Friday, February 6, 2015

Successes, Quick Takes & Miscellaneous Wit...

Only sinners have the patience to listen to the stories Jesus tells. The self-righteous hear them but don’t listen. Hearing happens when the ears and the brain team up, but listening happens with the                                                     ears of the heart. -from Startled By God

Happy Friday All!

Let me describe the scene as I survey my home... I did shower and dress this morning. But honestly, for me, I got little else done. No make up. Yes, we did a couple hours of school. But then we fell asleep. The couch and recliner have blankets on them... the dining table has a completed puzzle (that I may or may not ever buy puzzle glue for and have framed)... the kitchen had unloaded dishwasher items in front of the cabinets they go in (except the items are on the counter).... it's 6pm and dinner is not going yet. The classroom is a disaster. But in my defense (Um - of course, I get a defense), it is also the craft room, mail center and part office. I say part office, because my computer sits in the living room. If we move upstairs, I'd have to be honest and tell you there is not a MADE bed in the house. Our bed is so uncomfy because the mattress we bought a few years ago just sucks... they replaced it... still sucks.... SOOOO we sometimes sleep in the guest room. Meanwhile - I take that back, Christopher has the only made bed. HA But then there is the playroom... Lego everywhere. The end.

You're welcome. You see - NO ONE IS PERFECT!  Least of all "this girl".

About my week...

Linking up @ for Small Success Thursday (so, Jaime did it last week on Friday... I can too, right? HA!).



1) NO TUMOR! Six years ago, my husband had a seizure and was in the hospital for a week. He was diagnosed as having a severe inner ear infection and vertigo. He has had severe headaches since then. About six weeks ago (or so), Marque had another bad episode while in Colorado. So I made him see our doctor the day after he returned. Then he went to a Neurologist. During the exam, the doctor asked if anyone had ever followed up on the tumor in his right frontal lobe. EXCUSE ME! Um no, that would be no, we had never been told that.  Long story short, it's gone. Whatever it was vanished. Now... there is another issue, but I am not going to blog about it. Sigh. We think it's manageable.

2) DINNER WITH FRIENDS. We so enjoyed dinner with friends. YAY It's a rare treat to go to dinner during the week. I did tell ya'll about Prince Lebanese Grill, right? If you live in DFW - TRY IT!  And let me just add, we also visited friends.... THAT was fun too.

3) SWIMMING IN HEATED POOL. I read. My son swam. Win-Win. Here's a picture.


Meanwhile, we stayed in a hotel overnight. I didn't' have to make dinner or breakfast/lunch the next day. Honestly - Fantastic little overnight.  My husband brought us goodies from his conference too - BONUS!

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Quick Takes:

7 Things We are Doing This Weekend.

  1. Picking up pottery from a pottery painting excursion with friends.

  2. Making cards....

  3. Going to A Casino Night. We've never been to one and are excited.

  4. Playing Outside in the fantastic weather.

    1. my guys will be practicing baseball.

  5. Signing Christopher up for Baseball.

  6. Going to Mass.

  7. Relaxing (YEAH RIGHT!)... With cooking, cleaning, etc... is there really time to relax? Hopefully.

Lame quick takes I know...

But I am have nothing witty to add. My wit has LEFT the building. I think it's napping. Anywhoooo... I'm going to go make fish & chips for my family. It's Friday and that means meatless in our home.

Ya'll have a good one...

Love, Hugs & Blessings,





  1. This week it was HUGE success Thursday! ;)

    I'm going to tell my DFW friends about that Lebanese place.

  2. Aren't you clever? ;) Hope everything is OK with your husband. Good for you for napping!

  3. you all have it nice ! I live in the shadow of my 13 y/o so called Asperger daughter. She acts more RAD than anything. Bright , beautiful, but trouble. Tantrums and cant be left alone. Sucks the life out of me. My 18 y/o son has intractable epilepsy. He seizes all night. I'm up with him. Praying for surgery on Feb 26th will give us some answers. Homeschooling with all of this is a joke at times, and yes the bed don't get made! Prayers for my children please! thanks Lisa

  4. Praying for you. My son has Aspergers too. I get the "sucks the life out of you" feeling.
    Be blessed!


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