Thursday, April 16, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Focus on the Good!

He has chosen each one of you for Himself, to be His light and His love in the world. The simplest way to become His light is to be kind and loving, thoughtful and sincere with each other. As Jesus said: “By this they will know that you are my disciples.”  -from Thirsting for God

Today I'm linking up with for Small Success Thursday! I love this link up because it's so important to look for the small successes in the week. Sometimes we really get overwhelmed and lose sight of the little things that make it a great week (even when it seems like not such a great week - ya know?!). Check out the other posts. Join in if you blog. It's tons of fun.

Happy Happy Thursday of you Small Success-ers!

I think we are having a pretty successful week around here.  We have had lots of rain and the lakes are rising. Thank you God!  We have a whole pile of clothes for goodwill and a bed that is going to the Gabriel Project (A Catholic Charity). We will have baseball practice tonight if not for the rain.

Taking Care of Me. Um, remember that time a frozen chicken fell out of the freezer and landed on your foot and you waited two days to get it checked out (because you had things to do for others) and then you had to go to the ER to get it x-rayed?  NO? Oh, that was just me! I had to stay off it for a couple of days and it's still black and blue. BUT thankfully nothing was broken. I did learn that bone bruises are way more serious on weight bearing bones.

Isn't it pretty?
You're welcome. You see, my success is your success. LOL Also - I am getting monthly manicure/pedicures. It's so nice. I am so thankful for a husband who encourages that.

Another Quarter Down! In our school-work with Seton we have pared down the busy work. HOWEVER, we still have those pesky book reports. We finally finished 2Q Report and the packet is on the way. We are switching back to MODG for next year. I will do a post. I know Jaime, I never did the "why we switched to Seton" post, but I really am going to give the whys about switching back.  Anyway - we still have the 3Q Book report and 4Q Work, but we are making progress and should be done by mid-June (even with a few play days in there).

Would you laugh if I told you it's 11:30 and neither child nor teacher is motivated today? It's true. Sigh.

Less Sugar. Ok - well, I'm not going to talk about how much weight I need to lose. I'm just going to concentrate on the little things. Like - there is Easter Candy and TimTam cookies in our house and I have not eaten them. Ice cream too. My husband even noticed that I am being good. Once these are gone, no one will be eating them... we are having a less-sugar Summer. I'm careful not to say NO SUGAR because - it's silly to me.

Less Complaining. I'm really working on being honest in the right way. AND not complaining. What does that mean? Well, prudence is a virtue that we all should embrace. We are called to tell the truth, but how? You have to pray on it and find the right way to say it. AND you can't complain. Make a choice. If it doesn't work out, try something else. But don't complain. Remind me I said this, ok?

Prayers Work! I prayed about eating less sugar - and I'm improving it. I prayed about finding quiet time with God, and I'm improving it. I prayed about finances and Marque got a small raise. We are working on not buying things we don't need. We made a few purchases with the tax return, but it's time to calm that down.  God is working in our lives. My lesson and success here is Praying Specifics. Ask and keep asking.

I'm a work in progress. And I thank you for coming to my humble blog.

Let's all Focus on the Good!




  1. Love your point on "less complaining." Other causes for complaints:

    - impatience - embrace patience - arrogance- embrace humility - judging others - embrace tact - intolerance - embrace charity

    *Virginia Lieto, Inspirational Author* *Embrace the virtues to live a happier life!* Download your FREE Virtues Guide at Find me on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google +, and Pinterest

  2. So true. It's amazing what being aware of your behavior does. Not just aware on the surface, but AWARE!
    Maybe I could say aware one more time.... lol

  3. Oh wow, love the frozen chicken- well, that gives you a good excuse. In my case I broke my foot by- wait for it- walking on it. I just put my foot down wrong and got a stress fracture. I also waited two days cause I would not believe you can break a foot by simply using it. Live and learn.

  4. It really is unbelievable. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hi Em,
    These are great successes! I laughed at what you wrote about your foot. I dropped one of those super-sized cans of beans on my big toe last spring. It was swollen and hurt for months! I went to the doctor for something else and I showed her my toe while I was there. She said I probably broke it. She told me to stay off of it. lol! Ya, that's not going to happen!! I tried, but my 2 year old kept me moving (as well as the other kids). It's still a little larger than the matching toe on the other foot.
    Take care of yourself.
    God Bless.

  6. I know, Right... who stays off of their feet when they have kiddos?

  7. Your foot! OMgosh. Are you still wearing the thing on it?
    "Would you laugh if I told you it’s 11:30 and neither child nor teacher is motivated today?" Nope. Happens a lot here.
    I've missed a lot on your blog! Catching up now. Commenting when appropriate. xo

  8. No, the thing is off, but I see a foot doc appt. in my future. BOO
    I am so glad it is not just me.
    xx oo


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