Thursday, July 9, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Making Strides...

Happy Thursday evening all.

I am linking up with the ladies at and I hope you will play along... or at least go read the posts. It's so encouraging when life gets "long" and you read the other posts and say "I did that... woohoo, a success". You do that, don't you? I mean - sometimes I don't feel successful. But the truth is, we all are. And we need to be proud of our vocations and give ourselves a big fat break!

We just finished dinner. You know, when Marque travels, I love to repurpose food. Made too much baked chicken two nights ago so that I could turn it into Chicken Alfredo penne (well, I didnt' have fettuccine).  So dinner is easy.

One thing we are all good at is TALK. We say we're going to ____ and we don't get to it. It's not that we don't have good intentions, but we get interrupted and forget OR we have something more pressing come up. OR we just flat don't want to do it... I am hoping to get better at keeping some of my goals... and that I will soon be able to chalk them up as Successes.

Through my friend Elizabeth, I finally found something that makes sense and is helping me feel better (it's only been a week, so in a few weeks I will tell you more).  It's all about lifestyle change. Not talking about it - but doing it. Oh please God let this be the help I need. I won't make it a small success, just yet. But I'm making it a small something! lol

One of the things that I have noticed is that we have become the family of not doing what we say we're going to do. So - we're making changes to fix that. Again, just because we don't mean to NOT do something, doesn't mean it doesn't BUG others or hurt us.  Along those lines...
Small Success #1 - Christopher made it to football camp daily.  The first week, he missed a day with a stomach bug. The 2nd week, he missed three days because of an upper respiratory/sinus infection. The third week, he missed a day because I was down one day and could not drive (and didn't think about calling my neighbor) who's child is in the camp.  And this week - he made it all four days. It's a big deal!

Another things we are bad at is getting our money's worth. I think it comes from being in the military.  We recently ordered a bed that was way too much, but they talked us into getting financing... and it was the most uncomfortable bed ever. It was like camping and sleeping on an air mattress (for $4K). My side would not hold air, and when I called, even though we paid for the warranty, etc. They wanted $200 for a tech to come out. I was like, "you sent us a broken bed and we have to pay for you to come look at it." It took us three weeks to call back and have them pick up the bed.  But...
Small Success #2 - We Sent The Bed Back. AND I will be writing the CEO. In their refund, they took out $200 for delivery and $200 for pick up. So we lost $400 on a crappy bed. Sigh.

We were those people, for so long, who robbed Peter to pay Paul. And you know what - it has to stop. We are fat. We are in debt. We are all the negatives. Sure there are a lot of positives, but I'm making a point. And I'm just so proud that we have some savings. It's a big deal.
Small Success #3 - Met A Savings Goal. We are finally REALLY getting our budget under control.  This week, we finally got a goal amount in savings.

Um... I can't believe I almost forgot to put this one...
Small Success #4 - 3rd Quarter is done.  The book report may not be stellar, but it is finished. One math test, one English test, one more book report people and 5th grade is behind us. I have friends saying, they can't believe I'm making him do it. It's just 5th grade. Well, it's about DOING WHAT WE SAY WE ARE GONNA DO!   We are working around fun things for the summer. But come next week, I hope to heaven's we are done. Mama needs a break.

In other news... I have not blogged in three weeks or so. I got busy, and then I was so put off by the rainbows on the Wordpress Admin/Dashboard pages, I could not even come to my blog. I actually created both blogs on blogger and am seriously considering a permanent move there. Sure, Google owns blogger and they are liberal, but they were gracious enough not to be "in your face" about the SCOTUS decision.

I will keep you posted. I'm trying not to make TOO rash of a decision. But I am posting both places just to be sure.

I hope to get back to a regular blogging routine.  We'll see.

Love & Hugs,



  1. Those are not SMALL successes! They are HUGE! Especially sending the bed back. I am so not good at dealing with that kind of situation. GOOD FOR YOU for standing your ground there and I hope you have a more comfortable bed now.
    I liked what you said about "repurposed dinner." That's a really smart way to cook. I've been working hard to plan meals properly with a way to use leftovers in the back of my mind. I also have a 19-year-old daughter who is taking a summer class and working odd hours, so I often leave her a note on the fridge telling her what kind of leftovers are in there for when she comes home, hungry, late at night. That's been working well too :)
    And WordPress dumped the rainbows, which I was glad to see. UGH. I think if a person wants to be happy about something, fine, but companies don't need to be shoving it in my face.

  2. We will be sleeping in the guest room for a month or two. We're going to pay cash for whatever we buy... so we are waiting. Sigh.
    That is a good idea - leaving a note. We love our leftovers. I have friends who don't eat them. Sigh..
    Exactly... I just don't want the rainbows "in my face". Believe what you want... just leave me out of it - especially a company!


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