Thursday, June 11, 2015

Small Success Thursday... Is Perception Reality?

Happy Thursday All!

It's that time of week to list the Small Successes. You see, we want to do so many big things we forget the bazillion little things we mamas/wives/friends do during the week. And so, I love Small Success Thursday over at because it reminds us, in a way, to stop and smell the roses... recognize the little things and rejoice in them!

At this point, we are in a cycle of travel with the hubs. He's gone during the week and home for the weekend. This week, he comes home tomorrow morning and leaves Sunday morning. (SIGH). So we are tackling projects while he is home... and leaving a day to rest.

We have tossed all the expired meds and sorted through bathroom cabinets. Everything, including lotion, expires (we are a pretty organic house, so maybe more than others organic stuff expires). We sold our trampoline (to be replaced with an above ground pool (which some may think is trashy but I do not care)) and helped disassemble for the folks who bought it. And much more...

But I'd like to share with you my big successes this week:

1) Tuesday night, after football camp, school and dinner with friends, it was late (9pm) and I sent the boy to the showers. He said, "mom, my stomach is cramping" (admittedly he'd said that earlier, but in my defense it is hot here and he's chubby and not "football ready", so I thought he just had a hard time at camp). I said, "you're going to camp tomorrow". He said, "mom I have diarrhea and I think I might barf". I said, "you're going to camp tomorrow!"  And that's when the fun started. I heard some noises and went upstairs. Why do I have white bathmats in the boy's bathroom? Anyway... I started dry-heaving and had to walk away. FOR REAL. Because that is the kind of mom I am. And then, I asked for prayer. I came up with a plan to scoop all the stuff out of the sink with old hand towels we use to clean (white), and just throw them all away. So I went in spraying Thieves mixed with Lemon Meyer spray to cover the smell (he was in the shower) and I wiped floors, walls, cabinets.... and tossed and cleaned and Lysol-ed too. But I never tossed my cookies. You just do not know the huge success that is.  And the next morning when I woke up to lines of cat puke everywhere, I simply laid towels on it (and went to buy carpet cleaner). Sigh.

You're welcome for that. It was a house of horrors.

2)  I went to WalMart by myself. My child was on the recliner, and I needed supplies (popsicles, crackers, gatorade, 7-up, broth).  I can not stand to go there alone because it's always an enormous freak show.... so many people, mostly rude. I can't take it. I decided I would buy all our groceries there as well so that we did not have to come back while Marque is home for the two days. AND he was super excited when I told him (Bonus) that he did not have to go grocery shopping with me this weekend because I'd done it. I stuck to my list. No one was bugging me for this or that (and I'm not just talking about the child). It was awesome.

3)  I went to a Stamping Function on Monday night. Yep. I love to craft (Em's Craft Closet). But I do not take the time for me. And I'm changing that. Usually I don't do much when Marque is gone, but he's always gone. So even if I had plans, I typically would back out. I'm sure people got frustrated... because it's irritating. Sigh. And so - I asked if I could bring my son. Good news for me, the hostess has a child that is about his age and it was awesome. I made eight cards and I chatted with adults. GO ME!  I am going to try to go to a couple functions/month. So excited.

I know these are not big in the scheme of things, but they are some of the small things I've done to make our lives easier and better.

When I asked "Is Perception Reality?" I meant for you to think about that. The perception may be that my house may not be as clean as others. The reality is, I clean my home daily (parts of it), but I am not concerned with perfection like I once was. The perception may be that I am not a great mom (you know because I wanted my child to not give up on football camp because it is hard and didn't listen to him when he said his stomach was cramping (in my defense he can be a hypochondriac if he is trying to get out of things)). The reality is - I push him because he is self-conscious and because he has Aspergers he demands perfection. Instead of being first on the track at football camp, I say, do your best... The first day, he was last, the second day, he came home and reported he was not last, but second to last and had improved. You see - I want him to believe in the talents God gave him. That is what people perceiving things can not see.  In short, I do not think perception is reality because perception often turns into judgment.... and that's not cool.


I hope and pray you take time to recognize the small things you do that make such a big difference in your loved ones lives. If not, hop on over to where I am linked up at Small Success Thursday and check out the lady's successes.

Until Next Thursday... Keep making the little things count!

Love, Hugs & Blessings,



  1. Once again, your "small" success is a HUGE success, in my book! haha! Hope he's feeling better and that you're still well. xo

  2. Between him and the cat, I really thought I'd lose my mind.
    What did you think about my Is Perception Reality?
    It may have been lost in the Small Success Post.

  3. Oh, I agree full on with it. I've learned this very thing, to an extreme degree, over the past 3.5 years. Our mere perception is rarely—if ever—a reflection of reality. And that perception surely does lead to a lot of judgment.

    I'm still in awe of your strength when it comes to the child and cat messes. You're my hero!

  4. Someone once said to me, "perception is reality"... and years later, I now know how stupid that person was.

  5. Oh my goodness, I DO KNOW exactly what a victory it is that you were not sick when you found that mess. Hope he is OK!

    And I hope people don't think above-ground pools are trashy because we have one as well. I just wish I could get people to stop leaving wet suits and towels everyplace. I have decided, this summer, that if I have to pick up your wet stuff, you owe me some other chore (and I'll pick the ones I hate the most.)

  6. LOL!! When our kids were little, Mr. Pea and I had a deal. He was in charge of throw-up cleanup (my gag reflex is incredible) and I was in charge of the "other end" cleanup. It worked for us until the kids got big enough to get to the bathroom fast enough on their own!

  7. LOL it's the worst that stomach circus. It was a both-ender. Like the Olympian I am (haha), I rose to the occasion. Sigh.
    Here's hoping there will be very little of this in my future.


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