Monday, July 13, 2015

Moments - Catching Up.

Happy Monday All!

Monday is no one's favorite day because we have to get up and do. But to be honest, we had to get up early every day this weekend. For me, I'm not bothered by today. A new start to a new week.

I have to admit, it's been hard to concentrate with all the bad news in the world.  So many Christian rights being infringed upon until I can't think straight. And so, rather than bringing all my angst to my blog, I've really tried to stay quiet (maybe not on FaceBook), but on the blog. I will share this with you, it's a RANT Post on FB:

When did America forget that it's ok to have different opinions and we should be respectful. Why on earth do we all have to agree?
If you don't vaccinate your children and I do...
If you don't want to carry a gun and I do...
If you are a Democrat and I am a Republican...
If I think illegal immigrants should not be using so much of America's resources and that Donald Trump made valid points (because we all have heard that many criminals are let out of jail to come here) and you think we should all give everything we have to illegals (criminal or not)...
If you think the Confederate Flag is not a symbol of hate and I think it is...
If you are homosexual and want to get married and I don't agree with it...
If you are An Atheist and I believe in Jesus Christ...
Why can't we just be different respectfully? Why can't I still love you and you love me and we just have different opinions? Why must we all PROVE how right we are? Do we think that helps? Does it solve anything? State your opinion and move on. Don't badger someone into coming your point of view, you will just push them away.

I am a unique person who can see both sides to many topics. But what I don't see is ANYONE meeting in the middle. I don't see anyone really caring about their fellow man.

And some of my Christian friends are the worst... so busy pointing out crimes of others, they forget to look inward.

STOP THE MADNESS PEOPLE. Grow up, live your lives.. stop putting so much power in the opinions of others and do your thing.

Try less Ego, more Humility.
Try Praying more and talking less.
And if you don't pray - then don't. Your loss.
Search for peace...

Ok I'm done.
Someone please say something positive. I'm DYING here.

For instance... my husband and I think the Confederate flag has no place on a state house (it didn't fly there before 1961, so don't try saying it's always been their flag, do some research). HOWEVER, we don't care what people wear on a shirt, fly at their home, etc. He is so tired of the madness of people thinking they have the right to decide what other people do on their own property, that he's going to buy a confederate flag and fly it just to dare someone to say something! HAHAHA. And then he said that he was concerned people would come in and try to take Jesus out of our homes next. Sigh. And that is where I'll stop!


Christopher - Football Camp. Enjoying Hawaiian Falls. Went to a local spring-fed lake the other day with a friend. His toe is healing nicely. And I am venturing out more, even though I am not a fan of the heat.  He's enjoying summer - for sure.

Burgers Lake With Friends

He smelled so bad. That lake water is so not fresh. GROSS! lol

Marque - is traveling everywhere. I mean it ya'll. It's crazy. Phoenix, Boulder, San Antonio, San Diego so far. Coming up are Mississippi, Washington State, Washington DC, possible Guam. It's hard on him.  He has gathered a group of guys to put up our fence next weekend. That is nice.  We are also getting a quote to paint the inside of our home and do our trim/doors, etc.

Me - I had a bad few weeks a while back. I really didn't know what was going on. I had a migraine that put me in the hospital. I couldn't settle down my brain and my stomach was ALWAYS hurting. And I just thought - I've got to take something. I do take Xanax if I need it, but this was way bigger than this low-dose of Xanax could fix. Anyway - so I went to the doctor and he put me on Cymbalta. I am sure it would have worked well if I didn't feel like I had morning sickness the whole time. And so - I decided I would rather have a little anxiety.

Enter my friend Elizabeth. She takes this product called Plexus... she has been telling me about them for a year or so. And I started taking it. I've been taking the Slim drinks every morning for a couple weeks. I can report, 1) I'm not as anxious, 2) my stomach does not hurt constantly, 3) I was at the point where I was taking Zantac in the morning (reflux) and evenings, and I've only taken it once in the past two weeks, and 4)  I am sleeping a little better. I started taking a really good ProBiotic as well (also a Plexus product) this week. I'll keep you posted. A side note - yes, I want to lose a really good amount of weight, but this is really about helping my "gut" get healthy too.

Crafting - I'm Crafting More Regularly. Thanks to Christi of StampinTx, who I met at a local Homeschool FieldTrip with a super fun group. I go to her house twice a month for different events and it really helping me get back into it. There was a time when I was always crafting. I miss it. There is also a kit from StampinUp! Called Paper Pumpkin. I get it monthly. This way, I know I have 30 - 60 minutes of crafting to do.  I'm going to make Christmas Cards tonight. I can not wait.

School - did I tell ya'll we are switching back to MODG? I think I did. Anyway - we are almost done with this year and expect to get into those books and lesson plans after a few week break.   During the break, however, we will be reading a few books and memorizing math facts and a few other things we've forgotten - you know, to get us ready.  We are also taking a couple online seminars on writing (two for him and two for me).

Faith - We are excited here in Texas that the body of Saint Maria Goretti is going to be in Tyler and Houston and SugarLand. Check out the schedule and get more info - HERE!

Do a little research on the Three Days of Darkness. I am getting our home prepared. I've ordered candles, and will get more holy water, etc. I know, to some it sounds crazy. But let's face it, so did the Ark when Noah tried to get people to get on.  The Cukierski family has put together a kit and gives info on it HERE.

Anyway - I've got to go bake cookies as I said I'd bring Christmas Cookies tonight.

Hugs & blessings ya'll.


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