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7QTF - Study the Lives of Saints

Happy Friday All.

It's a beautiful day and my child is at a birthday party. He'll be back in a couple of hours. So I thought I'd take a moment to blog.

I am was going to link up today with This Ain't The Lyceum for 7QTF. But it doesn't look like there is a post today. BOO. Oh well, that's what I get for not linking up for a while.

I was telling a group of moms the other evening that I love the Saints because they teach me about our faith. As a convert, the Catholic Faith can be overwhelming. Why, you ask?  Because there are so many devotions, so many orders and splintered groups, and so many opinions about the best way to be a Catholic. And so - I concentrated on learning the Catechism (much of which I knew thankfully) and on learning about the Saints.  The Saints became my friends and my safe place to go.  I know, it sounds funny. But I've always been a fan of talking to the elderly because they know so much and I feel the same about learning about Saints. There is so much to learn from them.

Unsolicited Advice. If you don't have one in your current homeschool Co-Op, I highly recommend you insert one. Many of you many remember I taught a Saint's Class this year in one of the local Homeschool Co-Ops. I used a Catholic Heritage Curricula - Stories of the Saints (Vol 1 & 2).  The class took on a life of its own. Originally slated as a Reading Comprehension Class, we also did crafts and the children did projects. They looked forward to it as much as I did. Not because of me, mind you. But because God intends children to learn about Saints, so they have someone outside their immediate family and circles, who has already lived a live they might emanate.

Our Top 7 Favorite Saint Resources (In No particular Order):

7 - Arma De: Equipping Catholic Families. This blog is especially good for moms of many who need things for the younger kiddos that can be adapted for older kiddos, and vice versa. I've been following Monica for years and I am constantly inspired.

6 - Catholic Heritage Curricula - Stories of the Saints - Volumes 1 - 4. The great thing about these books is they have familiar and not-so-familiar Saints in them. More than just a compilation of Saint Stories, there are comprehension questions (dialogue), activity suggestions (writing/crafts, etc.), and words to learn (spelling/vocab).

5 - Compilation Books.  There are so many of these books from baby appropriate to Saints for boys or girls/dads or moms. We are so blessed.
5a - Saint's Biographies  From TAN Books to Vision Books, to Pauline Press, Ignatius and every other Catholic Publisher, you can find Saint Biographies. Most are Chapter books and they range in age-appropriateness, but oh are they good. We just read Father Damien and the Bells, and are currently reading John Bosco and Saint Dominic SavioHe is at the age where boy Saints appeal more because he can identify with them. is a great resource for Saint Biographies.

4 - Saint DVD's. You can find them for little kids. But we like the movie versions. For example Song of Bernadette, Molokai, and The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima. We got ours from Amazon, but honestly most Catholic Stores online or local to you will have choices.  CCC of America has a set for Littles (my child thought they were babyish at about eight years old).

3 - Catholic Icing. This was my first stop in a long line of Catholic Sites when I was working on putting together a Saint Valentine's party years ago. This is an activity-based website for mostly younger children (but you can always adapt things). Great Saint's Activities. I clicked on the Saint tab and posted the link, but you should look around.

2 - Raising (& Teaching) Little Saints.  I love how Erika incorporates Saints into her homeschool. Her blog is uncluttered and easy to read/follow.
2a -  Real Life At Home. I love this site. She has great Saint Printables (I'd say for ages below 10 - 11 (my opinion)). But she also has monthly Activities Printables while is how I found her. I love her blog.

1 - Saint Nook. Dominic de Souza and a group of folks got together to bring getting to know the Saints into Social Media. It's quite a concept and a fantastic site/Facebook Group. I'll admit, I'm pretty well-versed about the Saints, so my ego went "don't need them" at first. Oh yes - that silly EGO. Well, I'm here to tell you that SaintNook is a refreshing way to learn about the Saints and talk to other people who are learning about them too. Go check them out.

One last thing... You can sign up to receive Saint of the Day emails from a couple of Catholic Sources like Franciscan Media and Catholic Online.  If I am not mistaken, there is even an APP for this. LOL

I could name a zillion other sources. As you can tell, there are not just 7. But I tried. Do I get brownie points for trying? Speaking of, I have to go bake cookies for a friend's daughter who is serving in a mission.

Read to your children. Put loving, humble, courageous, selfless -- virtuous examples in front of them daily. This way, even if you are having a bad day... they will still get a good example (you're welcome - HA).

Love, Hugs & Blessings,


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