing and illustrating, for example.  I believe that Carol, my illustrator, was divinely sent to me. I was at the Charlotte Eucharistic Congress, and she walked up to a booth I was at, and announced that she was an illustrator. But a series of life events, in Carol’s life, delayed the illustrations a whole year from the agreed upon date. I learned that the Lord pushed my book release out a year because there were so many things that needed to fall into place to make the release a success. In hindsight, I can see that now. For example, had I released the book a year earlier, I wouldn't have had the time to build such great relationships with all of the bloggers participating on this tour, and there wouldn't have been a tour to celebrate the launch of this book. I wouldn't have anywhere near the size following that I have now, and I wouldn't have had the time to learn what I needed to know about the publishing business. The Holy Spirit was at work behind the scene the entire time helping me build relationships, build a following, and learn the business. He timed the release of this book for the start of the school year. That is a God-incidence!

Will this be the first in a series of books?

         Yes. I am currently working on the second book, that will address bullying and the virtue of acceptance. I'll have more boys in this next story as well. No timeline set, as the story is still mulling around in my head.

Where can you find me online? (click on links) 
Where can you purchase the book? (click on links)  
If I may share, I read the book to my eleven year old son, and he wanted more. He literally said, "oh no, I didn't want it to stop!" He thought it was a great book. This is a huge endorsement!

Thank you all for hanging out and reading this post. Make sure you check out Alison Gingras's Review of this amazing book, on her blog Reconciled to You, tomorrow August 27th. You should also look around while you are there. She's a radio host, and you should listen to her (if I do say so myself) @A Seeking Heart.

Have a great rest of your day!

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  1. Lovely write-up from our discussion earlier this month. Thank you so much for agreeing to be a part of the blog tour. I am grateful for your friendship and support. I will be checking in throughout the day, if any of Emily's followers have any questions/comments for me.


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