Thursday, July 23, 2015

Small Success Thursday... Searching for a Money Tree.

Happy Thursday all!

What a week or two. Oh My Goodness. We spent nearly $1K today on our air conditioner system, only to be told it really needs to be replaced. We may have a month.... we may not.

  • Replaced Fence ~ $1000
  • Fixed Car ~ $1400
  • New Mattress ~ $800
  • Air Conditioner Fixed ~ $1000
  • Air Conditioner Replaced ~ $7000 (approximate).
So we got that going for us. AND we have donned our explorer hats and are now looking for the X that marks the spot for the money tree. Sigh.

I am not complaining. I know we are move something from here to pay there. I get it. This is just a season of overwhelming costs.  And so... here are my Small Successes. I'm linking up because this week, more than in a long time, I need to look for the positive. Check out all the bloggers who linked up at's Small Success Thursday.

1. We slept downstairs for four nights, on sofa, recliner, air mattress... and we are all still talking and not too zombie-ish.

2. My child managed to go to football camp twice this week, and yesterday he dropped a 25lb weight on his foot. Good news, it's not broken, just speckled and swollen. Today, he did not go...

3. So far, we have managed to not kill one-another. I'm sure none of ya'll know what I am talking about.. so let me explain. We are not wealthy. There is not a lot extra... and we were just rejoicing that we'd gotten a good amount of savings put back. PS - when you watch it trickle away, it causes stress... that stress can cause moodiness amongst adults. Guilt from my side because I'm no longer earning... stress from his side because he's the soul provider.  And one cross statement can fan a big flame.  Never mind we have been overheated this week - because it's HOT AS hades here. Ok - not that hot, but super hot.  In the scheme of things we are maintaining sanity and I'm proud of us. (and yes, I do know that ya'll get what I mean).

Probably the best thing that happened was that Christopher and I stopped and prayed about our air conditioner. And when the guy said he got it running, we praised God. Sigh. So - we hope we will have air the next week or so. God is faithful and I know he will provide.

Sigh... this doesn't sound like a very positive post. So let me tell you what else I did... last night, I bit the bullet and slept upstairs so my husband could sleep on the couch. He wasn't going to. I tried to sleep on the air mattress, but my back cramped up. The recliner did not work either. Thanks to a well placed tower fan, I was not too uncomfortable and came back down to the couch when he left for work.

Additionally I tried a new clean eating banana bread recipe. Applesauce and Honey instead of oil/sugar. I added nuts. It got good reviews here. Sigh. I posted in the recipe group I started Emily & Friends Recipes. People just share random recipes they love there. It's fun.

Love and hugs.

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  1. I feel for you about not having air conditioning in sweltering summer! We live in Georgia and had that happen to us! It is so miserable! I haven't been online in like 3 months so I've been out of the loop! God bless your husband for supporting your family... When your son gets older then maybe you can contribute but for now just let God lead your life!

  2. Thank you. You are so right.
    For now it's better. It's cooler.
    Sigh. Hope you are well.


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