Monday, April 20, 2015

Moments - Beauty in Nature

Em's DayBook -
Vol. 10

"Love is the beauty of the soul."
— St. Augustine

Happy Monday All.

Today is a beautiful day here in North Texas. This is storm season and this weekend was NO exception. Last week our games were rained out through Saturday (YAY (just on the Saturday one)).

We were between trips, so Marque was home. So... In what is, apparently, "typical Emily" form, I decided we had plenty of time to drive out to see the bluebonnets in Ennis, have lunch, take a few pictures and make it to a birthday party for a friend's son. So we drive down, and I was thinking it was only 45 minutes to Ennis (try 1.5 hours one way). Anywhoooo it was a nice drive down in the beautiful and green countryside.  We got there, ate lunch and set out to find bluebonnets. Ya'll, the bluebonnets did NOT disappoint... 

Neither did their friends, Indian Paintbrush:

I got a ton of pictures and have already bored everyone to death with them on FB. It was such a beautiful day and nice family time. Gosh it is gorgeous down there, rolling hills with bluebonnets as far as you can see. Horses, cows, people... all in the bluebonnets. It was a wonderful day.

The problem is, because of my masterful time management skills, we were two hours late for the party.  But we got there in time for cake and presents. In a way, we timed it well. On the way back, we were met with this lovely storm:

The lights flickered at the party. The rain and winds came. There were power outages all over, but we were safe. Sigh. Timed it perfectly I tell you.


Thankful For (Counting my blessings)…
  • The rain that has filled area lakes.
  • Friends, new & old
  • My husband/child
  • Our Pope and his spirit of LOVE!
  • Our Faith, as it sustains us.
  • My list is long...
Catching Up…

Relics: I recently mentioned we were going to see some relics at a local Parish. It was beyond amazing to see these items. We said the Stations of the Cross, Divine Mercy Chaplet and then viewed the relics. The KOC were there in full regalia. When I instructed Christopher to genuflect, the Knight at the beginning got teary because he was so enjoying all the parents having the opportunity to instruct our children in respect of these treasures. Many of us had on veils. We could not take pictures, but we saw:
  • A strand of Mary's hair.
  • A piece of the Last Supper table cloth.
  • Pieces of the crown of thorns
  • Pieces of the cross Jesus gave His life on.
  • A cloth with a drop of His blood.
  • One of the nails that pieces His body.
... and much more. It was amazing and emotional and there really are not words to describe it. One of our Crucifixes and a few rosaries were touched to the Nail. So blessed.

Baseball:  We love our coaches this year. But the league just sucks. There is only one team in our age group. So we are playing teams from surrounding cities like four times each. There are 14 kiddos on the team, which means not a lot of playing time. It's a bummer for the coaches and parents alike.  I am the team mom. We are making the best of it. But it's a true test in keeping our mouths shut and just trying to make it fun.

School:  Well, we are plowing through and ignoring the busy work. We have officially re-enrolled with MODG and are expecting a great year for 6th grade.

We switched to Seton at the beginning of 4th Grade. It has served us well. However, my student is not a fan of busy work. Last year was good. This year has not been great.  My child does not like busy work. He doesn't like anything he perceives as babyish (like Jr. Science Journals (remember when I bought the wrong one). He reads way above his grade level. He is a gifted student. Just like mothers who struggle to find a balance for their students who are below grade level, I struggle to find a balance for my child who is above grade level.  Bottom line, Seton bored him.

       Seton is:
  • More Organized
  • Work-book oriented (with a classical flair)
  • Full of great content
  • TOO STRUCTURED & Inflexible
         MODG is:
  • Organized and structured
  • Way More Flexible
  • Great Classical Education
  • Better for us
Each of them is much more, I'm sure. Four years into homeschooling, I am merely better equipped to get what my son needs and what works for us. There is way more to it, but in the end, I don't want to be badmouthing one educational choice over another.  I won't say one is superior. Just different.

We are moving forward. I have a friend who is an MODG Consultant and she is helping me AND we are assigned a consultant, whom I am looking forward to speaking with.

Thinking About…

Faith. Finding a new Parish. Budget. Balance. Losing weight. Can we afford a car for me? Our house has gone up in price, should we sell? My mind is everywhere and no-where. Ever had that kind of a season?


I have a few things to read. I ordered a book called Playing Big. I read about it in  Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Newsletter - HERE!


My friend Elizabeth hosts the Marriage Monday: Project 31 Link-up. This week's topic is She Makes Herself Strong.  Oh my goodness, this post is so timely for me.  The thing is, I have a lot to do. I make lists, but that is not necessarily a plan. Sometimes I fear I do not work SMARTER, I work HARDER... which is the exact opposite of what we are supposed to do.

In my defense, ahem, if there is one... I got so bogged down in planning and list-making that I was driving myself crazy if I had a day where I just could not get it all done. You see, I think there is a happy medium. After reading this, I think the most Godly approach would be to keep busy, but to also allow for contingency.

I need to make ME physically stronger. That has been my struggle for the past decade and I just keep getting.... well, I don't want to put myself down. Here is our assignment this week.
Project P31, Mission #7:

Your mission for this week is to look for ways to strengthen your mind and body for the work the Lord has for you to do. If you don't know what God's purpose is for your life, ask Him to reveal it to you. Then, create a daily plan that helps you fulfill the purpose that you believe God has for your life. Begin to discipline your mind by making the hard choices. What is one hard choice you can make this week?  Then, look for ways to be more active throughout the day, working hard physically to strengthen your body as you build up your home and family. How can you squeeze more physical activity into your days?  What is one hard job you've been putting off that you can tackle this week??

In Our Kitchen…

Marque is gone. And though I am cooking this week, it is simple things. Last night was chicken breasts, green beans and basmati rice. Tonight will be turkey patties and salad.

I have to bake honey-wheat bread tomorrow or Wednesday. And I am going to be doing baking for a bake-sale later this week. BUT other than that, it's pretty boring around here.

I am trying to stay away from sugar. But this weekend, I had way too much. So today, I've been trying to combat low sugar Sigh.

Praying For…
  • Our Nation & World
  • Mental & Physical Welfare of friends & family.
  • Our Pope and Clergy.
  • For more JOY in the little things…
  • The softening of people’s hearts!
  • Less "me" mentality.

My son says I should get this:

I am linking up with:
Love, Hugs & many blessings,


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Small Success Thursday - Focus on the Good!

He has chosen each one of you for Himself, to be His light and His love in the world. The simplest way to become His light is to be kind and loving, thoughtful and sincere with each other. As Jesus said: “By this they will know that you are my disciples.”  -from Thirsting for God

Today I'm linking up with for Small Success Thursday! I love this link up because it's so important to look for the small successes in the week. Sometimes we really get overwhelmed and lose sight of the little things that make it a great week (even when it seems like not such a great week - ya know?!). Check out the other posts. Join in if you blog. It's tons of fun.

Happy Happy Thursday of you Small Success-ers!

I think we are having a pretty successful week around here.  We have had lots of rain and the lakes are rising. Thank you God!  We have a whole pile of clothes for goodwill and a bed that is going to the Gabriel Project (A Catholic Charity). We will have baseball practice tonight if not for the rain.

Taking Care of Me. Um, remember that time a frozen chicken fell out of the freezer and landed on your foot and you waited two days to get it checked out (because you had things to do for others) and then you had to go to the ER to get it x-rayed?  NO? Oh, that was just me! I had to stay off it for a couple of days and it's still black and blue. BUT thankfully nothing was broken. I did learn that bone bruises are way more serious on weight bearing bones.

Isn't it pretty?
You're welcome. You see, my success is your success. LOL Also - I am getting monthly manicure/pedicures. It's so nice. I am so thankful for a husband who encourages that.

Another Quarter Down! In our school-work with Seton we have pared down the busy work. HOWEVER, we still have those pesky book reports. We finally finished 2Q Report and the packet is on the way. We are switching back to MODG for next year. I will do a post. I know Jaime, I never did the "why we switched to Seton" post, but I really am going to give the whys about switching back.  Anyway - we still have the 3Q Book report and 4Q Work, but we are making progress and should be done by mid-June (even with a few play days in there).

Would you laugh if I told you it's 11:30 and neither child nor teacher is motivated today? It's true. Sigh.

Less Sugar. Ok - well, I'm not going to talk about how much weight I need to lose. I'm just going to concentrate on the little things. Like - there is Easter Candy and TimTam cookies in our house and I have not eaten them. Ice cream too. My husband even noticed that I am being good. Once these are gone, no one will be eating them... we are having a less-sugar Summer. I'm careful not to say NO SUGAR because - it's silly to me.

Less Complaining. I'm really working on being honest in the right way. AND not complaining. What does that mean? Well, prudence is a virtue that we all should embrace. We are called to tell the truth, but how? You have to pray on it and find the right way to say it. AND you can't complain. Make a choice. If it doesn't work out, try something else. But don't complain. Remind me I said this, ok?

Prayers Work! I prayed about eating less sugar - and I'm improving it. I prayed about finding quiet time with God, and I'm improving it. I prayed about finances and Marque got a small raise. We are working on not buying things we don't need. We made a few purchases with the tax return, but it's time to calm that down.  God is working in our lives. My lesson and success here is Praying Specifics. Ask and keep asking.

I'm a work in progress. And I thank you for coming to my humble blog.

Let's all Focus on the Good!



Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Review Wednesday - My Sisters The Saints

"Our Lord has created persons for all states in life, and in all of them we see people who achieved sanctity by fulfilling their obligations well."
— St. Anthony Mary Claret

Happy Wednesday.

I'm determined to catch up with book reviews that are WAY overdue. So here we go...

First up is My Sisters the Saints by Colleen Carroll Campbell. Published by Image Catholic Books.

Ms. Campbell is Courageous - She is in the public spotlight because of her past and present careers (EWTN for one). She shares so much of her experience with life lessons with falling away from faith (as so many of us do in college) and fertility and caring for an ailing parent, and that is courageous by itself. But to do it in an age where so many people review what is essentially her life, well, I think that is just braver than brave. It is a GOD THING! And I am so pleased that she wrote this awesome book.

I encourage you to read the first chapter HERE.
Author Bio is HERE.

This book is important. As Catholics, we are so blessed to have strong women role models in the Saints. For me, this is a timely and much-needed reminder that I am not alone; that I can do anything God sets before me; that I am strong and have other strong women to look up to. It is hard to remember that, but there really are Saints for every season in life, every situation. And I'm so happy that Ms. Campbell drew on some of my favorites for intercession and guidance. I mean - who can't learn from Mother Teresa and Our Blessed Mother Mary? I feel so blessed even writing this review.

I have an innate relationship with the book because I often use the Saints as guides and intercessors. I have had the privilege, this year, of teaching a Saint's class in our Homeschool Co-Op. On the first day I told the children that we all have the ability to become Saints. God used ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things. We just have to say YES!

Most of us have such intimate relationships with our Faith (ok, that seems redundant but there actually are people who don't... but we pray they come back to it), and I love that Ms. Campbell shows that you can wonder about faith-teachings and leave your faith on a back burner and come back to it when times get tough, and wonder why you ever left (my words, not hers). To me, this part of the book gave me hope - for so many who have turned their back on Catholicism  or any religion, and will find their way back.

What a great man her father was. I love how she describes him as' a man who devoted his career to defending the vulnerable - through advocacy for the mentally handicapped, ministry to the sick and dying, and support for Catholic families in crisis'. And her understanding that her father now 'felt that vulnerability from the inside'. One of his favorite saints was Saint Therese of Lisieux. When Ms. Campbell read Therese, she realized how alike her father and Saint Therese were. AND how similar her life had become to Saint Therese's life, as she watched her father endure Alzheimer's. To me, it is a great bond between the three of them. It makes me tear up writing about it. And it reminds me, how very blessed we are to witness God's presence in Ms. Campbell's father and in their lives together with Saint Therese. I am battling tears as I write this. It's very palpable for me.

I have read many reviews on this book. I feel for those who say things like, "well, this book is very Catholic, therefore I can not identify" or "I'm a man, so I couldn't identify". Sigh. To me, this book is about learning to make the best out of the life we are given. The Saints mentioned are real people, so even if you are not Catholic and don't believe in their intercession, you could still see that they handled their situations with Grace and said Yes to God. Right? I hope and pray so.

I am not going to say it is an easy read for all. It's a deeply personal book.  But it is a fantastic read, in my opinion. I am sure I'll pick it up again.

I give it two thumbs up. Five Stars. AND one really big THANK YOU to Colleen Carroll Campbell for writing this fantastic, life-lesson-filled book!

Further, "I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review." I can assure you, received for free or not, this is an honest review.

My goal is to write a review every Wednesday. Pray for me. And look back Saturday for a review on Seeing Home. A must read, for all Yankees Fans, Baseball Fans and people who love an encouraging story of fortitude against the odds.

Blessings ALL!


Friday, April 10, 2015

7QTF - Spring Cleaning & Decluttering

"I earnestly admonish you, therefore, my brothers, to look after your spiritual well-being with judicious concern. Death is certain; life is short and vanishes like smoke. Fix your minds, then, on the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. Inflamed with love for us, he came down from heaven to redeem us. For our sake he endured every torment of body and soul and shrank from no bodily pain. He himself gave us an example of perfect patience and love. We, then, are to be patient in adversity." — St. Francis of Paola

Happy Friday All!

As a Catholic, we are still celebrating the Easter Season. That season is between Easter Sunday (Christ's Resurrection) and Pentecost Sunday (the Holy Spirit's decent onto the Apostles and others). During this time, we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday, The Ascension of Our Lord, and Mary's Crowning... to name a few things.

But as this Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday, check out Tracy's 7QTF Blog Post, as she linked up everything I would have, and more. I would add the Divine Mercy Novena to the list but that is is... Anywhooooo...

Today I am linking up with Kelly @ This Ain't The Lyceum for 7QTF. By the way, read her "ABOUT", she is really a funny lady.

Today I'm talking about Spring cleaning and decluttering. Which one do you think comes first? Remember that show Clean House? They would take everything out of the room(s) they were cleaning and make piles, Keep, Toss, Sell. Of course we are not getting PAID and our home is not being professionally decorated, BUT the pay out in peace of mind is good. My seven quick tips for getting it done...

1) MAKE A PLAN and CHECK LIST. Which room do you want to do first? What projects are you doing? Check it off the list when complete.

Here is a Spring Cleaning list I found online. There are many. You could make your own from it. Google Spring Cleaning List (or Pinterest it):

2) DECLUTTER: Look, most of us are pretty decluttered (ok, I am because I'm odd AND in my defense, I have one child so I don't have several people to declutter).  You can not clean properly if you have lots of stuff. My rule of thumb is, if you haven't played with it, worn it, used it in a year (unless it is fine china or special occasion item) then you should sell or toss. If you apply this simple logic, you will be successful. Think about the graces you will receive if you give things to people who will use them!!! This year, things we will toss are:
  • Toys - we have been pretty good about it, but there are bins of things my child hasn't played with in years. And though I keep a basket for the grandchildren and people with many children who visit, I think it's time to let go of the enormous amount of stuff in the playroom.
  • Christmas Decor - we have too many ornaments. It's time to weed them out.
  • Clothes that don't fit or are worn
  • Tupperware - I can not tell you how old and used our tupperware (code name for all plastic stuff in the cabinet) is.
  • Kitchen Gadgets - there are some things we never use.
  • Maybe some books. MAYBE!
  • Furniture we don't use.
  • organize the classroom (we are homeschoolers and THIS is a must)
3) DEEP CLEAN: As you go from room to room, and remove the stuff. Do not forget to deep clean. This is a good time to
  • wash curtains or at least dust them.
  • clean the windows inside and out.
  • don't forget the baseboards... and in my house the walls (YES we live in dust central).
  • toss expired things in the bathroom/pantry/freezer
  • Please use non-toxic, organic cleansers.
4) SWITCH SEASONS: In our home, we switch season with clothing, bed linens, etc. My guys LOVE to put a throw on in the mornings. So out go the thicker throws for thinner ones. Me, I'm hot-blooded, so NO THANKS! lol Seriously though, we have bins and we put away the Fall/Winter and the Spring/Summer comes out. It's just what we do. It's also pleasing to the eye when you look in a closet.

5) COMPLETE THE PROJECTS:  Are you painting? Paint while the room is cleared out for the decluttering process. Paint, then deep clean. Then bring the stuff back in. If you are putting in a new fence, do the new fence first, then stain/seal it... THEN address landscaping around it. No matter what you accomplish, check it off the list. A few projects in the next couple months for us:
  • New fence
  • Painting garage walls/ceilings
  • Organizing garage
  • Re-staining the back patio
  • If we win the lottery - new floors, new paint color, new windows, upgraded bathrooms, etc. Hey - a girl can dream!
6) RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO BUY NEW: Um, isn't it always tempting, when you clean things out, to buy new things to replace them. If you do BUY NEW, it has to pass the "makes sense" test and the "makes cents" test. In other words, is it a NEED or WANT? AND does it work within your budget. Maybe you want all new furniture (um I do), but I can not afford to replace it all. So, maybe I can only afford new tupperware. Don't toss good stuff you use just to buy new. That makes no sense or cents.

7) DO NOT FORGET MAINTENANCE!  You should have your Air Conditioner serviced in the Spring AND you should have your fireplace serviced in the Fall.

It sounds like a lot and can be overwhelming. I've got a cleaning schedule: Davis Family Cleaning Schedule. The first time I shared it was 2013. It's not changed and is a great guide for us.  I did a LOT of research years ago and created it.  On it there are daily/weekly/monthly/yearly things. You can change it around to suit you. If you did put together a rough sketch, you could save having to do it all at once... and who doesn't love that?!

Have a great Friday! Many blessings to you!


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Small Success Thursday -

"If you wish to strengthen your confidence in God still more, often recall the loving way in which He has acted toward you, and how mercifully He has tried to bring you out of your sinful life, to break your attachment to the things of earth and draw you to His love."  — St. Alphonsus Liguori

Good morning and Happy Thursday!

The storms blew through last night. We even cancelled our Moms & Margaritas. Sigh.  Tonight we are supposed to have baseball. By we, I mean my child. However, it will likely get rained out.

I'd like to appeal to Catholic Bloggers. Please participate in Small Success Thursday. I know we are all busy. But I love this positive and upbeat way to look at our lives and I do not want to see it go away. So go to and link up! Pretty please.

Here are my Small Successes this week. I'm linking up with Small Success Thursday, over at Join me?!

Making One Car Work. Ok, it's a truck. Anyway... A typical Co-Op Thursday looks like this. Up at 5:30am to take the hubs to work. I come home, make sure I'm ready for class and make breakfast for us. Then we get dressed and leave about an hour before it starts, because we go to a co-op about 30 minutes or so away. We like to stop at Starbucks.

          Oh and real quick, check out the Divine Mercy eBook over at Catholic Inspired. Using it today to help teach my Saint's Class on Saint Faustina.

Clean House. Ok, it's a little dusty and the carpets need to be PROFESSIONALLY cleaned... However, Marque is home this week, so I stayed home from baseball practice and cleaned the bathrooms upstairs and wiped everything down... Sure, I clean while he is gone. But it's more of a quick clean... and a REAL clean was way past due. Please tell me you understand. lol

Taking Time for Me. More days than not, I've had uninterrupted time to read my Magnificat and ponder my relationship with God. Sigh - it's so important to take time for ME!  When Marque's travel schedule ramps up, it's hard to take time for me, because I become mom, dad, janitor, fixer, school teacher, etc. And it's like "where'd I go?!" I'm not complaining. I'm so blessed.

Paid Off Another Card. It's a slow process for us, this paying off debt. But we paid off a card and I could not be happier. We have a long way to go, but like other small successes, I like to take a moment to acknowledge progress, however small.

I hope and pray you have a great day.



Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dear Non-Homeschoolers...

It’s hard to put your foot in your mouth...if it’s shut. Silence can be powerful. Scripture doesn’t record one word from St. Joseph. -from Tweet Inspiration

Happy Wednesday All!

We are waiting on storms around here. <3 We need the rain. Praying for nothing severe.

Let me get right into the topic at hand...

Dear Non-Homeschoolers,

Recently I read this article. titled 7 Annoying Questions Homeschoolers Hear. I had to laugh... everyone I know has been asked those questions... many times. Of course as a mother of one, I also hear:

"You homeschool? But you only have one child." Actually we have four, but only one is at home. The others are Marque's from past marriage.
"You must do it for Religious Reasons. Wait, do you vaccinate?"  Not entirely and Yes we do!
"You're the most NORMAL homeschooler I've met. I mean, you don't wear long denim skirts and things like the Duggar's do." I'm normal because I only have one child OR because I don't wear long denim skirts? I wear a lot of skirts, my husband does not like the denim ones. Sigh. I DO and i want one. lol But I try to please my husband.  And p.s I am not normal. I don't want to be what YOU think NORMAL is. hmmph

Here are the questions that the author speaks of. My responses are in italics:

1. Are you worried your kid won't have a "normal" childhood? I love the word NORMAL. It means "conforming to the standard or the common type; usual..." So NO, I'm not worried because I know my child is NOT Normal by societal standards and I couldn't be happier about that.  Our Normal is a child on the spectrum and all the challenges that come with that... but he has chores, requirements for good manners/behavior, and follows God's Commandments/living our Catholic Faith. It isn't always easy.

2. Are you going to homeschool the whole time? The WHOLE TIME as in through high school? I don't know. Honestly he's in need of more challenge so I may not. Only God knows for sure. By the way, we only school 3-4 hours/day. He stands in NO lines; jumps on the trampoline; takes a break to play with lego, and makes tea (to read with). So we don't even school the WHOLE day.

3. How can your child be socialized, then? Socialized? REALLY?  Well, it's a challenge with our child. We've learned a lot in the last couple years about social skills and such. But we do not believe in the world conforming to him. We believe that HE has to learn to get along and temper his personality (as we all do). We believe in insulating, not isolating. So - yes, he is very socialized. He has friends of many faiths. He plays sports, we are in a co-op. He will go to football camp and hang with friends this summer. He gets invited to parties, playdates, etc. Honestly - he's BUSY, just like he would be in a brick and mortar school. He really has a great life. 

I do have a question for the non-homeschoolers though... Aren't you worried about the "normal" socialization your child is getting? In first grade my child learn the word "nut sack" from a classmate. I know this because the child (a very troubled child) was speaking TO ME about his father. Yes, it happened.  The same year, my child told on a child in school who "drew a picture of himself "humping" a girl". Six years old people. Of course, my child did not know what it meant, he said he 'just knew it wasn't good for women'.  Neighborhood children who want to play with your child's things but not him.  Yesterday a friend of mine's child had to tell school officials about a bomb threat and death threat and he's in Middle school. Bullying. Lack of manners and respect.... this is what I see in our school systems. So if that is what you call NORMAL socialization. KEEP IT! 

4. Oh, so this is a "religious" thing. We have one child at home. My only child. People love to make reference to religion for a reason we pulled him out of school. Sigh. Do I prefer a school where we are free to live our Faith, pray, etc.? Yes. But did I pull him out for religious reasons, NO. We pulled him out because public school in our area is sorely lacking for smarter children... that and bullying is rampant. We could do better by our child. Religion is a bonus. HE, on the other hand, says he does not ever want to go to a school where he is not free to pray. How about that?

5. Are you really qualified for this? Are you qualified to parent? Who qualified you? So technically - NO, I am not qualified to homeschool by anyone other than God. I am not a teacher by trade. I am a degreed individual and I'm learning every day. My real answer... I'm not sure I am. I have my doubts. But I've surrounded myself with POSITIVE people who know I can; Who encourage me; Who give me ways to make it happen. And you know what, I'm doing a pretty good job (if I could stop being so hard on myself, it would be easier).

6. Aren't you afraid that your kid will be behind in his or her studies? As a matter of fact, he's farther advanced than he was. It's truly amazing.  Like many smart children, and anyone who is taught the value of a good education, he will likely have a year or two of college under his belt by the time he graduates high school. We shall see what track he is on by then.

7. Wow, your kid is so outgoing for a homeschooled child! I honestly do not know how to address this. My child is on the spectrum, but is somewhat outgoing. He was BORN that way. If he feels comfortable - you're in. If not, it takes longer (or doesn't happen). He loves people. He's a good kid. He naturally helps others.

I do think people tend to lump homeschoolers together... as if we all must wear long denim skirts and be evangelical Christians. Please note, I didn't say there was anything wrong with either of those things... I'm saying don't lump us as we are individuals.

Here are my questions for YOU (non-homeschoolers). I would not ask them, because that is not appropriate and I would NEVER make you feel bad about your choices, but these have crossed my mind:
  • Why don't you homeschool?
  • Why would you want your children in a brick and mortar school (especially public) that could be unsafe for them morally, physically and mentally?
  • Why don't you think YOU can do it?
  • Why do you think children would not make friends or be social outside a building?
  • Why would anyone not want a life where they can pick up and travel and not be tied to a school? We have visited Civil War Forts and Museums and many fun things. We see plays and musicals. Our life is Amazing.
  • Can't you think of better questions to ask? Like why we love it, how it benefits our children, etc.?
At the end of the day, it's every family's choice to do what is best for them. I don't think we should all have to do it the same way. You know? God guides us, and if HE is leading you one way or another... try not to question it. I'm learning that.

The truth is, I honestly do not find it MY business what you do or do not do in your family. If you send your children to school, you have concerns and lessons to learn, just like me. And I wish you the best and pray for moms on a regular basis. It's not an easy vocation. Worth it...but not easy.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. It was fun to write. I would LOVE to hear your questions and comments.

Hugs, Love & Blessings all.


p.s. I get that people who send their children to school might be offended by my questions. Please note, I would not actually ask them of you, even if they did cross my mind while you are questioning me. I do know that you do the best you can for your children and family (just as I do). Think about it though, what if you were constantly bombarded with those kinds of questions? How would you feel?