Thursday, May 7, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Hanging On...

As we befriend those who are paralyzed by fear, illness, failure, or loss, we are loving them as Christ would. We are building holy and beautiful relationships with the people God has entrusted to our care. Our mission, if we choose to accept it, is to carry our friends to Jesus.
-from Created to Relate

YAY It's Thursday. And that means we get to think about our Small Successes.  Some weeks the little things are the only things that make life worthwhile.

My husband is always gone these days, and his never-ending travel schedule is starting to wear on us. I've tried to step up outings and things, which has put us behind a little in school. I know - we are homeschoolers, we can let the schedule slide... But when you are an organized-by-nature person... it's hard to let that go. (this is me - working on it).

Here are some small successes:

1)  Lesson Plans and Prepping for Next Year. Since I feel a little unorganized of late (HA understatement, I get all excited when I have something to organize. Yep, it's that time. Since we switched back to MODG for next year, we have started to wind down this year. We have about six weeks to go and I have taken the time this week to 1) create the lesson plans for this last six weeks and 2) get organized for next year. I spoke to our consultant. I ordered books. I've decided which Parent classes I will this Summer. You know - FUN!

2) Beat A Virus. Had fever a few days. Much better now. Thank God for rest and patient family. I mean sure, I did the laundry and made meals; but the big clean will be this weekend. Usually I do a little each day so that there isn't a lot of cleaning any ONE day... but that's ok.

3) Acknowledged The Stress of Being So Depended On. You know - as moms, we are everything. We do it all - from feeding to healing, cleaning, remembering dates, finding lost things... answering the same questions a zillion times. Sigh. And sometimes - it feels overwhelming.  For me, I've been neglecting to turn to God for His Counsel, for His healing wisdom.  What happens then, you ask? Um - lets just say it is not pretty.  I had a major meltdown last night over something stupid. My poor family.  But the Success of it is the realization that I don't have to be everyone's everything. That I just need to take it all to God and let him help me weed it all out. The problems come when we aren't as prayerful as we need to be. I have some redirecting to do.

Other successes are beating a virus, baking bread and running a household. So I got that going for me. <3

Barb wrote the Small Success Post on today and she asked the question, "What Keeps You Hanging On?"

My answers to that are Faith, Family & Coffee.... so much coffee. HA  

I hope and pray your week was great.


  1. HA! I need that shirt! And I'll keep you in special prayers as your husband travels. As you know, I share the frustration and exhaustion that can bring. Glad you are feeling better, and I hear you on the meltdowns. Take care of YOU!

  2. Great success! I feel the same way sometimes! I feel like I have to be everything to everyone including my family and friends. Overwhelming is right! Thanks for the post! Got some work to do myself..

  3. I bought it from a shop called Canvus, but I've seen it on Etsy. I will. and you too. Know you are prayed for. xx oo

  4. I feel that way and then I get resentful when I am tired. Sigh. Dang the humanity of it all.


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