Thursday, May 14, 2015

Small Success Thursday... Broken Appliances and Lessons Learned

Not only is love everything, but everything is love. Love is the soul of everything valuable. The most precious gift in the world given without love is worthless; the cheapest gift in the world given with love is priceless…. Everything valuable is made of love. Your very existence is God’s love of you. Love is the meaning of life and the meaning of religion and the meaning of everything. —Peter Kreeft  -from Love Never Fails
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Happy Thursday All!

I love Thursdays, because I am reminded to think about the small things that make my week great - and to share them with others who may then realize their small things are successes. It's such a joy! Check out the other Bloggers who participate in Small Success Thursday @

This week started with Mother's Day. Mass, brunch and a new bracelet for me. My guys are so awesome. I've been having a rough time lately with basic life things - menopause is depressing, etc. But - they sure made me feel loved and I'm so grateful.

This week was LONG. Stormy, rainy & LONG! But I did some great things - out of my comfort zone things.

1) Family Doctor and Red Tape. Background...Several years ago, we had about $25K in total medical output if you could Premiums, co-pays, prescriptions and hospital stays. So we switched to TriCare Prime Insurance. You'd think after serving the country for 22 years or so, that would entitle our family to good insurance. But you'd be wrong.  Sure, we pay far less a month. About $500 less, to be exact. But we are treated like we are on welfare.   My son has a couple medical issues we need to handle NOW. I will not post details on my blog, but we are looking at a surgery and various treatments over the summer (not counting toe-surgery next week).  Our doctor has given us the run-around with these issues and I have not been happy. In his defense, he is following the rules. So - I called the office manager last week and asked for a meeting with the doc and myself/hubs. I told her I do not care what the tests and things cost, we want this all solved. PERIOD. We are allowed to step outside the lines, it just costs more. But this is our child's health. And so - She said, she did not know if he'd agree with it. I said, he will, please ask him and call me back. Well, the referral coordinator called me the next day, he'd sent Christopher to two pediatric specialists. One we have an appt. with next Monday. One, the end of June was the soonest. I never raised my voice, I did not freak out. I simply insisted on better care and laid it out for them. THIS IS BIG in my world.

2) Microwave DOWN! It's funny, I don't cook in my microwave, but I did not realize how much I heat up with my microwave. WOW! The time has come - we are eight years in to this home. Everything was builder's grade. And so, we will save up (paying cash for things these days) and get one soon (we hope). In the meantime, it's amazing how quickly I remembered how to do things without the microwave. Thank you Toaster Oven!

3) Storms = No Sleep.  People..... my child is a chattering, flailing around (major fidgeting) person during storms. Oh man. He can't help it. We live in tornado alley. And his memories and fear are imprinted. We know the routine. We are prepared. But he can't settle. It is not uncommon on a normal day to have 20+mph wind gusts. It is just who we live. But when we have a thunderstorm, it's house shaking booms and lightening that you could read by. You know? AND it always seems to happen over night. Well - my child is as tall as me at eleven (ok, I know I'm short, zip it!).... and him sleeping in the bed is like sleeping with an animal that roots and flails in their sleep. BUT - believe it or not, if he is there with us, he won't wake us up.  If he starts out in his room, he scares me when he comes in - EVERY TIME! SO the lesson is, either to put him on an air mattress in our room OR just let him sleep with.

4)  Husband Gone. We made it through a week of husband traveling.  The good news about rain is it forces us to stay inside, so no baseball, no parks, etc. I miss my husband, but I stayed in the classroom and got lesson plans done for 4Q; cleaned out the freezers (um - I have no idea how old some of that stuff was). Anything not dated 2015 was tossed. <3

I thought you might like to see this. When he is gone, my bed looks like this. The boy up top, the cat on the end, and the doc on the floor... because she is jealous that the cat is on the bed (the dog's bed is FEET away... ha).

I hope and pray you had a great week and that you know how much God loves you. Everywhere I look these past few days are signs that we are to be braver and bolder. Stand tall.

The evil one wants us to be down. The evil one takes delight in our self-pity and hardship. But we are ladies of GOD! Our Catholic Faith, our Holy Mother and all the Saints - they help sustain us... they bring us closer to Jesus, as day after day we read about their hardships and what they endured... and how joyfully they lived - in spite of handicap, hardship, etc.

Be brave my friends.

God is with you. He keeps His Promises.




  1. I really like the encouragement you shared in that last paragraph. I'm going to have to save that. SO needed!
    Your photo cracks me up. And good job on the freezers! I had some mystery stuff that had to get pitched as well when I did mine last week...lesson learned...add the year to the date!

  2. Thank you!
    Sometimes we all just need to hear it.
    I hope it makes a difference for man.
    xx oo

  3. Appliances! I replace my range this week. A couple of months ago I had to replace my washer. My dishwasher has been replaced twice in 7 years. And this last time I went too cheap. Hubby fears the Furnace/AC will go out. They are at the end of their lifetimes. I tell myself it is all part of that circle of life...

  4. The pic cracked me up! I've only slept in the same bed with Gray one time during his was a year or so ago, and all I can say is, he is a violent sleeper. lol! I was kicked and thrashed for hours, until I finally put him back in his bed sometime during the night. I feel bad for his future wife. ;)

    7 years is a pretty good run for a microwave...we've never gotten that long out of one! Our current one is our longest running one- going on 5 years.

    Health issues...I hope and pray everything works out- both surgery/treatment-wise and with the insurance. Letting them know you won't be ignored or put off anymore is a good thing.


  5. Christopher too. He travels in his sleep. LOL May as well be a Three Stooges routine. HA
    I will email you about the health issues.

  6. I used to let my son come in our bed too until a so called friend told me it was immoral. So I sought advice from my priest and he was ok with it so I don't feel bad anymore..he's older now so thank God he doesn't feel the need to do that anymore. It would be a little bit crowded with a 6'4 250 kid in our bed.. Lol

  7. Immoral? Dear Lord. Who thinks like that?
    Plus, we keep a line of pillows between us for my safety anyway. HA


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