Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Moments - Water, Water EVERYWHERE

Em's DayBook
Vol. 12

When we suffer, we don’t just come to understand the pain of Christ’s cross more, we come to understand the depth of God’s love for us: that he would endure such pain for us—in our place. We have a God who endured death so we would never have to do so.  -from Ask The Bible Geek

Happy Tuesday all!
Happy Feast Day, Saint Philip Neri. Here is what our 365 Fun Facts for Catholic Kids book says about him:
Ha, Ha, Ha! Today we honor Philip Neri, a saint who was known for his laughter and his happy look at life. Make someone smile today by telling a joke or riddle. If you don't have one, try this riddle:  When young cows go out to eat, where do they go? Answer: To a calf-a-teria! HAHA

Thankful For (Counting my blessings)…

  • My Faith. Without God, I'm nothing.
  • That our neighborhood did not flood.
  • All the water we have gotten from the rain. In just a couple weeks, God has erased the drought.
  • Family & Friends.
  • Lack of heat this year.
  • That the Base Pool (covered) is open this summer. YAY
Thinking About…

All the People Affected by the Floods.   We drove around a few lakes while running errands. It was really amazing. After years of praying for rain and severe drought, we are all just reeling from the rain. We appreciate it and trust in God, but we respectfully would like for the rain to stop. The below two pics were taken in a picnic area off a local lake. For years, people have remarked how sad the lakes looked because the piers were so high above the water. We couldn't water our lawns, etc. And now, 12 people are missing and I am not sure how many have perished due to the water. An acquaintance from high school was in the thick of it. Please join me in praying for all affected. We have at least another week or two of water/storms. Praying some of the water recedes first.

Being more specific when I pray. A few friends and I were laughing, saying how powerful Texan prayer is. But currently, though we all prayed for rain, we found ourselves wishing we could pray specifically for areas who's lakes are 80 ft. below, etc. instead of areas that can not handle more water.  Yes, we all know life does not work that way. BUT it is true that we should pray for specific people, situations, etc. I do believe so, anyway.

The Duggar Situation.  What we are witnessing is nothing but a witch hunt. This is just another chapter in the book about War on Christian Families. And we Christians should be sticking together on this one. The rag that broke the story has been working for years to find something sinful about the Duggars. When the truth is, we already know they are sinners -- BECAUSE WE ALL ARE! There are so many lies on the internet and in the media. For instance, did you know that Josh is NOT a pedophile, because he was a child and the girls he touched were children too? Did you also know that he touched them above their clothing?  I am not making light of it - I promise you. HOWEVER, He was punished, he apologized, the victims forgave him and he'd turned his life around. The victims went on with their lives. Everyone got counseling... The records were never supposed to be released (they now are expunged but conveniently weren't before they were released). Now, he is sitting at home with no job, and his family and the victims are all suffering because people in America LOVE to watch others bleed to death. They love to knock good people down. It's SICK! The magazine that posted this and the media hounds are nothing but perverted, hate mongers and they need our prayer.

In Our Home...

What a week. Everyone knows I don't sleep because I always talk about it. And apparently when you have HBP you should not eat salty foods and drink lots of caffeine (duh). AND maybe you should NOT watch as much news and freak out about the weather and let fear cripple you. Oh - and Christopher had two major medical appointments. One was toe-surgery. AACK

I had my first migraine caused by some of the above. And people - migraines are not for the weak. But here's what it looked like... I could not shake my headache and wasn't sure if my sugar was low or I'd forgotten to take my BP meds because I'm that person (seriously think I have early onset Alzheimers (funny - NOT FUNNY)). Well, I took Aleve during the night and couldn't shake the headache. Then I got up about 6-ish and took tylenol. Well - That did not help. Then I started vomiting (you're welcome). So I called my husband - who, by the way, had been at work for two hours by then - on the phone with Israel. Sigh. He answered and said he'd call back (I'sn't that nice?). I said, "make sure you do, something's wrong". I am not sure how long it took him to call back and get home and get me to our docs. But the doc said I had to go to the ER. Um - on accounta I'm OLD AND my doctor had never seen me like that AND I'm heavy AND I have HBP. Sigh. So he sent instructions to the ER. WHAT?!

The mean old clown-car paramedics (a group of fire-paramedics, who were funny) stuck me with needles. Then the nurse gave me meds to stop the headache and make the nausea go away... because who wants to see that anyway. And guess what happened? "this girl" reacted to the meds. Yep - because it's always fun to freak out and announce you are leaving and reach to try to rip things out of your arm, while your child and husband loudly try to talk you down. The nurse was little miss snark "you came here for help"... until the doctor put the kibosh on her and said, "She's reacting to the meds". So then I got more meds.

At this point, my bp was 207 over 105. So that was fun! But honestly I just wanted to come home. And finally, when the doctor said I could leave if my BP went down. It miraculously (ok, an hour later) went down. Then I came home and slept for 4+ hours.

What did I learn?
  1. 1) Migraines are real.
  2. When you are out of your mind with a migraine - don't tell the IV Tech (Clown car Dan) to do it in your hand because it hurts and he won't get it right. Then, went you aren't looking another guy will do it in your other arm anyway. Boo.
  3. If you have HBP you really do have to eat right, exercise and lose weight. It's no joke.
  4. My husband is a great man. He loves me so much. He never left my side (not even to feed our son).
In Our Kitchen…

Well, since Christopher had toe surgery, I used my Williams Sonoma Gift card to get us a snow-cone maker.

Totally worth it to see that smile.

Our Menu this week:

Monday (yesterday): Ribs, corn, garlic mashed potatoes, zucchini, spinach & roasted tomatoes
Tuesday - Leftovers
Wednesday - Beans & Rice
Thursday - Chicken & Veggies
Friday - Shrimp & Calamari
Saturday - Grilling Something!
Sunday - Roast

New Recipes this week:

I clearly made them into muffins, not cake. AND I put the juice of half a lemon AND the zest into the batter instead of making icing. My guys LOVE them. YUM

Found a Fantastic New Site - Oh My Veggies. Check it out!  Oh and we made this yesterday. BUT we did ours slightly different. I love Produce Co-Op and the creative way I cook because of it.

Praying For…
  • Our Nation & World
  • Mental & Physical Welfare of friends & family.
  • Finances.
  • Our Pope and Clergy.
  • For more JOY in the little things…
  • The softening of people’s hearts!
  • Less "me" mentality.

Marque's Daughter got me this for Mother's Day. I just got it the other day. So beautiful.

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Love, Hugs & many blessings,



  1. I hope you're still feeling better...what a crappy day you had in the ER. I really wish ER staff would treat patients who are not at their best—scared, miserable, etc.—with more patience and respect.
    Hope Christopher has healed nicely. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thank you sweet friend. I am! xx oo


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